• 26 Cats Destroying The Patriarchy

    Overthrowing centuries of injustice one nap at a time.

  • Ben Carson’s Story About Ben Franklin Is Contradicted By Ben Franklin

    Carson says Franklin led the Constitutional Convention to hold a prayer. Franklin himself noted that the Convention found prayers “unnecessary.”

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    The 25 Most WTF Things That Happened In Britain In 2015

    Featuring ketamine, David Cameron, and a horrible, horrible poo.

  • 15 Reasons December Is The Best Month

    What's your favorite thing about December?

  • What's Going On Around The World Today

    The suspected shooter in a deadly attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic is facing first-degree murder charges. Meet the women who believe men are India’s real victims. And the iPhone 7 might not come with a standard headphone port.

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    How Much Do You Hate Christmas?

    Shall we just cancel Christmas?

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  • A Black Body On Trial: The Conviction Of HIV-Positive "Tiger Mandingo"

    Officially, former college wrestler Michael Johnson was on trial for not telling his sexual partners that he had HIV. But inside the courtroom, the man known as Tiger Mandingo was also up against America’s attitudes on race and sexuality.

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    We Asked Non-Australians To Guess The Meaning Of Aussie Slang

    This is what happened when BuzzFeed Oz asked our colleagues around the word to translate our fave slang words.

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    19 Reasons Why "Elf" Will Always Be Your Favorite Christmas Movie

    The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

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    How Evil Is Your Cat?

    Is your cat just a bit cheeky? Or do they actually want to kill you?

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