• 25 Books Every Pop Culture Nerd Needs To Read

    Books for people who love to go ~behind the scenes.~

  • Non-Chinese People Try To Figure Out 10 Very Chinese Things

    "Obviously Chinese people have mastered the art of making gold out of thin air."

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    These Are The Trashy Consequences Of Blue Apron Delivery

    Blue Apron and its fellow meal-in-a-box services promise to streamline dinnertime. But they produce a whole lot of waste to do it.

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    The 15 Sexiest Chipotle Bowls Of 2015

    Love is eternal, but guac is extra.

  • It's Hoverboard Season

    This holiday season, we want to roll around on motorized two-wheeled scooters — and China wants to give us what we want, as soon as we want it. BuzzFeed News travels to Shenzhen, the world capital of memeufacturing, to see how your Black Friday sausage gets made.

  • 21 Budget-Friendly Adventures Worth Taking In The New Year

    Where to go to stretch your dollar to the max.

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    The Hardest Alcohol Quiz You Will Ever Take

    How much do you really know about alcohol?

  • How Black Friday Became A Thing: A Tale 140 Years In The Making

    From a gold market crash in the 1860s to awful traffic in Pennsylvania 100 years later, the name of America's annual shopping frenzy has a long history.

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  • 24 Academic Tweets That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry

    You should totally read this instead of finishing the grant proposal that's due by midnight.

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