• 26 Incredible Things For People Who Love Yellow

    They call you mellow yellow....amiright?

  • Kelly Clarkson's Baby Daughter Can Teach Us All How To Meditate

    "River can't be bothered right now. She's meditating."

  • Suspected Burglar Dies In Chimney After Homeowner Lights Fireplace

    The homeowner said he heard a man screaming from inside the chimney after he lit a fire.

  • A 6-Year-Old Is Getting Support After Her School Cancelled A Reading Of A Book About Being Trans

    “We want people to remember that at the center of all of this is a child and her family."

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  • If Fortune Cookies Existed For Thirtysomethings

    "Watching House Hunters isn't a waste of time; it's an investment in your future."

  • You’ve Definitely Earned A Cute Break With BuzzFeed's Animals Newsletter

    The weekday struggle is real — but our Animals newsletter will help.

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    Can You Match The Iconic Hat To Its TV Show Or Film?

    If you can, well, then hats off to you.

  • Drake Dancing To "Hotline Bling" With His Mom Will Melt Your Heart

    They know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.

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