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    Which '00s Dream Boat Should You Marry Based On Your Star Sign?

    Will it be Orlando Bloom? Or Noel from Hear'Say?

  • 23 Reasons Americans Are Completely Wrong About Bacon

    As much as the US might talk about loving bacon... there's something missing.

  • 21 Things That Would Happen If Jamaicans Went To Hogwarts

    Harry would not rid the world of evil for free.

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    People Say They Are Getting Horrible Sunburns From Jessica Alba's Honest Sunscreen

    Children and adults are becoming blistered and burned after using the product, according to a lot of angry customers.

  • How Well Do Ice-T And Coco Really Know Each Other?

    The famous couple turned talk show hosts put each other to the test.

  • People Are Putting Up These Posters That Accuse The Met Police Of Racism

    The posters that describe the Metropolitan police as "racist, violent and corrupt" are in 30–40 locations around London.

  • 16 People Who Were Tragically Affected By India's Porn Ban

    On August 3, it was reported that India officially blocked over 800 porn sites, which resulted in a number of people losing their shit.

  • David The Scientist From "Friends" Is Quite The DILF Nowadays

    Who'd have thought he'd blossom this beautifully.

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  • 21 Weird Side Effects Of Being A Scientist

    Consult with a doctor if you experience any of the following. They won't be able to help you, but they probably feel the same way.

  • Manchester United's New Women's Jersey Is Being Labelled As Sexist

    The plunging neckline on the women's version of the new kit cuts far lower than on the men's.

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    A Filmmaker Convinced The Internet That A Migrant Instagrammed Himself Sneaking Into Spain

    It turns out the viral Instagram account was all the creation of a Spanish filmmaker.

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