• 29 Moments Every Aussie '00s Kid Remembers

    Remember "Strawberry Kisses"?

  • People Watch WWE For The First Time

    "Where's the actual wrestling?!"

  • The "Q&A" Scandal As Told Through "Bart Vs Australia" Gifs

    Twenty gifs. One for each month this scandal has been going.

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  • Taylor Swift Donated $50,000 To An 11-Year-Old Battling Leukemia With "Bad Blood" As Her "Fight Song"

    Swift responded to a video about 11-year-old Naomi Oakes — who is battling cancer and using "Bad Blood" as her anthem — with a sweet message and a big donation.

  • Prison Cook Breaks The Eye Sockets Of Man Who Critiques His Chicken Parmigiana

    "He said there was too much tomato on top of the chicken parmigiana," Constable Reed said.

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  • If Male Actors Were Described The Way Female Actors Are

    Magazine profiles love detailing the way female celebrities purr their oyster orders and encase their svelte figures in flowing, all-white pantsuits. But what about the men?

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    Which "Parks And Recreation" Character Would Be Your BFF?

    Leslie and Ben aren't the only perfect match in Pawnee.

  • This Tweet Nails Australia's Problem With Our Multicultural Sporting Heroes

    Mariam Veiszadeh says we have a tendency to disown our non-white sports stars when they misbehave.

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