• Young Women Are Protesting Against Dress Codes With #IAmMoreThanaDistraction

    "Instead of punishing girls for exposing our shoulders and legs, teach boys to have respect for women."

  • 18 Must Have Shoes For Fall

    This season's hottest styles will have you rolling into school like a champ.

  • This New iPhone Keyboard Changes Everything

    ZOMG no more magnifying glass cursor.

  • Jessica Mendoza, First Woman To Call A Game For ESPN, Will Appear On Sunday Night Baseball For Rest Of Season

    ESPN announced Friday that the Olympic gold medalist will appear as an analyst for their Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts for the rest of the MLB season. On Thursday, Curt Schilling was booted from a similar role.

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  • I Hung Out With A 267-Year-Old Philosopher's Severed Head And This Is What I Learned

    Jeremy Bentham looks better than he smells, but that's severed heads for you.

  • 17 Incredibly Real Struggles All Inner City Pedestrians Have Faced

    Not being able to run through the city is one of my woes.

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