• 10 Homemade Treats For Your Cat

    Some for summer, some for any time!

  • Kids Company Boss Says Government Is "Blackmailing" Her

    In an interview with Newsnight Camila Batmanghelidjh defended her record as head of the high-profile charity and dismissed accusations of financial mismanagement.

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  • 4 Questions You Need To Ask Siri Right Now

    I don't like to be sassed by my friends; I don't need to be sassed by my phone.

  • Can These Women Guess Which Men's Sneaker Is More Expensive?

    I don’t get why men think women are ridiculous when this kind of sh*t is floating around.

  • When You Send A Snapchat To The Wrong Person

    That's the ugliest picture I've ever taken!

  • San Francisco Rainbow Tunnel To Be Named After Robin Williams

    An iconic California tunnel that leads the way from Marin to San Francisco will now be called the Robin Williams Tunnel.

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    Which "Parks And Rec" Lady Are You?

    Take this quiz, you beautiful, naïve, sophisticated, newborn baby.

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