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  • 73 Thoughts Every Woman On Tinder Has

    "I should have deleted this a long time ago."

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    Are You Scylla Or Charybdis?

    Which ancient monster are you most like?

  • A Woman Who Lost Her Leg In A Terrifying Theme Park Accident Is Now A Catwalk Model

    Vicky Balch, who lost her right leg from the knee down in a theme park accident in June, was modelling at an event organised by the Models of Diversity group.

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    How Did Your Parents Explain The Birds And The Bees To You?

    "In horrifyingly uncomfortable detail."

  • 20 Years Ago, This Is What Fall Looked Like

    Pumpkin Spice Lattes did not exist.

  • Officials Doubt These Men Are Guilty — But They Can’t Go Free

    A major investigation says these four men convicted of murder are probably innocent. But prosecutors say that doesn’t matter — and the report should remain secret. A BuzzFeed News investigation.

  • 11 Genius Ways To Actually Find Amazing Local Food On Vacation

    Because traditional dishes are always the best kind.

  • People Are Mad That Cosmo Called The Kardashians The "First Family"

    Technically speaking, the USA already has one of those...

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