• Homemade Cookie Butter Is Dangerously Easy

    And you thought cookies couldn't get any better.

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    Are You More Red Or White Wine?

    Is it wine o'clock yet?

  • 13 Graphs Anyone Who's Ever Been Anxious Will Understand

    Yes, I know my worries ~aren't rational~.

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    What Do Your Sneakers Say About You?

    Converse, Jordans, Vans, or Pumas - your sneakers reveals your soul.

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    Was There A Moment When You Felt Truly Canadian?

    And what does being "truly Canadian" mean to you?

  • 15 Reasons Phil Dunphy Is An Amazing Catch

    Good on you for snapping him up, Claire.

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  • Siblings Prank Each Other With I Love You

    No matter how many times you fought, remember to say "I love you."

  • Interracial Couples Discuss Stereotypes

    "In the end, we are all human and love is what matters."

  • 17 Questionable Lessons Pinoy Soap Operas Taught You About Life

    Forbidden love is exciting and not AT ALL exhausting!

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  • Jeremy From "Unreal" Will Make Your Pants Fall Off

    It is unreal how hot he is (lol, sorry).

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    Is It Time To Quit That One TV Show?

    Sometimes it turns from guilty pleasure to no pleasure. Then you just gotta ghost.

  • 17 Underrated N64 Video Games You Might Have Slept On

    Everyone remembers Mario. What y'all know about Snowboard Kids?

  • This Awesome Photo Project Places Emojis In Real Life Photos

    “When placed in different situations, they take on a life of their own.”

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    This Is How People In China Are Riding Escalators After A Horrific Accident

    People who have to ride escalators are rightly freaking out in the wake of the recent fatality.

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    What's Your All-Time Favourite Quote From "The Simpsons"?

    "You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel."

  • 7 Ways To Handle Being Called A Crazy Cat Lady

    It's all about what you're comfortable with.

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    23 Times People Met Their Favorite Celebrities And Totally Screwed It Up

    It doesn't get much worse than almost vomiting on Ryan Gosling.

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  • Here Are The First Shots From Melissa McCarthy's Fashion Line

    "Fashion is always what I thought I would do."

  • How To Get The Perfect Red Lip

    And then mess it up immediately.

  • 11 Sex Positions All Londoners Love

    Nothing hits the spot like a bit of Chicken Cottaging. NSFW if your work bans cartoon boobs.

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    Skinny Jeans Are Officially Over

    Bootcut is back. I repeat, BOOTCUT IS BACK.

  • If The Things Your Mom Said Were Motivational Posters

    "Didn't I tell you to take the chicken out?"

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    Ask Mel B Any Question You Have About "Spice World"

    Now is your chance to get answers about this classic movie.

  • 15 Incredibly Romantic Temporary Tattoos

    Because even sentimental types sometimes fear commitment.

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