• A Teenager Filmed Himself Standing On Top Of A Moving Train

    The video of Pasha Bumchik, a Ukrainian YouTuber, is terrifying.

  • The Best Jokes After Manchester United's Transfer Deadline Day "Calamity"

    Fans of the club are not happy – though fans of other clubs think it's hilarious.

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    What Are The Best Emo Songs To Play After A Breakup?

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  • The 16 Wisest Things Trent Lane Taught Us On "Daria"

    Your favorite cartoon crush was deeper than you realize.

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  • Memories That Will Haunt Bracefaces

    "Remember that wonderful time when your mouth was full of wires?"

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    Which Mode Of Transportation Describes Your Sex Life?

    Because these two things are obviously connected.

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    The Most Difficult Quiz Australians Will Ever Take

    If you're not an Aussie, you're going to find this VERY hard!

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