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    How Naughty Were You At Primary School?

    Did you spend your lunchtimes in the Time Out box?

  • I Survived The 7/7 Bombings On The London Underground

    Martyn Meadows, 58, tells BuzzFeed how it felt to survive the terrorist attacks 10 years ago.

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  • This Series Of Comments Is Too Damn Real For Anyone Who's Had Their Shoes Stolen At A Mosque

    "Waiting for iftaar to cuss out the genius who stole my chappals at the masjid."

  • Activists Say Piracy Fears Threaten Domain Name Privacy

    "It’s kind of like being doxxed by ICANN.”

  • 2015womensworldcup

    U.S. Women's Soccer Team Will Get $33 Million Less Prize Money Than The Men's Winner

    The United States Women's National Team will get a paltry $2 million for its victory on Sunday. The men's German team got $35 million for winning the 2014 World Cup.

  • 17 Pieces Of Bizarre Life Advice From Teen Magazines In The '90s

    How to dump your boyfriend: pick your nose and wipe it on him.

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    Are You More Hipster Or More Grandma?

    Do you knit ironically, or because it's an enjoyable pastime that also saves you money when it comes to presents for the children?

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