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    Watch Native Americans Review Music Festival Fashion

    “I would…what is…what is…why?”

  • A Mom Called Out A Textbook Publisher For Saying Slaves Were "Immigrant Workers"

    McGraw-Hill Education said they are going to reword the part of a geography textbook that includes slaves under a section about "immigrants" and refers to them as "workers."

  • Caitlyn Jenner Totally Rocked It At The Point Foundation's Annual Voices On Point Gala

    The reality star and activist presented the Horizon Award to Zach Zyskowski and Rhys Ernst.

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  • 15 Life Lessons We Learned From Weird Stock Photos

    A banana that is meat is not yet ripe.

  • 29 Ideas To Help You Throw The Spoooookiest Slumber Party Ever

    Because who really sleeps at a "sleepover" any way?

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    19 Things Women Who Love Wine Just Get

    You live in constant fear of there not being enough wine.

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