• This Same-Sex Couple Was Beaten Up While Trying To Film A Holding Hands In Public YouTube Video

    The social experiment took an unexpected and frightening turn. WARNING: Graphic images.

  • A Muslim Woman Says She Didn't Attack A Sunbather For Wearing A Bikini

    She has since been targeted with racist abuse. The police also confirmed the attack did take place, but that it did not happen for a “religious or moral reason".

  • The Mother At The Centre Of Primark Breastfeeding Row Has Been Charged By Police

    Caroline Starmer claimed that a security guard removed her baby while she was breastfeeding the child.

  • 19 Places In Australia That Are Way Better To Visit In Winter

    Chase the sun or embrace the cold. It's totally up to you.

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    Here's What Your Favorite YouTubers Looked Like In Their First Video Vs. Now

    Needless to say, they've all upped their camera game.

  • 23 Things All "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" Fans Will Find Funny

    The Guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.

  • What's Going On In The News Today?

    BuzzFeed News visited New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf Coast communities to find out what’s happened in the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina took its destructive path. The Boy Scouts ended its ban on gay leaders. And a couple had a beautiful wedding after returning to Syria.

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    Can You Guess Which Celebrity Is Worth More Money?

    They're all rich, but who's the richest?

  • 21 Things Everyone Must Eat In York

    Betty's is only the beginning.

  • Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking Warn Of Killer Robot War

    No fate but what you make: Leading artificial intelligence researchers plead for a ban on autonomous weapons.

  • Khloe Kardashian Shared An Un-Retouched Photo To Silence Body Image Trolls

    And she arguably looks better than she does in the retouched version.

  • Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Re-Created The "Top Gun" Duet And It Was Utterly Beautiful

    Cruise also performed a bit of Meat Loaf and The Weeknd in the lip sync battle.

  • What Would Your Country Do #IfAfricaWasABar?

    There's so much truth in satire.

  • 19 Reasons Why Being A Short Girl Is Actually The Best

    It's not all height battles and clothes that don't fit.

  • Years & Years Solve Everyone's Music Festival Nightmares

    "Just for the record, if you’re a guy, you don’t need the Shewee.”

  • Tyler, The Creator Called Out A Feminist Activist On Twitter And The Results Are Not Surprising

    The rapper falsely blamed the woman for him being "banned from Australia".

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    Are You More Hermione Granger Or Katniss Everdeen?

    Are you a winsome witch or a terrific Tribute?

  • Ramen Buns BLT Is A Must

    You'll be ramen this in your mouth.

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  • 19 Books To Read If You Loved "Paper Towns"

    If you've already read everything by John Green.

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    Which Parks And Rec Alter Ego Are You?

    Are you more of a Burt Macklin or Janet Snakehole?

  • Men Watch Footage Of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled

    "Ok, now I'm getting pissed off. I'm not happy with this."

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    How Well Do You Know The Theme To "A Different World"?

    Prepare to have this stuck in your head allll weeek!

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    How Much Of A Tumblr Junkie Are You?

    Are you like the other Tumblr kids?

  • 17 People You’ll Always See At A Black Church On Sunday

    Turn to your neighbor and say, "NEIGHBOR!..."

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