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  • 24 Tweets That Prove Your Thanksgiving Wasn't That Bad

    Consider yourself lucky if your gravy didn't have mouse turds.

  • Should I Delete Photos Of My Ex From Instagram?

    The Internet is hard. Learn how to navigate it with our (semi-regular) advice column, It's Not You, It Me.

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    How Full Are You?

    Not too full to take this quiz, I hope.

  • Miss World Contestant Was Stopped From Flying To China To Take Part In The Finals

    Anastasia Lin says China is punishing her because of her human rights activism.

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    22 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Every Single Thanksgiving

    Thanks to #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies, we can all finally talk about how insane our relatives are.

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  • trending

    Can You Guess The Movie From The Family?

    Take a break from hanging out with *your* family to take this quiz about fictional ones.

  • futurefood

    Say Hello To The Apple That Never Browns

    On his tiny family farm, Neal Carter invented an apple he thinks can help improve global health, minimize food waste, and change the agricultural landscape forever. But will anyone actually eat it?

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