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May 14, 2013

Behind The Realistic Crimes On "Criminal Minds"

The crime procedural has a crime library, a full-time researcher, and a full-time former FBI agent to keep the show as accurate as possible. But all this research also makes the writing staff a little paranoid.

12 Memorable Portrayals Of Dracula

Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be donning fangs in NBC's upcoming limited series Dracula, but he's far from the first to play the Count. Here's a look at some of the more memorable portrayals through the years.

Amazing Works Of Art

There are some absolutely FANTASTIC DeviantART users and here are some of there creations. Note: These are all Traditional Artworks. Note: I credit the artist on the link under the photo. Please check them out!

DOJ To AP: Trust Us

DOJ officials stand by the decision to pull phone records for the nation's largest wire service.

"Hannibal" And The Consequences Of Violence

Bryan Fuller, who developed Hannibal for NBC, talks about what he is and isn't allowed to show on TV, about the episode that was pulled, and why the show being banned from Salt Lake City is a "badge of honor."

Detroit's Hot New Class: Budget Shopping At Whole Foods

Whole Foods doesn't want Detroit to think of it as an upscale grocer mockingly referred to as "Whole Paycheck" because of its high prices. So 18 months ago they started a grassroots marketing campaign to teach residents how to be "Savvy Shoppers" ahead of its store opening next month.

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