• 27 Movie Moments That Messed Us Up For Life

    Warning: life spoilers ahead.

  • How "Catfish" Prepared Max Joseph For "We Are Your Friends"

    Writer director Max Joseph's major film debut stars Zac Efron as an EDM DJ — but don't let that stop you from giving it a chance.

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  • Tila Tequila Has Been Kicked Off "Celebrity Big Brother" For Social Media Posts Defending Hitler

    A deleted 2013 blog titled "Why I Sympathise With Hitler, Part I" also included a photoshopped image of the reality TV star in an SS uniform.

  • Former Liverpool FC Player Ryan Babel Goes On Sexist Twitter Rant

    Babel has been heavily criticised for his string of sexist tweets at a female fan.

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    Who Is Your "Desperate Housewives" Husband?

    We all lead quiet lives of desperation... and thirst.

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