• What's Going On Around The World Today

    Twelve Pacific Rim nations have agreed to a historic trade deal encompassing 40% of the world’s economy. A BuzzFeed News investigation revealed that a corporate donor to the UK’s Conservative Party was secretly dropping cash-stuffed backpacks at post offices around London. And a Facebook love story.

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    How British Is Your Dad?

    One jumper from M&S for life.

  • These Kerala Hindus Ate Beef To Protest The Ban And Challenged Extremists To Kill Them For It

    They were protesting an incident last week when a man was lynched for being rumoured to possess beef.

  • You Should Definitely Sign Up For Our Daily Dog Newsletter

    It will be the best — and most adorable — decision you've made in a while.

  • 22 Things Celebrity Couples Do In Life That Normal People Couldn't

    If we tried these things we'd probably be banned from Instagram for life.

  • If These Men Aren't Guilty, Why Can’t They Go Free?

    A major investigation says these four men convicted of murder are probably innocent. But prosecutors say that doesn’t matter — and the report should remain secret. A BuzzFeed News investigation.

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    15 Places With The Most Unfortunate Names On The Planet

    Somewhere to go, when you're feeling low.

  • Boris Johnson Tells “Crusty” Protesters He Won't Surrender To "Hard-Left Agitators"

    The London mayor heaped the blame for the anti-Tory demonstrations on Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Selena Gomez's "Good For You" And The Rise Of "Indie Pop Voice"

    How a phenomenon called "vowel breaking" became an epidemic in pop music.

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    19 Things Only Cinema Workers Will Understand

    Yes, I perpetually smell like popcorn.

  • Canada Still Isn't Done Replacing A Part That Caused A Fighter Jet To Fall Out Of The Sky

    The replacement of the CF-18 engine part is three years behind schedule.

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