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    Where Would You Work In Springfield?

    Either way Mr. Burns probably owns you.

  • 31 Netflix Shows You Can Binge In A Single Weekend

    Who needs to go out when you can watch an ENTIRE show?

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  • 13 Cats Who Might Be Drunk

    We've all been there...

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  • 21 Times Matt Saracen Ruined You For All Real Life Men

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t love anyone more than Matt.

  • Iggy Azalea Got Bitten By A Cat And We Have A Lot Of Questions

    The "evil ass cat" tried to kill her, Azalea alleges.

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    Which Disney Villain Should Be Your BFF?

    Everyone needs a truly evil sidekick.

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    Which Actress Would Play Your Grandma In A Movie About Your Life?

    Whoever it is, they'll probably win an Oscar for it.

  • This Adorable Baby Penguin Will Take All Of Your Troubles Away

    First-time parents, Reina and Javier, are thrilled!

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  • Watch This Man Transform Into 12 Different Popular Hairstyles

    Proof that men don't have to stick with the same haircut their entire lives.

  • 14 Times Louis Got Way Too Riel

    The Father of Manitoba was a straight-up bad ass.

  • harrypotter

    What Wizarding Job Should You Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

    Find out what job you were destined to have!

  • 15 Times Cher Eviscerated Donald Trump On Twitter

    The goddess Cher is embroiled in one of the most important battles of our time: her Twitter feud with Donald Trump.

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  • #ThighReading Shows What Thighs Actually Look Like

    The body-positive hashtag encourages femoral fortune-telling.

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    How Many Of These Fantasy Books Have You Read?

    Let's see how well-read you are when it comes to the mystical realms.

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  • This Cat Was Rescued After An Hour Underwater In A Sunken Boat

    The cat, nicknamed River by animal shelter workers, was found inside a compartment after the boat was recovered from the waters of Lake Havasu, Arizona.

  • Years & Years Solve Everyone's Music Festival Nightmares

    "Just for the record, if you’re a guy, you don’t need the Shewee.”

  • 59 Thoughts You Have At Dunkin' Donuts

    God, how long have I been in here?

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