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37 Thoughts An American And A Brit Had Watching France's Presidential Debate

A guy from the country that voted for Trump and a guy from the country that Brexited decided to get to the bottom of France's election.

Ryan Broderick • 2 years ago

The Scandal Engulfing This Candidate May Be The Most French Thing Ever

We can explain everything, we promise. Mostly.

Anais Bordages • 2 years ago

31 Thoughts A British Idiot Had Watching France's Left-Wing Debate

In French politics, no-one can hear you scream.

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago

24 Things You Should Know About The Man Who Might Be France's Next President

He races cars, has a Welsh wife, and has been dubbed "France's Thatcher". Oh, and he faces Marine Le Pen in next year's presidential election.

Jules Darmanin • 2 years ago

Which City In France Should You Live In?

Vive La France. Vive le quiz.

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago

Nicolas Sarkozy Crashed Out Of The Election, And French Twitter Ripped The Piss

The former French president is out of the 2017 race, having won less than 23 % of the vote in the right-wing primary. Cue jokes.

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago

22 Majestic French Insults We Need In English

No one does trash talk better than the French.

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago

32 Thoughts An Ill-Informed Brit Had During The Right-Wing Debate

Who are these people, and why are they all shouting?

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago

Everything You Need To Know About The Blazing Dumpster Fire That Is French Politics

Looking for fresh reasons to feel depressed about politics? Welcome to the French presidential election.

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago

13 Outrageously Beautiful Paris Apartments You Can Rent On AirBnb

You can't afford them. But you can dream.

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago

I Showed A Bunch Of Mad Brexit Headlines To People From 12 Countries

What do BuzzFeed writers around the world make of Brexit Britain? TL;DR: Everyone thinks we've lost our minds.

Luke Lewis • 2 years ago
Guillermo del Palacio • 3 years ago

What's Your Indian Name?

Already have an Indian name? Take the quiz anyway.

Luke Lewis • 3 years ago
Luke Lewis • 3 years ago

¿Es tu destino mudarte a Madrid o a Barcelona?

¿Tienes alma castiza o cosmopolita?

Luke Lewis • 3 years ago

How It Feels To Be Trolled By 40,000 Brexiters On Facebook

I found out the hard way just how ugly politics on social media has become, post–EU referendum.

Luke Lewis • 3 years ago

This German Tabloid Just Came Out With The Funniest, Trolliest Brexit Front Page

"If you stay in the EU, we will acknowledge the Wembley goal. And we won't make any more jokes about Prince Charles' ears."

Luke Lewis • 3 years ago

Why Barcelona's Ada Colau Is The World's Most Badass Mayor

Is your city run by a feminist and former activist who used to get arrested by riot police?

Luke Lewis • 3 years ago

Here's What European Newspapers Are Saying About The EU Referendum

In mainland Europe, voices encouraging Britain to leave the EU are hard to find.

Luke Lewis • 3 years ago

9 Messages From Spain To Britain Ahead Of The Brexit Vote

Those I spoke to in the Spanish capital's bars and cafes were well-informed on Brexit – the debate is high up the news agenda here – and overwhelmingly in favour of Britain remaining in the EU.

Luke Lewis • 3 years ago