• Watch The Trailer For The Next Steve Jobs Movie

    "Artists lead. Hacks ask for a show of hands."

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  • A Fake Delta Air Lines Facebook Giveaway Is Going Viral

    The promotion to celebrate "100 million customers already this year" has been shared more than 60,000 times, which would be impressive if it wasn't a hoax.

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    What's Your Horoscope For July?

    According to your zodiac! Horoscopes summarized from AstroStyle.

  • 19 Things All Retail Workers Have Been Blamed For

    The customer is always, apparently, right.

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  • These Instagram Photos Show What Life's Like For Migrants Stuck In Calais

    “France is dog life,” one piece of graffiti in the port city of Calais says.

  • 33 Things That Prove Minions Have Made Us All Insane

    WARNING: The post is NSFW because people are disgusting and terrible.

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