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    This Is How People In China Are Riding Escalators After A Horrific Accident

    People who have to ride escalators are rightly freaking out in the wake of the recent fatality.

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  • Thousands Of Pages Of Hillary Clinton's Email Are Out

    It's the third release of the year, as questions continue about how Clinton handled sensitive information with her personal account.

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  • Trump Campaign Manager Thinks The Huffington Post Is A Print Newspaper With Subscriptions

    "That's okay but it is also a clear indication why nobody pays for a subscription to that paper anymore because no one can take it seriously. It's a glorified blog is all it is."

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  • Boy Scouts Ends Ban On Gay Leaders

    The executive board voted Monday to end the blanket ban on gay people serving as Scout leaders. Individually chartered troops, however, can decide to keep the ban.

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    23 Times People Met Their Favorite Celebrities And Totally Screwed It Up

    It doesn't get much worse than almost vomiting on Ryan Gosling.

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