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    How The "Hunger Games" Team Brought "Mockingjay – Part 2" From The Page To The Screen

    Director Francis Lawrence, producer Nina Jacobson, and screenwriter Peter Craig spoke with BuzzFeed News about the hard choices they had to make adapting the final book in author Suzanne Collins's best-selling franchise. MAJOR SPOILERS!

  • 15 Questions The World Has For Black Friday

    "Doesn't the stress completely ruin Thanksgiving?"

  • Behind One Of The Most Shocking Movie Endings Of The Year

    "You're just gutted," Julia Roberts told BuzzFeed News. MAJOR SPOILERS!

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    Some Abortion Foes Cheered Planned Parenthood Shooting On Social Media

    "I wonder how many unborn babies were save[d] by this gunman interrupting normal Planned Parenthood activities?"

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  • 19 Things Only Emos Say During Sex

    Sugar, I'm gonna go down on you.

  • A Canadian CEO Is Putting Up $1.5 Million Of His Own Money To Resettle Syrian Refugees

    "I'm a business guy who's not accustomed to things going slowly."

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