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    I Did A 2 Month Sugar Detox And Nothing Really Happened

    TL;DR, there's sugar in everything and I basically spent two months craving apples.

  • Thierry Henry Reacted Brilliantly To Brendan Rodgers Getting Sacked And It Became A Huge Meme

    Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry have given us new relationship goals. Pun intended.

  • 17 Delicious Ways You Should Actually Be Eating Popcorn

    Get ready for some serious popcorn porn.

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  • How "The Martian" Went From A Best-Selling Novel To A Blockbuster Film

    Screenwriter Drew Goddard explains to BuzzFeed News how he transformed Andy Weir's beloved book into the script for one of the biggest films of the fall. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

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    An American Was Shocked When His Facebook Observations About England Went Massively Viral

    "The reason they drive on the left is because all their cars are built backwards."

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    Which Historical Figure Should Be Your Boyfriend?

    From the pages of history to the sheets of your bed.

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    Shah Rukh Khan Just Sent Paulo Coehlo The Most Amazing Gift

    Looks like the universe conspired to make them best friends.

  • Stunned Farmer Discovers Woolly Mammoth Bones In Michigan Field

    People really want to see what farmer Jim Bristle pulled from his soybean field.

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