• A Definitive Ranking Of Babyface's Greatest Hits

    Because the multi-Grammy award winning songwriter/producer is basically responsible for R&Bs golden age (and the conception of at least a third the millennial population).

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  • Here's An Easy Way To Make Jambalaya

    A delicious and easy version of a Louisiana classic to spice up your weeknight dinner routine!

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    21 Polly Pocket Sets That Will Give Every '90s Kid Intense Nostalgia

    It was all a real delight until you stepped on one.

  • Starbucks Hit By E. Coli Scare

    The coffee chain has recalled turkey sandwiches, which used the same celery recalled after an E. coli outbreak linked to Costco.

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    23 Things All Work Best Friends Know To Be True

    You constantly live in fear of being separated because, frankly, you're terrible influences on each other.

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