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    23 People Who Sadly Will Not Be Joining Us In 2016

    RIP all these people, you will be missed.

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    Here's What 19 Painfully Handsome Male Models Look Like Without Makeup

    Read this with a glass of water because you're about to be thirsty.

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    Two Canadian Guys Rescued A Bald Eagle And Then Took An Epic Selfie

    "Everybody thinks it’s like the selfie of the year."

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    What Does Your Favourite Pixar Character Say About You?

    Are you a leader like Woody or more of a grump like Carl?

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    Here's What Top Professional Models Look Like Without Makeup

    Famous models reveal their makeup-free faces and misconceptions about beauty and the fashion industry.

  • Um, Have You Heard About BuzzFeed’s Daily Dogs Newsletter?

    It's called "Dog A Day" and it's exactly as delightful as it sounds.

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  • Crazy Things People Used To Believe About Women In The 1800s

    Look out for the “bicycle face,” it’s unladylike!

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