• 7 Very Easy Ways To Eat Healthier This Week

    Thanksgiving is dunzo, but the holiday season is just ramping up.

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  • 21 Times Tumblr Needed To Step Away From The Drugs

    "What if rocks are actually soft but just tense up when we touch them?"

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  • 13 German Proverbs That Make No Fucking Sense In English

    "You shine like a honeycakehorse." "Er, thanks, I guess?"

  • This TV Host Accidentally Told Piers Morgan She Could Sit On His Face Live On Air

    Why? Because Piers presented her with a cushion with his face on.

  • Fishermen Rescue Struggling Wombat After Finding Him Swimming In A Lake

    "He just sat patiently and waited for us to take him back to the shore."

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  • New Anti-Vaxxer Daycares Are Showing Up In Australia And People Are Worried

    Authorities warn against the scary new trend of black market babysitting for parents who don't want to vaccinate their kids.

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