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    21 Animals You Should Have Been Following In 2015

    These are the real stars of Instagram.

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    How Well Do You Comprehend Australian English?

    Take this quiz to find out if your vocab is rooted or nah.

  • thanksgiving

    18 Simple Time-Saving Ideas To Help You Prepare For The Thanksgiving Meal

    It's a marathon, not a sprint, and we are here to help.

  • 11-Year-Old Indigenous Girl Handcuffed At School By Australian Police And Put In A Jail Cell

    ‘Was she a dangerous criminal that you had to handcuff her?’

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  • thanksgiving

    19 Thanksgiving Foods To Make If You Haven't Started Planning Yet

    A procrastinator's guide to Thanksgiving from appetizers to 'zerts. (LOL, sorry.)

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    19 Pictures That Will Finally Help You Sleep At Night

    Learn something for once, ya knucklehead.

  • Dozens Of Haunting Sculptures Have Been Erected On A Frigid Alaska Beach

    The 85 sculptures on Point Woronzof, near Anchorage, are part of an art installation dedicated to those suffering from mental illness and trauma.

  • 27 Tweets That Prove Australia Is The Most WTF Country

    Bacrocen: The ~traditional~ crocodile, stuffed with chicken and wrapped in bacon.

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