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    We Can Predict Your Future Based On Your Eye Color

    Your eyeballs are crystal balls.

  • Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Scared Selena Gomez With "Taylor Swift"

    Ellen just wants to scare you, scare you, uh-huh.

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    Which Character From "The Blacklist" Are You?

    This quiz is gonna be a gas!

  • Kanye West Ranted About In-App Purchases On Twitter And It Was Awkward

    Parental controls, Kanye. Parental controls.

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    Which Gotham Girl Are You?

    "As I told Lady Freeze when I pulled her plug, this is a one woman show."

  • Call Of Duty Players Try Military Combat Gear

    Thank you to all veterans and active duty military for your service. You give us the freedom to frag noobs all day.

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