• Here's How I Actually Deleted 12,177 Unread Emails

    And no, you don't just use "Delete All."

  • 32 Tweets About Pop Culture That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

    "I can almost always tell if a movie doesn't use real dinosaurs."

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    Dad Defends Babysitter Who Had "Sexual Intercourse" With His 11-Year-Old Son

    Jade Hatt, 21, was spared jail after the boy's father told the court that his son was "fully up for this experience".

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  • What's Going On Around The World Today

    An American airstrike killed 22 people at a hospital in Afghanistan, which Doctors Without Borders is calling a “war crime.” Plus, extreme weather around the world has killed dozens of people over the weekend.

  • David Brent Quotes On Pictures Of Brendan Rodgers, Because Why Not

    Brendan Rodgers truly is the man who puts a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

  • This Is What Matthew McConaughey Looks Like At The Moment

    Spoiler: Very different. But it's okay because it's ONLY FOR A ROLE.

  • Here Are The Sexiest Roundabouts From Around The World

    “No place in the world exerts such attractive power as an island.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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  • A Russian TV Channel Is Broadcasting Weather Forecasts For Syrian Air Raids

    The news station is providing Syrian weather information for Russian viewers.

  • This Artist Is Making Traditional Oil Paintings Of London Grime Artists

    Reuben Dangoor told BuzzFeed News his paintings reflected the influence of grime music on British culture.

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