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    Which “Assassin’s Creed” Assassin Are You?

    "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

  • 21 Things All Sweary Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

    "Girls who swear are so unattractive". Oh, fuck off.

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    The Hardest British Flag Quiz You Will Ever Take

    Can you make it through without waving the white flag?

  • We Tried A Beauty Box That Caters For Women Of Colour

    We tried three eyeshadows and a nail colour – but would they suit our skin tone?

  • 13 Bollywood Moments That Changed The Face Of Swimwear In India

    Breaking the myth that a woman’s pride lies in what she covers, Bollywood actresses have been using swimwear to celebrate their freedom and sexiness for decades.

  • Everyone Is Eating Cereal Wrong And It's Incredibly Upsetting

    You probably can't make it through this post without being very disturbed.

  • Here's How I Actually Deleted 12,177 Unread Emails

    And no, you don't just use "Delete All."

  • 32 Tweets About Pop Culture That Will Actually Make You Laugh IRL

    "I can almost always tell if a movie doesn't use real dinosaurs."

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