• 9 Of The Worst VMA Video Of The Year Winners Of All Time

    How did some of these even get nominated?

  • The Star Wars Facebook Shut Down A Sexist Comment About A Badass New Female Character

    "Female armor" only needs to be good protection for a female warrior.

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    The Hardest Game Of "Which Word Must Go" You'll Play

    This is for anyone who's ever cringed at the word "moist."

  • 35 Reasons The 2005 MTV VMAs Were Actually The Best VMAs

    People used to wear dresses over jeans like it was NBD, bruh.

  • Photographer Finds Her Homeless Father And Documents His Life On The Streets

    After years apart, photographer Diana Kim found her father living on the streets in Hawaii and documented the struggle to reconnect with him and get help.

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  • 26 Iconic VMA Performances You'll Remember Forever

    In the midst of one of the craziest award shows of the year, let's remember the greats.

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    Here Are 7 Delicious Dinners For Busy Weeknights

    So there's more time for Netflix and sleep.

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  • The First Black Man To Play Jean Valjean On Broadway Has Died At 21

    Kyle Jean-Baptiste, who made Broadway history in July during his turn in Les Misérables, died in an accident on Friday night.

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