New video shows Sandra Bland getting her mugshot taken days before death in Texas jail.
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  • 24 Pictures That Prove Snapchat Puns Are The Greatest Thing

    Nothing beats a good ol' fashioned Snap Pun.

  • Grace Helbig And Hannah Hart Play Superhero "F#@K, Marry, Kill"

    "I'm gonna f*ck Wonder Woman, sounds wonderful."

  • How A Simple Apple Feature Called Switch Control Is Changing Lives

    For years, Christopher Hills's cerebral palsy made it nearly impossible for him to use a computer. Now he's editing video on one.

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    The Black Lesbian Writers You Need To Be Reading

    I wouldn't be the editor — or the person — I am today if I hadn't read the work of these extraordinary women.

  • 16 Cartoon Titles That Describe Your Sex Life

    For all your Saturday morning hookups.

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  • If Early 2000s Pop Lyrics Were Motivational Posters

    "I don't think you're ready for this jelly."

  • What's Your Favorite Spot For An Amazing Staycation In Canada?

    Because our dollar is becoming more and more like actual Monopoly money every day.

  • 19 Times Hanna Marin Proved She's The Realest Part Of "Pretty Little Liars"

    "I can't go around without a phone. That's like going around without a brain." TRUE.

  • San Francisco Is NOT That Cold In The Summer

    The coldest winter I ever spent was... roughly 60 degrees.

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  • Another Round, Episode 18: Unstoppable

    On this week's episode: the debut of White Man On The Street, another episode of Tracy's Animal Corner, and an interview with singer Lianne La Havas!

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  • harrypotter

    Poll: Who Is The Best "Harry Potter" Character?

    Let's settle this once and for all.

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  • 14 Celebrities Who Have DiCaprio'd Pretty Damn Hard

    These men, like a fine wine, have only got better with age.

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    Are You A Doctor And Can You Tell Me If This Is Normal?

    I've got this rash, and also a pain in my wrist? WARNING: Graphic images.

  • What Was The Most Ridiculous Thing You Ever Got In Trouble For At School?

    Was it sillier than "disturbing other classmates with cat pictures"?

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  • Comedian Tig Notaro Joins Twitter, Has Her Famous Friends Tweet For Her

    "I have no interest in Twitter. I can barely check my email. But I love you."

  • 12 Of The Saddest Science Facts Of All Time

    It's lonely spacecraft and abandoned animals all the way down. I'm so sorry.

  • Vladimir Putin Is Immortal And The Internet Has The Proof

    This news will send shockwaves through the art world and eastern Europe alike.

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  • A 9 Step Guide To Getting Your Body Back

    Losing your body can be scary and upsetting. Here's how to get it back again.

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    There May Be A Lion On The Loose In Milwaukee

    Grainy footage shows a large, cat-like creature skulking through a resident's backyard.

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