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    Which Evan Peters Character Are You From "American Horror Story"?

    "It's a filthy world we live in." — Tate Langdon, Murder House

  • 14 Women Reveal Why They Faked Being Pregnant

    "I faked a pregnancy and a miscarriage just so my boyfriend would propose to me." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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    The 25 Funniest Sports Tweets From 2015

    Hysterical tweets for the sports fans and the non-sports fans.

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  • 21 Thirstiest Men Of 2015

    These Instagram men are feeling parched.

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    This Woman's Hair Tie Gave Her An Infection That Needed Emergency Surgery

    She's been sharing her story on Facebook to warn people about what she's had to go through. Warning: This post contains graphic images.

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    What Does Your Favourite Pixar Character Say About You?

    Are you a leader like Woody or more of a grump like Carl?

  • 25 Gifts For People Who Only Care About Coffee

    Life is about priorities. And by priorities, I mean coffee.

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