• The Twilight Of The Angry Black Woman

    From Sandra Bland to Nicki Minaj, the racist archetype is used to silence women, and worse. But for how much longer?

  • Women Have Been Sharing Pictures Of Themselves Eating Cake After A Troll Tried To Fat-Shame A Blogger

    Jenny Rushmore says she's seen an "overwhelming tide of support and positivity and public cake eating".

  • 18 Things All Fabulous Curvy Travelers Know

    Raging cases of chub rub and teeny, tiny bathroom stalls aren't going to stop you from checking everything off your bucket list in style.

  • What Is An Artificial Ingredient, Anyway?

    Food companies are taking artificial additives out of food to suit consumers' changing tastes. But "natural" doesn't necessarily mean "better," scientists say.

  • The Mexican Torta Is A Perfect Sandwich

    And you should use it as a template for all sandwiches from here on out.

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    John Green Has Defended Cara Delevingne And Called Out Sexist Questions

    The author of the book Paper Towns has written a blog post in the wake of Cara's intensely awkward interview about the film adaptation.

  • 24 Bizarre And Hilarious Lost And Found Posters

    Have you seen this dog? Because he is awesome.

  • Someone Has Made A "Muslim Version Of Tinder" That's Helping People Get Married

    The app is designed with a number of "Islamic features" for Muslims searching for partners — but it's not for hookups.

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