• Man Jailed For "Evil" £2 Million Revenge Porn Blackmail Plot Against Heiress Ex-Wife

    James Casbolt was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a “depraved and disturbed” plan to extort £2 million from his former wife with intimate pictures and videos.

  • 23 Faces Everyone Makes When They Get Fucked Up On A Wine Tour

    "Keep on pouring, buddy. Little more... little more..."

  • Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down In Tears While Discussing The Killing Of Cecil The Lion

    "Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things?"

  • Taylor Swift Has Shared Photos Of Her Meeting Her Godson For The First Time And It's Too Damn Cute

    Jaime King's son Leo Thames has got one cool Godmother. And some mighty fine hair.

  • Dream Date: Aussie Guy Edition

    Will Chris Hemsworth take you on a magic carpet ride?

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  • 19 Truths About Dating Someone Who's Extremely Healthy

    You’re starting to wonder if they’re actually human.

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  • This Guy Made A DeLorean Model From "Back To The Future" With Pepsi Cans

    It's quite simple to make and no... this sucker is not nuclear.

  • What's Your Political Expenses Scandal?

    Find out which extravagant activity you'll charge to the Australian taxpayer!

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  • The Movie With The Year's Best Female Performance

    Nina Hoss will rip your heart in two in Phoenix.

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    How Do You Hack The McDonald's Menu?

    Because it's all about those sneaky cheats.

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    Can You Guess The Age Gap Between These Six Celebrity Couples?

    Age is just a number, but it's oh-so-interesting.

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    Where Would You Work In Springfield?

    Either way Mr. Burns probably owns you.

  • 31 Netflix Shows You Can Binge In A Single Weekend

    Who needs to go out when you can watch an ENTIRE show?

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  • 13 Cats Who Might Be Drunk

    We've all been there...

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