• Meet The Man Getting Trolled And Blamed For Unrest In Gujarat Just Because Of His Twitter Handle

    "@Hardik" Shah isn't involved with the Patel agitation at all, but try telling Twitter that.

  • A New Smartphone App Wants To Help You Find An Antidepressant That Works

    Because depression is tough, and antidepressants don't work equally for everyone.

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    Usain Bolt Is Cool With The Guy Who Wiped Him Out With A Segway

    The fastest man in the world can't outrun a Segway.

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  • 23 Times Michelle And Jal From "Skins" Nailed '00s Fashion

    Hooped earrings, short-sleeved shirts, and kitten heels ftw.

  • These Rare Pictures Capture The Former Beauty Of ISIS’s Latest Target

    The ancient Roman city of Palmyra, whose ruins are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, risks destruction at the hands of ISIS after the group captured it earlier this year.

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    I Let My Mom Choose My Outfits For A Week

    Was I going to end up walking around in a ballgown and pearls?

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  • Um, Have You Heard About BuzzFeed’s Daily Dogs Newsletter?

    It's called "Dog A Day" and it's exactly as delightful as it sounds.

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    This "Dark Knight" Fan Theory Makes The Joker The Hero

    "I'm gonna tell you where they are... and that's the point... you'll have to choooose."

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    We Know Which Emoji You Are

    Delta Goodrem - the queen of emojis - stopped by BuzzFeed Oz to educate us all. Take this quiz and discover which emoji you are!

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