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    Which "True Blood" Guy Would You End Up With?

    Are you a fangbanger? Or more of a werewolf lover?

  • Greek "No" Voters Celebrate Their Election Victory On Social Media

    Large crowds gathered in Athens to celebrate after voters rejected austerity measures tied to a bailout and the hashtag #Oxi (or No) was running hot.

  • What It's Like To Have A Work Bff

    Friends through thick and Thin.

  • Are You Eating Sushi Right?

    Ever gotten handsy with your sushi?

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    32 Reasons The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Is #SquadGoals Defined

    They're the 23 best friends that anybody could have.

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  • Your Weekly Gossip Roundup: Ben And Jen Split, Taylor's BFF Bash, And More

    Find out what happened with your favorite celebs this week.

  • win

    Hillary Clinton Has The Top Comment On This Heartbreaking "Humans Of New York" Photo

    "Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing."

  • Boyfriends Braid Their Girlfriend’s Hair

    “Let’s see if you have a girlfriend at the end of this video.”

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