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  • 21 Times Dogs Were Too Real

    This is what happens when dogs stop being nice and start being...wait, no, still nice.

  • All The Single Ladies: Why Movies Need More Platonic Pairings

    Sure, love stories are lovely, but it's a relief when films acknowledge that romance isn't the inevitable option for a man and woman.

  • A Woman Is In Jail For "Assaulting" An Officer With Her Breast

    She shouted "indecent assault!" when she felt his hand on her, but now she's the one facing punishment.

  • 25 Funniest "Futurama" Title Jokes, Ranked

    The best of the best of the title screen gags. Inspired by this ambitious Imgur post.

  • At Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, Everything Is On The Table

    Nothing is sacred with Twitter's co-founder back at the helm.

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  • 15 Situations That Will Have You Running Like A Chicken

    Running chickens are the very meaning of urgency.

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    What Dating Advice Would You Give Your Twentysomething Self?

    Asking all thirtysomethings to share any wisdom you have on the impossible thing that is dating in your twenties.

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