• 14 Actresses Who Sparked My Sexual Awakening Without Me Even Knowing It

    Back then: "I want to be her." Now: "Nope, I definitely just wanted to make out with her.”

  • 20 Delicious Reasons To Cover Your Snacks In Chocolate

    Part dessert and part snack: It's the best of both worlds.

  • How To Actually Ask For What You Want During Sex

    In this week's Sex Q&A, we asked a therapist how to deal when things are kinda boring in bed.

  • People Are Complaining That Jessica Alba's Honest Sunscreen Doesn't Work Properly

    Children and adults are becoming blistered and burned after using the product, according to a lot of angry customers.

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  • The "Zoolander 2" Teaser Explains All Of Life's Biggest Mysteries — Except One

    Well, actually two. But who wants the majestic Derek Zoolander explained anyway?

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