• Before Losing His Battle With Cancer, This Teenager's Friends Helped Him Take His Senior Photo

    The high school senior was too ill to attend the official photo shoot.

  • Amazon Made You A Soothing, Guitar-Filled CD

    Listeners on Amazon Prime Music are getting an exclusive, all-acoustic playlist with original recordings commissioned by the company.

  • This Is The Terrifying Moment A Man Wielding An Eight-Inch Knife Attacked The Police

    Video has emerged showing two PCs from Northamptonshire tackling the man, who nearly stabbed one of the officers in the neck.

  • What's Going On In The News Today?

    A white campus police officer was charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man during a traffic stop, and more of today's headlines.

  • 14 Scientific Studies Literally No One Asked For

    Is the world a better place now that we know what kind of cheese mosquitos like? Probably... Probably.

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  • quiz

    How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of "Dexter"?

    Can your dark passenger handle this quiz?

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    Sending Off The Last Lesbian Bar In San Francisco

    When a queer mecca like San Francisco runs out of dyke bars, is the future of the city's lesbian culture merely in flux — or is it in jeopardy? To find out, I documented the sights and sounds of the iconic Lexington Club before it closed forever.

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    How Much Do You Actually Hate Chelsea?

    Does your seething hatred bubble over onto the surface, or are you a secret fan?

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