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    Watch The First Footage From The "Shadowhunters" TV Show

    The fantasy series, based on Cassandra Clare's book franchise, will premiere in 2016.

  • Here's Why You Don't Have To Dump Your Partner When You Go To College

    It's about what's right for your relationship, not what went wrong in someone else's.

  • The BuzzFeed Parents Newsletter Has The Parenting Humor And Advice You Need

    Because sometimes, you need to laugh and learn.

  • Here's What Real Healthy People Actually Eat For Brunch

    For when you don't want to ruin the weekend with salad.

  • Coming Out As Christian Among America’s Godless Coastal Elite

    To my urban, liberal friends, my faith is freakier than any sexuality. But it’s not so far off from my boyfriend’s warmly accepted Judaism.

  • What's Going On Around The World Today

    It’s still unclear who the next speaker of the U.S. House will be after top contender Kevin McCarthy dropped out. FIFA boss Sepp Blatter was suspended for 90 days. And the Nobel Peace Prize went to the National Dialogue Quartet of Tunisia for its role in building a democracy there.

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    How Many '90s Premier League Managers Can You Name?

    And no, Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson are not included.

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