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May 2, 2013

Ranking The Significant Others Of "Friends"

From least to most dateable, these are the men and women who gave our core six something to complain about. Note that this list only includes characters that appeared in two or more episodes.

15 Historic Cartoons That Changed The World

Art critics, art historians, aestheticians, and others too often tend to dismiss cartoons and caricatures as silly — not serious — trivial, and irrelevant. Yet as the following list of cartoons and caricatures that have wreaked havoc throughout history should make clear, cartoons can have a powerful psychological, emotional, and political impact.

The Gay Psychiatrist Who Took On The APA

You have Dr. John Fryer to thank for the fact you are not considered mentally ill for being gay. He was known only as "Dr. H. Anonymous," the disguised gay psychiatrist who stood up against the American Psychiatric Association on this day in 1972.

Sanka Ad Or Horror Movie?

Back in post-WWII America, The only decaffeinated brand of coffee tried to make regular coffee look like PURE EVIL.

What Is Feminist Porn?

"It's making a statement that women should be allowed to watch whatever kind of porn they want to watch," says porn star Courtney Trouble.

Hey, Where Did Cory Booker Go?

Laying the groundwork for the biggest race of his life, the Newark mayor has an unusually quiet month. "He's hunkering down," says Muzzio.

Chris Kelly From Kris Kross Found Dead

Rapper Chris Kelly, best known for the hit "Jump," was found unconscious at his home Wednesday and was later pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Clinic. He was 34.

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