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    Can You Match The Actor To Their Animated Film Roles?

    "Wait a minute here, they're just using the same actor over and over!"

  • We Asked The Hosts Of "The Great Australian Bake Off" To Decorate Their Best Showstopper Cakes

    "Always roast your nuts. For flavour. But also when you're baking."

  • Australians Try Japanese Candy

    I don't know if this is seaweed or dried foreskin...

  • Here's How Uber Beat The Las Vegas Taxi Industry

    The Las Vegas taxi industry used every political maneuver in its arsenal to keep Uber and Lyft off the strip. It didn't work.

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    19 Times Australian Chef Adam Liaw Killed It On Social Media

    Master chef on the screen, master chef on the tweets.

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    Do You Remember The First Word Of These Iconic Pop Music Videos?

    Remembering the chorus to a song is easy. Remembering just the first word of the first verse? Not as much.

  • Here's The Biggest Halloween Costume For Each Year Of The '90s

    There's a good chance that if you were a '90s kid that you wore at least one of these costumes.

  • These Badass Pugs Are Living The Thug Life And You'll Want To Join Their Squad

    "I don't know what you heard about me... but I'm a motherfuckin' P.U.G."

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