• Protein World's "Beach Body Ready" Adverts Are Not Offensive, ASA Rules

    The controversial adverts remain banned in the UK over claims of promoting unrealistic weight loss, but a further investigation has ruled they're not offensive.

  • In Defense Of Not Cutting Off Your Festival Wristband

    We can keep it on for however long we want, thank you very much.

  • An Australian Vote On Marriage Equality Just Got A Whole Lot Closer

    Liberal party MPs announce cross-party marriage equality bill.

  • A Crow Took A Ride On The Back Of An Eagle Like It Was No Big Deal

    The encounter was captured by amateur photographer Phoo Chan.

  • Women Are Sharing The Discrimination They Face #BeingFemaleInNigeria

    Nigerians are using the hashtag to share their experiences of being discriminated against, in places ranging from hotel lobbies to inside their own cars.

  • 73 Thoughts Everyone Who Works In An Office Has On A Hot Day

    The missing-out-on-the-sun guilt is so real.

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