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    What Should Our New Religion Look Like?

    You vote, I'll believe.

  • A Bride Was Banned From Flying To Her Honeymoon Because Her Bent Passport Was Called "Damaged"

    Carly Baker and her new husband say they want to warn others after they spent $2,000 trying to salvage their dream trip.

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  • This Amazing 13-Year-Old Fighter Isn't Allowed To Compete Against Boys Anymore

    Phetjee Jaa is known as the girl who beats boys.

  • When You Suck At Making Plans

    I might have a thing…

  • The Cast Of "The Magicians" Sorted Their Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

    Brakebills and Hogwarts do have a lot in common.

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    36 Tweets Guaranteed To Make British People Laugh Every Time

    Behold, the people who truly make Britain great.

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    Are You Are A Major Or Minor Key?

    Hope your expectations don't fall flat.

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