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    Who Is Your Dad Actually?

    The father of all questions.

  • 28 Memes Everyone Who Works In An Office Will Get

    Most of the job is working out when and where there will next be free food.

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    Tell Us How You Started Your Big Weight Loss Journey

    Describe your very first steps to weight loss and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

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    Some Abortion Foes Celebrated The Planned Parenthood Shooting On Social Media

    "I wonder how many unborn babies were save[d] by this gunman interrupting normal Planned Parenthood activities?"

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    23 Heartbreakingly Adorable Amigurumi You Can Make Yourself

    Perfect for quick holiday gifts (or to keep, tbh).

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  • quiz

    How Well Do You Know New Jersey Celebrities?

    AKA, are you a true New Jerseyan or not?

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