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May 30, 2013

Plus-Size Female A&F Employee Forced To Wear Men's Clothes To Work

Kjerstin Gruys, an ex-corporate employee of the brand felt pressured into dieting to be able to fit into the label's clothing that she was required to wear to work. She said, "I’d have to wear ill-fitting men’s T-shirts and sweatshirts to work every day, as I’d seen other 'large' women do."

The Rise Of The Hookup App

There's a new glut of apps aimed at young, horny hookup culture. We rank them for you so you can get back to your kegstands.

The Meteoric Rise Of Grumpy Cat

This is the story of one cat's climb to fame. Now that she's set to be a movie star, one question remains: Will the increasing pressures of stardom change her??

Former "InStyle" Publisher Said To Be Heading Back To Condé

Industry rumors peg Connie Anne Phillips, who left her role at InStyle' earlier this month, as returning to her previous employer: Condé Nast. “Condé’s been trying to get her back since the day she left. She’s a great marketing executive we shouldn’t have let go,” said one source at the company.

How Did People At Music Festivals Get So Naked?

Is the explosion of underwear as clothing at summer festivals a by-product of a self-obsessed, social media–addicted generation? Or a sign that these wildly popular events have become some of the safest places for no-holds-barred self-expression?

Papa Nobis Weighs Into Controversy Over His Daughter's "T" Magazine Cover

Discussing the controversy regarding Julia Nobis's recent T cover on his show The Young Turks, commentator Cenk Uygur labeled the model "disgusting" and "clearly anorexic." Nobis's father responded to the insults like any good Dad would, with a series of incensed YouTube comments calling Uygur an "uninformed populist knuckledragger" and asking him to apologize.

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