• Porn Stars Discuss What Kind Of Porn They Like To Watch

    "I can't watch porn because, like, I know everybody. It's weird."

  • The 27 Drunkest Things Overheard At NYC's First Country Music Festival

    I went to Farmborough NYC and found out country music fans really like to drink.

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    What Kind Of Insufferable Tweeter Should You Unfollow Today?

    Today is the day you do yourself a favor and unfollow someone how has been driving you nuts.

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    What Is Your "Supernatural" Porn Star Name?

    It's time to test your Supernatural abilities in the bedroom.

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    Which TV Workplace Should Be Your Employer?

    "I'm here to get what's mine" - Cookie Lyon

  • A Former Baltimore Police Officer Exposed His Department's Corruption

    "I used to go to other officer's posts, to black neighborhoods, just to make arrests so I could meet my stats," Michael Wood told BuzzFeed News.

  • 25 Mouthwatering 4th Of July Desserts

    All the red, white, and blue you can handle.

  • Ted Cruz Knows How To Go Viral

    The Republican presidential candidate talks to BuzzFeed News about affirmative action, same-sex marriage, and what it's like to check his @ mentions every morning.

  • 129 Thoughts I Had At NYC's First Country Music Festival

    Never have I wanted so badly to be a cowboy than at Farmborough NYC.

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