• 21 Eye-Opening Confessions From Professional Models

    "Just because I model professionally, it does not mean I want to send you nudes."

  • How Teen Boys On The Internet Uncovered The Greatest Catfish Of Our Time

    Lucia Cole appeared to be a promising new singer, until two Ariana Grande fans discovered that her whole persona was fake, including the album she had on iTunes.

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    How Well Do You Actually Know Your Gym Equipment?

    Test your knowledge with our quiz here.

  • 16 Genius Ways To Make A Pie Without Pie Dough

    So many delicious foods are also very crustworthy.

  • Reasons Why Clothes Shopping Is The Worst

    This week on Whine About It, a short video series where BuzzFeed writer Matt Bellassai gets drunk at work and complains. (Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.)

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    What's Your New And Improved Zodiac Sign?

    Because the original signs needed a makeover.

  • Casey Neistat’s Beme Is The New Face Of Social Media’s Raw Revolution

    Raw media is the hottest thing in social today, and the platforms facilitating it — Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and now Beme — are capturing the fun, weird spirit that made social fun in the first place.

  • Here Is What You Should Know About Windows 10

    Microsoft's bright, shiny operating system debuts today.

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    What Nickname Matches Your Name?

    If your name is on the list, you get a new nickname.

  • Subway Becomes Largest Restaurant Chain To Offer Mobile Ordering

    The footlong sandwich maker will now take orders via app at its 27,000 U.S. stores.

  • This Music Video Is The Most ‘00s Thing Ever

    Meet LIZ, your new favorite pop star.

  • Can GeekyCon’s Founder Change Fandom For The Better?

    At a time when geeks are ruling pop culture, misogyny and discrimination at widely attended events like Comic-Con are still all too common. Could Melissa Anelli, a Harry Potter superfan turned entrepreneur, usher in a newer — nicer — type of fan convention?

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    What Is Your Spirit Office Supply?

    You might know your spirit animal, but this is more important.

  • Zayn Malik Is Working With Frank Ocean's Producer, Malay

    Is Zayn going to drop some grown and sexy music?

  • Earl The Grumpy Puppy Is The New Voice Of Grump

    Don't have time for people's crap? Neither does Earl.

  • 16 Times Liam Payne And Sophia Smith Restored Our Faith In Love

    Restoring our faith in love one Instagram at a time.

  • Here's How To Fill A Watermelon With Booze In Under A Minute

    If you've got rum, a knife, and an electric mixer, you're in business.

  • 23 Times Data Perfectly Captured The Drunk Struggle

    Sometimes you've just gotta be the drunkest sentient in this sector of the galaxy.

  • Meet The Little Boy Who's The Youngest Patient Ever To Get Double-Hand Transplant

    Zion Harvey lost his hands and feet after a severe infection as a toddler. Surgeons in Philadelphia on Tuesday said they were able to connect two new hands during a 10-hour operation.

  • 19 Easy Ways To Stop Eating So Much Sugar

    Crazy easy swaps, hacks, and make-ahead recipes.

  • Kate Winslet To Her Teenage Daughter: "We're So Lucky We Have A Shape"

    The actress is ensuring her 14-year-old daughter grows up with a positive body image, unlike she did.

  • This Stolen Pup Jumped From A Moving Truck To Be Reunited With His Owners

    But now the injured doggy needs surgery for the injuries he suffered in making the brave leap.

  • 22 Stories Of People's First Orgasms

    ♫ It feels like the very first time ♫

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    Here Is What The Same Person Looks Like In Dressing Rooms For 20 Different Stores

    Have you ever bought something and realized it looked way worse at home than it did in the dressing room? ME. TOO.

  • 15 Things That'll Make Working Out A Little Less Miserable

    Get faster and stronger without even realizing it.

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