13 Mouthwatering Cicada Dishes For The Summer

Buzz-feed your family in the oncoming cicada apocalypse.

1. Imbue your pizza with some toothsome slime-nuggets.

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2. If you love your children, pack them a cicada sandwich…

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3. …or bake cicada cookies and candy for their friends after soccer practice.

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4. Bring these to your office potluck. Get instant promotion.

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6. Cook up these dishes for a first date…

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9. …and end the night with a scoop of cicada ice cream.

Formerly served by Sparky’s in Missouri.

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10. (That ice cream is best served in a sugar-glazed cicada wing cup.)

ID: 1145673

11. Treat your roommates to some cicada ramen.

This is probably better for us than most of the things we eat in college anyway.

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12. Or impress your graduation gala with fresh endive and goat cheese cicada hors d’oeuvres.

ID: 1145468

13. Simba ate cicada larva. You think you’re better than Simba?

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In all seriousness, you’re welcome to this PDF cookbook, though scientists warn that 17-year cicadas accumulate a lot of mercury in their lifetime. Bon appetit!

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