• Here Are The World’s First Labeled Maps Of Pluto And Charon

    Before we reached Pluto, NASA's New Horizons team asked what they should call its then-undiscovered features. Now that they're exploring the dwarf planet, BuzzFeed Science can reveal where they want to put those names.

  • 12 Series To Catch Up On Before The Next Book Comes Out

    Goodreads shares the most anticipated titles in thriller, fantasy, YA, and romance.

  • I Was A Midwestern Teenage Foodie

    "There was no internet, and there was no way of reliably knowing if there were other teenagers like us, out there every weekend, rabidly exploring international cuisine."

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  • 21 Things Doctors Should Actually Prescribe

    Because insurance should cover the cost of adding guacamole.

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    Here's How I Won The Battle Against Chub Rub

    Thick thighs save lives, but chub rub is kind of awful in the summer.

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  • 14 Scary Movies That Just Got Scarier

    Prepare to be TRULY terrified.

  • The Head Of The Shaolin Temple Is In The Middle Of A Scandal That Mirrors A Classic Novel

    Abbot Shi Yongxin — leader of the birthplace of Shaolin Buddhism and kung-fu — is accused of having a lover and daughter.

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    Where Will You Be Living In 10 Years?

    Find out where you'll call home in 2025.

  • 24 Of The Most Life-Changing Graphic Novels

    When visually creative worlds and powerful narratives collide.

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    How Well Do You Remember The London 2012 Olympics?

    So many incredible moments – but can you remember them well enough to win gold?

  • 16 Emojis Your Dog Needs Immediately

    No emoji set is complete without some treats, a chewed up shoe and a SQUIRREL!! SQUIRREL!!! DID YOU SEE THAT SQUIRREL?!?

  • America, Meet McDonald's Self-Service Kiosks

    The burger chain is rolling out touch-screen kiosks so customers can place their orders themselves.

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  • This Cartoon Vine Of Donald Trump Is Everything

    It's a bizarre fever dream you can't ignore... kinda like his campaign.

  • 22 People Who Did Exactly What They Wanted

    Not caring what anyone else thinks is a lifestyle.

  • 23 Songs From The '90s That Will Make You Angsty As Hell

    "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, DAD!!" *slams bedroom door*

  • What Is The Funniest Thing Your Kid Ever Misunderstood?

    "No, you can't get pregnant by swallowing a watermelon seed."

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    24 Pictures That Prove Snapchat Puns Are The Greatest Thing

    Nothing beats a good ol' fashioned Snap Pun.

  • Grace Helbig And Hannah Hart Play Superhero "F#@K, Marry, Kill"

    "I'm gonna f*ck Wonder Woman, sounds wonderful."

  • How A Simple Apple Feature Called Switch Control Is Changing Lives

    For years, Christopher Hills's cerebral palsy made it nearly impossible for him to use a computer. Now he's editing video on one.

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    The Black Lesbian Writers You Need To Be Reading

    I wouldn't be the editor — or the person — I am today if I hadn't read the work of these extraordinary women.

  • 16 Cartoon Titles That Describe Your Sex Life

    For all your Saturday morning hookups.

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  • 17 Early '00s Pop Songs As Motivational Posters

    Because there's nothing more motivating than Shaggy lyrics.

  • What's Your Favorite Spot For An Amazing Staycation In Canada?

    Because our dollar is becoming more and more like actual Monopoly money every day.

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