• Here's The Full Video Of Chris Martin's Surprise Gig In Delhi Last Night

    This is the next best thing to actually having been there, guys. *Deep sigh*

  • 27 Life Lessons You Learn In Your Mid Twenties

    Your tolerance for alcohol goes down, and your hangovers get worse.

  • A Former UKIP Candidate Is Planning To Hold A "Draw Muhammad" Contest In London

    Anne Marie Waters, founder of the anti-Islamic group "Sharia Watch", tells BuzzFeed News she is holding the event to "defend free expression".

  • A Viral Facebook Post Helped This Woman With Cancer Suffering From Amnesia Reunite With Her Family

    Doctors believe the amnesia might have been caused by antibodies from her tumor.

  • This Soccer Team Has Done Something Pretty Amazing With Its Latest Jersey

    The club have won new fans around the world after unveiling their kit for next season.

  • A Dolphin Jumped Into A Boat And Broke A Woman’s Ankles On Her Wedding Anniversary

    The mum-of-two suffered two broken ankles and underwent five hours of surgery after a dolphin jumped out of the sea and on to a boat.

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