• This Mom Started An Online Movement After Being Told She Should Go Back To Her Pre-Baby Weight

    Mel Rymill was at a personal training session when she was told she "obviously wanted to go back to her pre-baby weight."

  • When You Can't Get Over Your F***ing Ex

    In this episode of Broke, Paul has a date with Samantha but can’t get over his ex, Christina. Miloh and Mo argue about one dirty dish in the sink.

  • Australian MP Thinks Freeing Children From Detention Could Unleash A Terrorist Threat

    BuzzFeed News sat down with Australia’s oldest politician to speak about his role designing one of the world's most hardline immigration policies.

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  • This Comedian Used His Awards Speech To Call Out Sexism

    "I don’t think there were any women nominated at all in the comedy category just then."

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    The Quantified Vineyard

    Commercial drones are helping to produce more delicious wines, but they can also play an important part in increasing the world’s food supply as doing more with less defines the future of agriculture.

  • A Designer Blatantly Stole This Canadian Family's Sacred Indigenous Design

    And one of the family members is explaining why this trend needs to stop now.

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