• Watch This Mum Tell Her Transgender Daughter How Happy She Makes Her

    "My butterfly girl fills my heart with joy," Lorna McGuire wrote in a poem that she read to her 8-year-old. She talked to BuzzFeed News about what it's like to watch your child become who they are.

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    Can These Patterns Determine Your Personality?

    Pick the patterns that speak to you.

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    People Are Upset About Meryl Streep's "I'd Rather Be A Rebel Than A Slave" T-Shirt

    Streep and her Suffragette co-stars appeared in the shirts on the cover of Time Out London. They reference a quote from Emmeline Pankhurst, a leader of the U.K. suffragette movement.

  • Boy, 11, Allegedly Shoots 8-Year-Old Neighbor Girl To Death After Fight Over Her Puppy

    The mother of MaKayla Dyer told a local news station that the boy had been bullying her daughter before he shot her to death.

  • 58 French Villages That Should Be On Your Bucket List

    Forget about Paris, here are some true French gems.

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    Can You Name The Horror Movie By Its Dead Bodies?

    Or are you a horrible horror fan?

  • 12 Presidential Candidates Reimagined As Extinct Animals

    Watch out for that Trumpatherium. You never know what he is going to do next!

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    A 25-Year-Old Woman Is Helping People Replace Their Exes With Celebrities In Photos

    Her pictures have gotten popular so now she's doing it for other people too.

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