• 17 Times You Realized You Were Liz Lemon And Wished You Weren't

    We've all worked on our Night Cheese at one point or another.

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    Can You Match The Nigella Sexual Innuendo With Her Own Recipe?

    "I like it low and slow. Low. And. Slow."

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    What's The Weirdest Way You've Lost A Tooth?

    Because you just couldn't help whistling in your sleep.

  • Inside The Most OMG Scene In "Creed"

    "Those of us who are fortunate enough to have our dreams come true, we have that moment happen, and then it's like, holy shit, it's really scary," director Ryan Coogler told BuzzFeed News. "That's what this fight was for Adonis." SPOILERS!

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  • 18 Random Good Deeds That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    “I used my last $30 to help a kid in my class get diapers for his little brother." Confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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    What It's Like To Be A Black Woman At A Gun Show

    The gun show loophole allows shoppers to buy guns from private dealers without a background check. I stared down a sea of Confederate flags to find out what that's like.

  • Non-Canadians Try To Identify Canadian Celebrities

    No, Rick Mercer has nothing to do with hip-hop.

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    Are You More Like Spock Or Kirk?

    Space, the final frontier...

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