• This "Dark Knight" Fan Theory Makes The Joker The Hero

    "I'm gonna tell you where they are... and that's the point... you'll have to choooose."

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    We Know Which Emoji You Are

    Delta Goodrem - the queen of emojis - stopped by BuzzFeed Oz to educate us all. Take this quiz and discover which emoji you are!

  • The Alphabet According To Chiwetel Ejiofor

    The Z for Zachariah star helped us out.

  • There's Another Serial Killer On "Days Of Our Lives" And Here's Who Might Die

    As the show celebrates its 50th anniversary, people are getting offed again. Why don't they just move?!

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    Which Main Series Assassin From "Assassin's Creed" Are You?

    You already know you're a badass. But do you ever wonder which assassin shares your badass-a-ry?

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