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  • 21 Thirstiest Men Of 2015

    These Instagram men are feeling parched.

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    This Woman's Hair Tie Gave Her An Infection That Needed Emergency Surgery

    She's been sharing her story on Facebook to warn people about what she's had to go through. Warning: This post contains graphic images.

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    What Does Your Favourite Pixar Character Say About You?

    Are you a leader like Woody or more of a grump like Carl?

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    25 Gifts For People Who Only Care About Coffee

    Life is about priorities. And by priorities, I mean coffee.

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    These Are The Trashy Consequences Of Blue Apron Delivery

    Blue Apron and its fellow meal-in-a-box services promise to streamline dinnertime. But they produce a whole lot of waste to do it.

  • Children Who Lost Parents In 9/11 Sent A Powerful Message Of Hope To Paris

    "I do believe that it is up to us now, because we know what anger and hatred looks like, and we can't add to that anymore."

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    How Do You Feel About Period Sex?

    “I could even argue that having blood on your penis is kinda fun sometimes.”

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