• 43 Things People Who Studied Abroad Can't Help But Talk About

    "You just can't get a baguette like the ones you get in Paris."

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    What's The Craziest Thing You've Witnessed At Disney?

    Whether as an employee or just a guest, we want to hear your story!

  • A "Slave Tetris" Video Game Has Generated Outrage Online

    The Tetris section has now been removed from the game, which aims to educate kids about the slave trade.

  • Justin Bieber Cries Over Famous Paintings

    "I'm not crying... What Do You Mean?"

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    The Dark Side Of Jesus People USA, America's Most Influential Christian Movement

    For decades, the freewheeling hippies of Jesus People USA — "God's forever family" — forged one of the most influential movements in Christianity. They were also Jaime Prater's family, until he made a documentary exposing the commune's darkest secrets.

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    Do You Deserve A Good Relationship?

    How solid is your relationship karma?

  • 23 Times "America's Next Top Model" Proved It Was The Best Show On TV

    "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend" — Jade, aka the most prolific contest in ANTM history.

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