26 Ways To Embrace The Oncoming Cicada Invasion

If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em. Or wear their wings around your neck as jewelry.

1. First, prep yourself with this.

Isn’t it soothing?

2. Let your cat know.

She’ll want to practice her cicada impression, for parties etc.

3. Dress up your baby.

Available here.

4. And yourself.

Channel your inner Gregor Samsa with this shirt.

5. Get a new bolo tie.

This one is made by YOLO Ties (or in the case of cicadas, every 17 years).

6. And some jewelry.

Necklace available here.


Yes, this is a cicada ring with a human face. What’s your question?

10. Get some cicada soap.

Perfect for scrubbing off those sticky summer days. Available here.

11. This is cicada perfume? idk.

Available here.

12. Get drunk in style.

Flask available here.

13. Learn to draw one!

What better way to show your appreciation than with DIY?

14. Make some origami.

Directions here.

15. Trick out your shoes.

Like this crafter.

16. Really lean into it with a cicada tattoo.


19. If getting permanently inked seems like too much of a commitment, get a temporary tattoo.

Get a set of 4 here.

20. Decorate your house.

This guy is real but he is also from Thailand, so don’t panic. (Unless you are in Thailand, in which case, hi.)


23. What’s better than a cicada? A steampunk cicada.

Get the print here.

24. Protect your phone.

Available here.

25. Send a heartfelt note.

Buy them here.

26. And remember:

Painting available here.

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