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    Can You Identify These British Football Stadiums From Google Earth?

    Harder than you'd think. Unless you fly a lot...

  • This Baby Giraffe's Determination Will Inspire You

    If a baby giraffe can be this empowered, so can you.

  • If Pinterest Actually Followed You Around And Made Suggestions

    With the passive aggressive approach of Clippy.

  • Jane Birkin Wants Her Name Off The Birkin Bag

    The French singer and sex symbol doesn't want to be associate with the Hermès bag anymore, claiming that they're made inhumanely.

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  • 14 Faces Any Woman Who Lifts Weights Will Recognize

    *rolls eyes, flips hair, brushes off shoulder*

  • People Protesting Police Harassment Chant Kendrick Lamar's "All Right"

    "We goin' be all right! We goin' be all right!"

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  • 22 Kitten Reactions For Everyday Situations

    Kittens understand way more than you'd think.

  • Canadian Police Pay Settlement For Leaving First Nations Woman Soaked In Menstrual Blood

    Ethel Pelly was also kept in a holding cell for 14 hours without access to water.

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    13 Things Most People Get Wrong About Birth Control

    Your pill maybe doesn't need its own alarm clock.

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    Should You Chat Up Your Crush?

    Life's biggest question, answered.

  • Simon Pegg Returned As "Drunk Ron Weasley" And Showed Jimmy Fallon His Wand

    "Have you seen Fifty Shades of Grey? I've got fifty shades of ginger right here."

  • 25 Insanely Clever School Teacher Hacks

    Brilliant tips and tricks to help teachers of any grade save time, money, and patience.

  • 26 Things That Happen On Every Girl's Night Out

    "You're soooo preeettyyyyy". "Noooo, you're so pretty".

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    Saying Goodbye To The Last Lesbian Bar In San Francisco

    When a queer mecca like San Francisco runs out of dyke bars, is the future of the city's lesbian culture merely in flux — or is it in jeopardy? To find out, I documented the sights and sounds of the iconic Lexington Club before it closed forever.

  • 28 Simple Reasons To Fall In Love With Victoria, British Columbia

    Can you make it through this post without booking a ticket?

  • There’s A Parrot Who Can Sing “Everything Is Awesome” Better Than You

    ♫ Everything is awesome when you're an insanely talented parrooot! ♫

  • Justin Bieber Is Going To Start Being A Pop Star Again

    The singer just announced his comeback single, "What Do You Mean?"

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    21 Eye-Opening Confessions From Professional Models

    "Just because I model professionally, it does not mean I want to send you nudes."

  • How Teen Boys On The Internet Uncovered The Greatest Catfish Of Our Time

    Lucia Cole appeared to be a promising new singer, until two Ariana Grande fans discovered that her whole persona was fake, including the album she had on iTunes.

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  • 16 Genius Ways To Turn Your Favorite Food Into Pie Crust

    So many delicious foods are also very crustworthy.

  • Reasons Why Clothes Shopping Is The Worst

    This week on Whine About It, a short video series where BuzzFeed writer Matt Bellassai gets drunk at work and complains. (Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.)

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    What's Your New And Improved Zodiac Sign?

    Because the original signs needed a makeover.

  • Casey Neistat’s Beme Is The New Face Of Social Media’s Raw Revolution

    Raw media is the hottest thing in social today, and the platforms facilitating it — Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and now Beme — are capturing the fun, weird spirit that made social fun in the first place.

  • Here Is What You Should Know About Windows 10

    Microsoft's bright, shiny operating system debuts today.

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    What Nickname Matches Your Name?

    If your name is on the list, you get a new nickname.

  • Subway Becomes Largest Restaurant Chain To Offer Mobile Ordering

    The footlong sandwich maker will now take orders via app at its 27,000 U.S. stores.

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