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May 15, 2013

Who Was Your First Musical Crush?

24 really cute New Yorkers told BuzzFeed who they first swooned over in the music world. Their answers ranged from Chris Brown to Kim Gordon. So, tell us — who was YOUR first musical heartthrob?

21 Defining Moments Of 1966

A look back at an epic year that gave us Twister, Star Trek, The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and an escalating war in Vietnam.

26 Everyday Occurrences In Australia

When you live on a barely hospitable desert island that was once a continent-sized penal colony, your life tends to be a little more badass than the average person's.

A Riddle From The United Nations

What has existed in every country throughout time, but is still considered abnormal? A short video from the UN human rights office has a big message.

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