• Do You Know Your BF By Touch?

    Could you identify your boyfriend by just holding his hand?

  • 17 Incredibly Real Struggles All Inner City Pedestrians Have Faced

    Not being able to run through the city is one of my woes.

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  • Penny Wong On Why Australia Won't Be Getting An Asian, Lesbian PM Anytime Soon

    Penny Wong sat down with BuzzFeed News to talk marriage equality, delivering killer tweets and seriously not wanting to be PM.

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    Which "The Lego Movie" Character Are You?

    You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.

  • 15 Gary Busey Dance Moves We Can't Wait To See On "Dancing With The Stars"

    "There has got to be more to life than being a really, really, ridiculously good actor."

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  • Disneyland Celebrity Sightings Is The Best Celeb Instagram Account

    Celebs really are just like us, except they don't have to wait in line at Disneyland.

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    How Many Of These Zac Efron Films Have You Seen?

    Get your head in the game. TV movies not included.

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  • Tony Abbott Is Constantly Comparing Things To Nazis

    Does four times in 12 months make a trend?

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