• Boris Johnson Tells “Crusty” Protesters He Won't Surrender To "Hard-Left Agitators"

    The London mayor heaped the blame for the anti-Tory demonstrations on Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Selena Gomez's "Good For You" And The Rise Of "Indie Pop Voice"

    How a phenomenon called "vowel breaking" became an epidemic in pop music.

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    19 Things Only Cinema Workers Will Understand

    Yes, I perpetually smell like popcorn.

  • Canada Still Isn't Done Replacing A Part That Caused A Fighter Jet To Fall Out Of The Sky

    The replacement of the CF-18 engine part is three years behind schedule.

  • 44 Ridiculous Things Overheard On The London Underground

    "You accusing me of giving my dog prosecco?"

  • The Transgender Man Trapped In India By His Parents Is Finally Being Allowed To Return To The U.S.

    Shivy, born as Shivani Bhatt, has been harassed, abused, and trapped by his parents, who want to make him "a proper girl".

  • 23 Things All People With Long, Lustrous Hair Will Understand

    Beautiful, long hair comes at a big, gross cost.

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