• If Britney Spears Songs Were Telenovelas

    It would get even crazier than "(You Drive Me) Crazy."

  • The Gay Man Who Organized For MLK Took His Fight For Human Rights Around The World

    Bayard Rustin's long-time partner spoke to BuzzFeed News about a new fund that he hopes boosts the work of LGBT activists he sees as Rustin's successors.

  • How Edward Snowden Inadvertently Helped Vladimir Putin's Internet Crackdown

    Edward Snowden's exposés of the NSA's global surveillance sparked calls to roll them back around the world. But in Russia, where he claimed asylum, Vladimir Putin's censors seized on his revelations to justify unprecedented control over the internet.

  • Google Docs Will Let You Dictate Text Now

    Voice-to-text hits the cloud. We gave it a spin.

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