• 24 Pictures So Strangley Satisfying You'll Hate Them

    You don't know true pleasure until you've seen a perfectly peeled lemon. Via r/oddlysatisfying

  • The 24 Different Types Of Macca's Runs

    There's a Macca's run for every occasion.

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    Which Of These Omelettes Is The Grossest?

    I need to eat the grossest of the omelettes.

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    Can You Survive A Day As President?

    A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game starring YOU as President of the United States!

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  • Californians Have Finally Made Huge Cuts In Their Water Use

    After months of achieving only mild success, California cities reduced water use by 28.9% in May, the latest figures show. Two communities talked to BuzzFeed News about what they're doing to achieve the deep cutbacks.

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