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    Lightning Struck Britain 110,000 Times In Last Night's Mega-Storm

    The skies went wild, and everyone lost their minds.

  • Can You Escape From Jurassic World?

    Choose wisely. Try not to get eaten.

  • This Is The Moment A Couple Witnessed A Python Eat An Entire Bat

    Because this is Australia and this is what happens.

  • What Your Birthday Says About You

    Episode 1 of It’s Personal, a new show about science from BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

  • 10 Homemade Treats For Your Cat

    Some for summer, some for any time!

  • Kids Company Boss Says Government Is "Blackmailing" Her

    In an interview with Newsnight Camila Batmanghelidjh defended her record as head of the high-profile charity and dismissed accusations of financial mismanagement.

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  • 4 Questions You Need To Ask Siri Right Now

    I don't like to be sassed by my friends; I don't need to be sassed by my phone.

  • Can These Women Guess Which Men's Sneaker Is More Expensive?

    I don’t get why men think women are ridiculous when this kind of sh*t is floating around.

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