• 19 TV Stars Who Look Crazy Different IRL

    What a difference makeup, hair, and costuming can make!

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  • 12 Places You'd Never Believe Are In Britain

    Kinda makes you want to have a staycation

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    How Do You Pronounce "Data"?

    Let's settle this!

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    Which YouTuber Should You Collab With?

    Don't forget to give this quiz a thumbs up!

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    Which Lisa Kudrow Character Are You?

    I need to know that I'm being heard.

  • Adam Goodes' Indigenous Allies Are Mad As Hell About The Way He Has Been Treated

    Some of the country's most influential Aboriginal leaders have have come out to stand side-by-side with Adam Goodes.

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    Who Said It: Leslie Knope Or Liz Lemon?

    "Yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more!" —Liz Lemon

  • Here's A Video That May Make You Pay Attention To The World Around You

    "Humans are awesome. We should interact with each other. Love to me is the most powerful way of telling that story."

  • 17 Useful Life Skills "Broad City" Has Taught Us

    Abbi and Ilana have so much wisdom to impart.

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    14 Adorable Pups Who Love "Harry Potter" As Much As You

    The most adorable Potterheads you'll ever see.

  • Did You Meet Bronwyn Bishop To Discuss Work/Life Balance In 2006?

    Wanted: Literally just one single person who can say they met Bronwyn Bishop in a very specific place at a very specific time.

  • Babies Give The Finger

    Check out more awkward baby pictures from AFP's new book!

  • 23 Lessons Brits Learn At International School

    It's called "the bathroom", not "the toilet".

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    We Can Tell If You're A Hipster In Three Questions

    Hipster status can also be determined by how hard your rolled your eyes at this quiz.

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  • Here's The Horrific Details Of A Pedophile Ring Which Has Shocked Police

    A 13-year-old girl was allegedly forced into sexual "servitude" by eight men, including the girl's father.

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  • This Charity Helps Sex Workers Identify Bad Clients But Police Are Cutting Its Funding

    National Ugly Mugs helps sex workers share descriptions of rogue customers with each other and the police but it's struggling to raise money from police forces that are sometimes reluctant to supports its cause.

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