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    Can You Remember What Year Classic VMA Moments Happened?

    MTV have been doing this show a looooooong time.

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  • 27 Things People With Unnaturally Colored Hair Are Sick Of Hearing

    "You could be so pretty if you had normal hair."

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  • 12 Beautiful And Poignant Quotes From Oliver Sacks

    The neurologist died Sunday aged 82. Here are just a few of his thoughts on topics from music and perception, to ageing and how he felt when he learned of his terminal cancer.

  • Avril Lavigne Joined Taylor Swift On Stage And Resolved Their Feud

    There's clearly no bad blood between these pop princesses.

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    17 Beauty "Rules" That Need To Sit The Hell Down

    Because you can wear whatever you want to wear.

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    Chrissie Hynde Has Said That Dressing "Provocatively" Entices Rapists

    "If you’re wearing something that says ‘Come and f*** me’, you’d better be good on your feet." the founding member of The Pretenders told The Sunday Times.

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