• The New "Zoolander 2" Teaser Explains Life's Biggest Mysteries — Except For One

    Well, actually two. But who wants the majestic Derek Zoolander explained anyway?

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    Can You Name The 8 Players Who've Played For Arsenal AND Chelsea In The Premier League Era?

    To celebrate the Community Shield, can you name the eight players who've played for both Arsenal and Chelsea in the Premier League era? It's harder than you think.

  • Why Tom Cruise Needs To Make "Mission: Impossible" Movies

    Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation's $56 million debut marks yet another hit for the 53-year-old's remarkable career — and shows why Cruise needs the franchise to stay on top.

  • This Woman Claims She Spoke With Cecil The Lion From Beyond The Grave

    "Take heart, my child. I am finer than ever, grander than before, as no one can take our purity, our truth, or our soul" — Cecil the Lion, apparently.

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    23 Cooking Tips To Take Advantage Of What You Already Have

    Bake the ultimate cake with mayonnaise and dental floss.

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