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15 Thoughts You Should Keep To Yourself

The brain is a weird place. Three days a week, Owlturd draws the funny, bizarre musings inside his head.

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1. Are we the ghosts in the machine?

2. Life would be better as a video game.

3. The real reason you fear bees.

4. What being Mufasa would be like.

5. Wizard fight club should be a thing.

6. What if watching the horror movie brings the monster to life?

7. Inappropriate times to use a pun.

8. Is Google screwing with me?

9. The truth behind spiders in your house.

10. Running is a competition, not a hobby.

11. Contemplating who keeps calling you from a weird area code.

12. Being a sea monster would be awesome.

13. What if everything was anthropomorphic personifications?

14. Britain is a silly place, let's not go there.

15. What would it be like if the sun wore shades?

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