• Can You Name These Bands Full Of White Guys?

    “If I went back through all of these, I would still get wrong answers.”

  • We Asked Australian Teens What It’s Like Being LGBT At School

    "People are coming out much younger than they were five, ten years ago."

  • This Australian Newspaper's Coverage Of A Transgender Woman's Death Breached Press Council Standards

    The Australian newspaper was widely criticised for its coverage of Mayang Prasetyo's death.

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  • Accused Balcony Killer Gable Tostee Is Out Of Jail And Back On Social Media

    The Gold Coast man was released on parole after serving six of his 10 month sentence for a drunken high-speed chase in July 2014.

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    Do You Know The Lyrics To "Wake Me Up When September Ends" By Green Day?

    It's absolutely okay to take this quiz in August.

  • This Is How Syrian Antiquities Are Being Smuggled And Sold

    BuzzFeed News' Mike Giglio traveled along Syria's porous border with Turkey to meet the people involved in this black market for stolen antiquities.

  • When You Become Obsessed With A New TV Show

    Just need to look for some spoilers real quick...

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    Can You Identify The Robin Williams Film From The Screenshot?

    "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change this world."

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