• Woman Allegedly Attempts Suicide On Nauru Detention Center After Daughter Raped, Family Separated

    The woman's son has spoken to BuzzFeed News about the moment he stopped his mother from taking her own life.

  • Which Taylor Swift "1989" Tour Outfit Would You Rock?

    You could strut looking just as cute as Tay Tay.

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    We Know Which Disney Character You Should Carve Into Your Pumpkin

    Let's have a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Halloween!

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    Which "The Walking Dead" Character Are You Based On Your Taste In Music?

    Head bang to some death metal while you fight some zombies.

  • David Cameron Says "The Shine Is Coming Off The Ball" Of The SNP

    Cameron went on the attack against Nicola Sturgeon's party at the Conservative conference.

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    Are You More James Bond Or Austin Powers?

    Let's see what kind of spy you are.

  • 29 Hilarious Fake Literary Band Names

    System of a Watership Down. Thanks to #BandBooksWeek on Twitter.

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    Which Chanel-O-Ween Gift From "Scream Queens" Do You Deserve?

    "Halloween is the most important day of the year."

  • Asylum Seekers Will Be Able To Move About Nauru Of Their Own Free Will

    The Nauruan government has pledged to process 600 asylum seeker applications in a week.

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