• "The Good Dinosaur" Is A Reminder That Even Bad Pixar Is Pretty Good

    Pixar's second release this year is a disappointment, but it's a gorgeous one. Also, dinos!

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  • This Teen Asked Justin Trudeau To Be Her Prom Date

    "I am only 17 and I think he’s a little too old for me."

  • 17 People Who Accidentally Ruined Thanksgiving

    Burned turkeys are just the beginning.

  • Thanksgiving On The AMAs Red Carpet

    “I love all weird meats.”

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    A Very Helpful Guide For All Americans Traveling To Australia

    For the love of all things sacred, stop eating Vegemite with a spoon!

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    19 Pieces Of Shitty Taxidermy That Sum Up Your 2015

    They're kind of a mess, but so was your year.

  • The Emotional Story Of How "Creed" Got Made

    Director Ryan Coogler first fell in love with filmmaking while watching the Rocky franchise as a kid. Now, he's giving it new life — and a lot of feeling — with Creed. Here's how the 29-year-old channeled his family's tragedy to make it happen...with Sylvester Stallone's blessing.

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    12 Famous Writers Told Us About The Book They're Most Thankful For

    Celebrate Thanksgiving with the books Junot Díaz, R. L. Stine, John Green, Colum McCann, Rainbow Rowell, and more of your favorite authors are grateful for.

  • This Artist Makes Sculptures Out Of Stuff You Use Everyday

    Why haven't you ever given your cheese grater a parmesan moustache?

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