• Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids To Explain Gay Marriage

    "I know nothing about that yet."

  • We Need To Talk About That Insane Black Widow Moment In "Teen Wolf"

    HELL YEAH TEEN WOLF. Spoilers for last night's premiere.

  • Katy Perry: "It's Okay To Be Proud Of Hard Earned Success"

    The Forbes cover star is damn proud of being a boss.

  • "Magic Mike XXL" Is Fan Service In The Best Possible Way

    Channing Tatum's male stripper sequel is all about what it means to give women what they want.

  • This App Keeps Truckers Rolling In An On-Demand World

    Trucker Path started as a crowdsourced information hub for truckers, but it's about to become a marketplace with the potential to shake up how commercial shippers get paid.

  • 19 Ordinary Greeks Explain Why The Bailout Talks Have Them Despairing

    People in the streets of Athens are tired of politicians talking and tell BuzzFeed News they just want a solution from Sunday's referendum.

  • The Supreme Court Cited Confucius In Its Marriage Equality Ruling And The Chinese Internet Went Wild

    Justice Kennedy cited Confucius, and it got people in China asking: Would the ancient philosopher approve same-sex marriage?

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