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  • A "Friday Night Lights" Musical Is Coming To Los Angeles

    Clear eyes, full hearts, holy shit this is awesome.

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  • 34 Foods That Are Safe To Make When You’re Drunk

    Don't let your drunchies be your last meal.

  • Michael B. Jordan Will Never Stop Fighting

    “I put that pressure on myself to be the best version of Michael B. Jordan,” the actor told BuzzFeed News on the verge of Creed’s release. “And whoever that person is going to be, I’m still growing.”

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    Where Do You Stand On These Controversial Parenting Subjects?

    All the questions every parent hopes they won't be asked.

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    24 Tweets That Will Make Every Nurse Laugh Out Loud

    "I can stick things in so many holes."

  • We Scared Olympic Athletes With Live Turkeys

    Turns out, Olympians aren't completely fearless.

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    Can We Guess Who Your Celebrity Spirit Guide Is Based On These 3 Questions?

    You may never meet them, but in dreams will you two connect.

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