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    Which Badass Tarot Woman Are You?

    Queen of Cups or High Priestess?

  • 21 Items Worth Putting On Your Wedding Registry

    Tried and true products that will make your married home even happier.

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  • The Child Actors In The "Orange Is The New Black" Flashbacks Look Spot On

    The TeamOITNB Tumblr account has highlighted how amazing the casting is for the show's childhood flashbacks. And looking at it a little deeper, it really is true.

  • 16 All-American Stories To Read This Weekend

    For down time at the beach, barbecue, and everywhere in between, this collection of stories capturing the culture, politics, and people of the U.S.A. has got you covered.

  • Behold the MacDoner: A Burger Encased In Deep-Fried Kebab Meat

    Can't decide between a chippy-tea or a Maccy's? You can get a MacDoner instead.

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