• Caitlyn Jenner Slayed It At The Point Foundation's Annual Voices On Point Gala

    The reality star and activist presented the Horizon Award to Zach Zyskowski and Rhys Ernst.

  • 15 Life Lessons We Learned From Weird Stock Photos

    A banana that is meat is not yet ripe.

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  • 29 Ideas To Help You Throw The Spoooookiest Slumber Party Ever

    Because who really sleeps at a "sleepover" any way?

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    19 Things Women Who Love Wine Just Get

    You live in constant fear of there not being enough wine.

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    A Nurse Was Horrified To Realize A Dying Patient She Was Trying To Save Was Her Own Brother

    When Jenifer Medina looked at the patient's driver's license to identify him, she saw her own brother's face staring back at her.

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    My IUD And Me: A Lesbian Love Story

    Since I stopped needing birth control, I’ve realized that being gay affords me a particular privilege — but queer women still belong in the reproductive health conversation.

  • "Saturday Night Live" Made Fun Of Taylor Swift's #Squad

    The Squad, the horror film you never knew you wanted.

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