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    What Does Your Favourite Pixar Character Say About You?

    Are you a leader like Woody or more of a grump like Carl?

  • This Story Is For Anyone With Reservations About Accepting Syrian Refugees

    My father sponsored complete strangers during WWII. He never forgot what they achieved once here.

  • Adam Lambert Plays A Hilarious Game Of "Would You Rather"

    Things got a little, shall we say, risqué.

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    This Color Test Will Tell You How Old You Really Are

    Are you thriving in your youth or secretly living out your golden years?

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    The Queen Flirted With The Canadian Prime Minister At An Official Dinner

    "Thank you, Mr prime minister of Canada, for making me feel so old!" the Queen joked at the Commonwealth Heads of Government dinner in Malta.

  • Michael B. Jordan Won't Stop Fighting For His Place In Hollywood

    “I put that pressure on myself to be the best version of Michael B. Jordan,” the actor told BuzzFeed News on the verge of Creed’s release. “And whoever that person is going to be, I’m still growing.”

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  • The Most Beautiful Love Story You'll See Onscreen This Year

    Todd Haynes — the director of Carol, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara — talked to BuzzFeed News about working with the actors, love stories, and the importance of preserving queer culture.

  • Daniel Radcliffe Keeps Forgetting That He Played Harry Potter

    "A lot of my friends are looking for that franchise, looking for that [big] role. And I'm like, well, I don't have to do that,” the actor told BuzzFeed News.

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