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  • The Try Guys Try Cosplay Fashion And Look Like Ghost Babies

    The Try Guys try out cosplay fashion and then perform in a Maid and Butler Cafe. Episode 4 in a special four-episode series exploring cosplay.

  • What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?

    Strolling down memory lane on purchase history. Don't let your Mom see this.

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    How Do You Pronounce "Bruschetta"?

    Get your bruschetta on!

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    Can You Get Through This Perfectionist Quiz Without Freaking Out?

    Just remember: not everything in life can be ~perfect~.

  • 28 Hilarious Truths About Growing-Up Filipino

    The last hour of every party is "Baon Hour."

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    Which "Steven Universe" Gem Should Be Your BFF?

    That's why the people of the world believe in...

  • Mark Hamill's "Star Wars" Autographs Are Absolutely Hilarious

    "Yes George, but just try ACTING to these scripts!"

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