• 16 Powerful Photos From The Delhi Queer Pride Parade

    "If it works for Dumbledore, it works for me."

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  • 27 Situations That Are Sure To Give You A Mini Heart Attack

    When you accidentally like that photo of your crush from three years ago.

  • Here's Why Adopting A Pet Is The Best Idea Ever

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    34 Of The Most Beautiful Book Covers Of 2015

    Do judge these books by their covers.

  • Shocking Footage Shows Baby Cows Being Beaten With Hammers And Thrown Into Piles Of Dead Carcasses

    Animal rights group Farmwatch secretly filmed thirty farms across New Zealand and discovered horrible acts of violence towards young dairy cows. WARNING: Contains images some people may find distressing.

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    25 Of The Best Guests Taylor Swift Brought On Stage In 2015

    The 1989 Tour was the most star-studded tour of the year.

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    Which Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Are You?

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    Are You Smarter Than A Baby?

    A baby could answer these questions. Can you?

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