• You Now Have To Pay For Plastic Bags In England And People Have Lost Their Minds

    Stores with more than 250 employees will have to charge customers at least ‎£0.05 for a plastic carrier bag.

  • Thierry Henry's Reaction To Brendan Rodgers Being Sacked Is Utterly Brilliant

    Jamie Carragher didn't look too impressed though.

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    What One-Size-Fits-All Beauty Products Look Like On Four Different Women

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    Do You Know The The Lyrics To "Summer Nights" From "Grease"?

    Time to find out whether or not you're a beauty school dropout when it comes to singing along to this classic.

  • 21 Halloween Costumes That Really Make No Sense

    A sexy Scooby-Doo? Is nothing sacred anymore?!

  • David Cameron Says Anti-Conservative Protesters Should "Behave With Respect"

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, the prime minister also linked unruly protesters to the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

  • 19 Times "Absolutely Fabulous" Summed Up Being In Your Twenties

    Because, sweetie darling, Eddy and Patsy are the ultimate eternal twentysomethings.

  • Woman Allegedly Attempts Suicide On Nauru Detention Center After Daughter Raped, Family Separated

    The woman's son has spoken to BuzzFeed News about the moment he stopped his mother from taking her own life.

  • Which Taylor Swift "1989" Tour Outfit Would You Rock?

    You could strut looking just as cute as Tay Tay.

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