• What's Going On Around The World Today?

    The U.S. is the first team to win three Women’s World Cup tournaments. Pope Francis returns to his home continent. And good clearly beat out evil Friday night at Disney World.

  • Teens Are Taking A Stand Against The #Don'tJudgeChallenge That Says Some Beauty Traits Are Ugly

    The videos have been receiving backlash for calling certain beauty traits "ugly".

  • Mosques Around The UK Are Planning To Remember 7/7

    Mosques in London, Birmingham, and Nottingham are among those inviting their local communities to remember those killed in the terrorist attacks in London 10 years ago.

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    24 Pictures So Strangely Satisfying You'll Hate Them

    You don't know true pleasure until you've seen a perfectly peeled lemon. Via r/oddlysatisfying

  • Alan Gross Spent Five Years In Prison For Trying To Help Cubans Use The Internet

    In 2009, an American aid worker seeking to provide internet service for Cubans was thrown in jail for more than five years. Now, as relations with Cuba finally thaw, the imprisonment of Alan Gross remains a prime example of how promoting American values in countries that don't want them is a policy that is as well-intentioned as it is poorly executed.

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    Pictures Of Prince George Totally Stealing The Show At His Sister's Christening

    It was supposed to be Princess Charlotte's big day but her brother had other ideas.

  • The 30 Craziest Complaints Teachers Have Had From Parents

    "I don't do homework, so why should my son?"

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