• 21 Struggles You Only Understand As A Brit Studying Abroad In The US

    Welcome to the land of sharing rooms and $200 textbooks.

  • A Teen Who Says He Stopped A Man From Jumping Off A Bridge Received An Incredible Thank You

    Jamie Harrington's moving story has gone viral after appearing on the Humans of Dublin Facebook page.

  • 22 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Wales

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  • "Deadpool" Trailers Feature Prolifically Profane Ryan Reynolds, Massive Mega-Violence

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  • These Bollywood Stars Are Now Amongst The Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World

    Akshay Kumar earns more than Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Moved By The Death Of Cecil The Lion, A Lion King Animator Decided To Pay Tribute

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  • 23 Faces Anyone With A Grandma Will Immediately Recognise

    Grandma I'm full, PLEASE don't make me eat anything else.

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  • Americans Try Absinthe For The First Time

    I’ve discovered my reflection for the first time.

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