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    Which "The Real" Host Are You?

    The realest quiz you'll ever take.

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    25 New Tricks You Can Teach Your Old iPhone With iOS 9

    FINALLY, better battery life and a shift key that actually works.

  • Here's A Time-Lapse Video Of How The SkyDome Was Built

    Also known as the "Rogers Centre" if you're a jerk.

  • 17 Thoughts Women Have Had During Sex That Are Way Too Real

    "When I get bored during sex I think about eating Pizza with Jason Bateman."

  • Lady Gaga And Matt Bomer's "AHS: Hotel" Bloody Orgy Was Choreographed

    Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer were doing ~sexography~.

  • How To Pitch Stories To BuzzFeed LGBT

    We’re looking for personal essays, cultural criticism, profiles, and reported features that touch upon some aspect of the LGBT experience. Here’s what you need to know.

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