• Watch The Cast Of "The Force Awakens" Get Crushed By A 7-Year-Old In "Star Wars" Trivia

    The defeat took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and J.J. Abrams hosted the battle.

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    Can We Tell What The Best Part Of Your 2016 Will Be?

    Will your career flourish or will you finally fall in love?

  • That Famous Nude Painting Of Stephen Harper Is Up For Sale

    "Emperor Haute Couture" can finally hang above your bed, where it belongs.

  • Why The Acapella App Is Blowing Up

    The singing grid thingy is everywhere on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Here's Exactly How Syrian Refugees Will Get To Canada

    The process includes iris scanning, health checks, chartered flights, and more.

  • 24 Pictures That Are All Too Real For Twentysomethings

    "So you can update your Instagram and Facebook, but won't text me back?"

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