• Exclusive: "The Magicians" Series Has Found Its Alice Quinn

    At last, we have all the Physical Kids! Exclusively on BuzzFeed.

  • This Video Of Puppies Playing Outside For The First Time Will Make Your Day

    Sit back and watch as these puppies jump, skip and pounce. Brought to you by your friends at BuzzFeed BFF.

  • 15 Motivational Posters For British People

    Maybe it's best if I make the tea...

  • Horrifying Images Of A Baby Found Alive In A Chinese Toilet

    Police in Beijing released images of an officer rescuing an infant girl, found partially flushed down a public toilet, after locals heard her crying. The baby is still alive and police are searching for the mother.

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    Here's What The Supporting Cast Of "Harry Potter" Looks Like Now

    It's OK, the Weasley twins are still together IRL.

  • 23 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Finland Will Remember

    "Can you give me a ride?" "No, the weather is fine. Take your bike." Via #GrowingUpFinnish on Twitter.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Doesn't "Give A F*ck" About Qatar

    The Real Madrid star wanted to promote his new headphones during an interview, but it didn't go as planned.

  • Terrifying Video Shows Two Giant Cranes Collapsing And Crushing Homes In The Netherlands

    Footage from residents of Alphen aan den Rijn caught the moment the two structures toppled over, destroying several buildings below.

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