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    Which Of Jessica Lange's "American Horror Story" Characters Are You?

    Are you the neighbour, the nun, the witch or the freak show manager?

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  • What Is Privilege?

    "Privilege is complex..."

  • Longtime Hot Dog Eating Contest Champion Dethroned By Younger Rival

    "He made me hungry," the defending champion said about the new winner.

  • Your State's Most Unique Online Dating Word

    Florida is all about that Disney.

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    The 26 Most American Comebacks In The History Of The World

    If you can't handle the burn, go back to Iceland. Via Reddit's subreddit 'Murica.

  • 8 Texts That Prove Parents Are Evolving

    "Do you know what a thot is?"

  • London Students "Whited Up" To Highlight Racism In UK Universities

    Students at UCL protested at a busy open day, demanding a more diverse curriculum. The demonstration was sparked by the decision to scrap a master's course on the philosophy of race, and the termination of a black academic's position.

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    The 21 Most Aggressively American Things To Ever Happen On The Internet

    Happy birthday to the greatest country in the universe!

  • 18 Things People Who Are Constantly Busy Know To Be True

    If you want something done, ask a busy person.

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