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    There May Be A Lion On The Loose In Milwaukee

    Grainy footage shows a large, cat-like creature skulking through a resident's backyard.

  • This Is How Doctors Want To Die

    What care would doctors want when they reach the end of their lives?

  • 7 Key Lines From Drake's Meek Mill Diss Track "Charged Up"

    This weekend Drake shot back at Meek Mill with the diss track "Charged Up". Here's what it's all about.

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    Are You More Mew Or Mewtwo?

    We know who you would use your Master Ball on.

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    What's The Craziest Celebrity Sex Dream You've Ever Had?

    Running through the sheets with celebs.

  • 17 Foods That Taste Better With A Book

    No smudges on the pages, please!

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    What Would Your Post-Apocalyptic Stripper Name Be?

    Shimmering Damnation, show us your stuff ;)

  • 19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult

    Welcome to the real world, where you realize you don't know how to do anything.

  • Kaitlyn And Shawn Finally Talk About The Snapchat Sent From "Bachelorette" Hell

    The hell being a dark place where you can only send pictures of your relationship to the production team.

  • 27 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In The Netherlands Will Understand

    You ain't much if you ain't Dutch. Thanks to the brilliant #GrowingUpDutch.

  • 23 Red Things More Delicious Than A Red Delicious Apple

    Who named them "Red Delicious"? "Dry Brown Yuckies" would be more apt.

  • 23 Life-Changing Things You Can Read Right Now

    Guaranteed pick-me-ups, in under a half hour.

  • Police Search For American Dentist Who Spent $50,000 To Kill One Of Africa's Most Famous Lions

    Cecil the lion was beheaded and skinned in Zimbabwe earlier this month.

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  • What Dream Date Will An Aussie Male Celeb Take You On?

    Will Chris Hemsworth take you on a magic carpet ride?

  • This Is How Much Leave New Parents Get In Countries Around The World

    If you're in the UK, you've got it far better than the Americans – but nowhere near as good as in Russia or Germany.

  • This Artist Chased David Cameron With A Naked Painting Of David Cameron

    "I am the only satirist left," says Kaya Mar, who has made a career out of painting nude politicians.

  • Frank Ocean Still Hasn't Released His Album And It's Ruining Lives

    You promised July 2015, Frank. JULY. WHERE IS IT?

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  • Trump Campaign Manager Thinks The Huffington Post Is A Print Newspaper With Subscriptions

    "That's okay but it is also a clear indication why nobody pays for a subscription to that paper anymore because no one can take it seriously. It's a glorified blog is all it is."

  • This Same-Sex Couple Was Beaten Up While Filming Themselves Holding Hands In Public

    The social experiment took an unexpected and frightening turn. WARNING: graphic images.

  • This Muslim Woman Says She Didn't Attack A Sunbather For Wearing A Bikini

    Police confirmed the attack did take place, but said it did not happen for a “religious or moral reason".

  • The Mother At The Centre Of Primark Breastfeeding Row Has Been Charged By Police

    Caroline Starmer claimed that a security guard removed her baby while she was breastfeeding the child.

  • 19 Places In Australia That Are Way Better To Visit In Winter

    Chase the sun or embrace the cold. It's totally up to you.

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  • 23 Things All "Hitchhiker's Guide" Fans Will Find Funny

    The Guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.

  • What's Going On In The News Today?

    BuzzFeed News visited New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf Coast communities to find out what’s happened in the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina took its destructive path. The Boy Scouts ended its ban on gay leaders. And a couple had a beautiful wedding after returning to Syria.

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    Can You Guess Which Celebrity Is Worth More Money?

    They're all rich, but who's the richest?

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