• Tyler The Creator Called Out A Feminist Activist On Twitter And The Results Are Not Surprising

    The rapper falsely blamed the woman for being "banned from Australia".

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    Are You More Hermione Granger Or Katniss Everdeen?

    Are you a winsome witch or a terrific Tribute?

  • Ramen Buns BLT Is A Must

    You'll be ramen this in your mouth.

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  • 19 Books To Read If You Loved "Paper Towns"

    If you've already read everything by John Green.

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    Which Parks And Rec Alter Ego Are You?

    Are you more of a Burt Macklin or Janet Snakehole?

  • Men Watch Footage Of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled

    "Ok, now I'm getting pissed off. I'm not happy with this."

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    How Well Do You Know The Theme To "A Different World"?

    Prepare to have this stuck in your head allll weeek!

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    How Much Of A Tumblr Junkie Are You?

    Are you like the other Tumblr kids?

  • 17 People You’ll Always See At A Black Church On Sunday

    Turn to your neighbor and say, "NEIGHBOR!..."

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  • Whitney Port's Honest Opinion On 15 Random Style Trends

    The Whitney Eve fashion designer lays down the law.

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  • 22 Instagrams That Pretty Much Sum Up Being A Twentysomething

    You would be a morning person if morning happened around 1 p.m.

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    These Three Questions Will Determine Your ’90s Movie Persona

    "Can you point that high-powered perception at yourself?"

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    Can We Guess Which Canadian City You Live In?

    Yes, there is more to Canada than just Toronto.

  • A Woman Shamed Topshop On Facebook For Its Tiny Mannequins And The Store Says Its Making A Change

    "I'm calling you out Topshop, on your lack of concern for a generation of extremely body conscious youth."

  • 15 Times Monte Was The Best Thing About "Say Yes To The Dress"

    Monte Durham is a gift from the television gods. Can the show just be him and Lori riffing off each other from now on?

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  • 27 Men Who Prove That Dudes Can Rock Natural Hair Too

    Ain't no bro like a bro with a fro. Or locs. Or a fade. Or twists. Or braids.

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    Can You Identify The Green Day Video From These Screenshots?

    There have been 39 Green Day music videos since 1994. How many do you remember?

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    18 Eleventh Doctor Tattoos For Your Inner Raggedy Man

    I am definitely a mad man with a box!

  • Kate Hudson Kept Me In The Closet

    As a gay preteen, I longed for the escape from reality that romantic comedies offered. But how can you escape to a place you don’t exist?

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  • 15 Reasons "Meet The Robinsons" Is Unjustly Underrated

    "I have a big head and little arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through."

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    How Many Of The Top 30 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Have You Seen?

    Are you're as addicted to YouTube as you think?

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