• Judge Dismisses Case That Sought To Give Chimpanzees "Personhood"

    In her 33-page decision, a New York judge dismissed a case that sought to give chimpanzees the same rights as people, but noted that efforts to do so may some day succeed.

  • 20 Things You Learn Trying To Buy A House In San Francisco

    My partner and I recently closed on a home in the Ingleside neighborhood of San Francisco. Here's what I discovered while house-hunting in this expensive-ass city.

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    Can You Defeat David Bowie From "Labyrinth"?

    Would you be able to win your baby brother back?

  • 30 Lessons We Learned At Cat Camp

    Cat Camp is the best kind of camp! Visit Purina's site for more info about the pop-up event.

  • If Bartenders Were Honest

    Long Island Iced Tea? Sure thing, garbage person!

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    What GPA Are You Getting In Life?

    Are you acing life or do you need some time with a tutor?

  • Debbie May Have Done Dallas But Colby Keller Is Doing America

    Land of the free and home of the lumbersexuals.

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  • 10 Classic Books That Could Use A Gritty TV Reboot

    They're doing it for Little Women, so why not these other favorites?

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