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  • 23 Times Tinder Actually Made You Say "Awww"

    Left. Left. Left. Le- Awww... Left.

  • Here's What Young Indian Women Had To Say About The Jasleen Kaur Case

    "Feminism is about equal rights. She's hurting feminism by misusing those rights."

  • 16 Truths Only Doctor's Office Receptionists Will Understand

    We don't need to know every detail of your health history.

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    How Many Of These SpongeBob Faces Do You Recognize?

    "You like Krabby Patties, don't you, Squidward?"

  • 18 Times #GrowingUpTheOldestChild Was Way Too Real

    You were here first, you call the shots.

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    15 Beautiful Photos That Capture The Allure Of Redheads Of Color

    "I hope that each and every subject I've photographed will be seen as beautiful individuals."

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    Who Is The Worst Pile Of Human Garbage In The Demi Lovato Game?

    Your crappy little sister, Sam, or that bitch Maria?

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