• Here’s Why Science Studies Always Contradict Each Other

    Hundreds of scientists from around the world redid 100 psychology studies. Fewer than half reproduced the original results.

  • "No Escape" Turns Southeast Asians Into Horror Movie Monsters

    Owen Wilson and Lake Bell's thriller about Americans abroad is disturbingly xenophobic.

  • 17 Changing Room Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe

    Retail workers do NOT have it easy. So much vomit and poop!

  • Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Jas Prince

    The prince of hip-hop fills us in on his royal life.

  • Here's What A McWhopper Actually Looks Like

    The BuzzFeed Mexico team conducted a McExperiment to see if Burger King's proposed solution to world peace is worth eating.

  • The Last Known Ebola Patient In Sierra Leone Literally Danced Out Of Treatment

    Adama Sankoh's release begins the countdown to the west African country being declared Ebola-free.

  • This Dad Makes The Most Incredible School Lunches For His Kids

    Beau Coffron is pretty much a lunch sculptor.

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    A Crash Course In Hoverboards

    Welcome to the future of walking.

  • 33 WTF Thoughts You Have While On The Set Of "Gotham"

    So you mean we get to hang out at Gotham P.D., teach Butch to Nae Nae, and dubsmash Taylor Swift with Selina Kyle? For free?

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    Do You Prefer Summer Or Fall?

    Swim trunks or scarves? Sun tan or sweaters?

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