• Delta Goodrem's Opinion On 15 Random Things

    AKA the day we told Delta about Dadbods.

  • Owen Wilson's New Film Turns Southeast Asians Into Horror Movie Monsters

    Owen Wilson and Lake Bell's thriller about Americans abroad is disturbingly xenophobic.

  • Couples Describe Their Relationships With Rap Music

    If we were a rap duo, we’d be Kid N’ Play.

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  • 16 Photos That Are Way Too Real For People Who Hate Spiders

    Warning: contains many pictures of creepy-crawlies. All of them taken in Britain, so you'll never feel safe again #sorrynotsorry.

  • Catch Up On The News In Just Five Minutes A Day

    Keeping up with the news can be tough — but the BuzzFeed News newsletter will make it simple.

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    Dumpling Ding Dong Telephone Taste Test

    The Feast Mode: Hunger Squad goes on a Dumpling Ding Dong adventure... What should they eat next?

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