• We Have Wi-Fi At 35,000 Feet — Can We Stop Getting Ripped Off For It?

    Gogo lets us send email while hurtling through the sky. If only opting out from its monthly charges were as simple.

  • 13 Pictures Of Life Inside Chechnya's Religious Training Schools

    The number of graduates from Chechen schools that teach the Qur'an is on the rise in the formerly war-torn region of Russia.

  • katrinaanniversary

    These 6 Charts Show Why Katrina Was The Storm From Hell

    Blame an extremely high flood, bad luck, and a failure to heed warnings that New Orleans faced an existential threat.

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  • harrypotter

    24 Hilarious Fake "Harry Potter" Books That Need To Exist

    Harry Potter and the Fault in Our Scars. Thanks to #NewHarryPotterBooks on Twitter.

  • This Public Library Figured Out The Perfect Way For Teens To Find Self-Help Books

    These clever signs help teenagers to find books without revealing private information.

  • 17 Honest Friendship Day Cards To Send To Your BFF

    "Thanks for letting me eat all your fries without ever asking if I can."

  • katrinaanniversary

    How A Small-Time Drug Dealer Rescued Dozens During Katrina

    To the cops, Jabbar Gibson was just a low-level drug pusher. But to the residents of a New Orleans public housing complex, he’s the man who rescued them from Hurricane Katrina when no one else would.

  • Amazon Made You A Soothing, Guitar-Filled CD

    Listeners on Amazon Prime Music are getting an exclusive, all-acoustic playlist with original recordings commissioned by the company.

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