• Vladimir Putin Is Having A Pretty Good Birthday, All Things Considered

    Sure he's in the middle of launching a war in Syria, but Putin has time for the important things, like playing hockey with his bros.

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    36 Regular People Who Look So Much Like Celebs It's Crazy

    *Pssst* Get all the free drinks you can.

  • Nicki Minaj Addresses Miley Cyrus Remarks, Meek And Drake Beef, And Shuts Down Reporter

    "If you want to enjoy our culture, then you should also want to know what affects us."

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    This American Was Shocked When His Facebook Post About England Went Viral

    "The reason they drive on the left is because all their cars are built backwards."

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    What Does Your Name Say About Your Future?

    What's NOT in a name, Shakespeare?

  • Can We All Appreciate How Hot AF Harry Judd Looks In This New Perfume Ad

    Move over, Dougie Poynter. We have a new favourite McBusted star.

  • How Did Hash Browns Get Left Behind In McDonald's All-Day Breakfast?

    When McDonald's starts offering all-day breakfast on Tuesday, about 10% of stores won't be offering hash browns. Egg McMuffin and fries, anyone?

  • 21 Signs You're Addicted To Your Goddamn iPhone

    Don't tell me my fucking storage is full.

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    Can We Guess How Big Your Boobs Are?

    Do you have more mosquito bites or mountains?

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    This Woman Secretly Filmed Her Husband Groping Their Maid And May Go To Jail For It

    Reactions to the video are split, with many celebrating the woman's courage.

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