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    19 Reasons Why "Elf" Will Always Be Your Favorite Christmas Movie

    The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

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    How Evil Is Your Cat?

    Is your cat just a bit cheeky? Or do they actually want to kill you?

  • 23 Heartbreakingly Honest Confessions From People Making Minimum Wage

    "I work too hard to be this poor." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

  • The 24 Cutest Reindeer You Ever Did See

    Who knew they were so adorable?

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  • These 1980s HIV/AIDS Posters Show The Desperate Fight To Save Lives

    "AIDS attacks one race and one race only. The human race." #WorldAIDSDay

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    21 Pictures That Prove 2015 Was The Year Fuckboys Peaked

    Fuckboys have peaked — let them go home.

  • This Feminist Author Is Publishing The Details Of Her Online Abusers

    "'Die, fucking bitch' - Yours truly, Master Gender, Master Race, White Male."

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    Can You Make It Through This Post Without Drooling?

    Don't scroll through this if you're starving. Photos via this amazing Instagram account.

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