• Jennifer Lawrence Wrote A Refreshingly Honest Essay On The Hollywood Gender Pay Gap

    In which she discusses the "lucky people with dicks" in Lena Dunham's latest Lenny newsletter.

  • 17 Times The Internet Perfectly Summed Up Being A Gemini

    The phrase "hot and cold" was invented for you.

  • Gabrielle Union And Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Parodied Popular Songs On "The Tonight Show"

    ♫ Oh, I think that we need to find new cheerleaders... ♫

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    A 23-Year-Old Student Died Of Suffocation During A Skrillex Concert In Delhi

    The police have stated that the woman might have died of a cardiac arrest due the claustrophobic conditions.

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    13 Motivational Dog Posters That Will Really Make You Reflect On Life

    Dogs can be inspirational even if they can't properly articulate it.

  • 23 Photos That Definitively Prove The Moon Landing Was Faked

    Look, man never landed on the moon. Humans are just too idiotic.

  • Cara Delevingne Has Opened Up About Her Struggle With Depression

    The actor and model spoke about mental illness at the Women in the World Summit last weekend.

  • These Eerie Photos Show Just How Hooked We Are On Our Phones

    Photographer Eric Pickersgill found strangers checking their phones, removed their devices, and snapped them staring blankly at their empty hands.

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