• This Woman Claims She Was Made To Watch The Heartbeat Of Her Unborn Child Before Getting An Abortion

    She apparently was forced to see an ultra-sound because "it's the law".

  • 12 Powerful Quotes About Feminism That Will Inspire You To Fight For Change

    Outgoing sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick says the rules are holding us back, and it's up to us to rewrite them.

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    We Transformed Into Pinups Girls And This Is What Happened

    "Any kind of identity, any kind of body shape, any kind of gender, can do anything the hell they want."

  • What Amount Of The Things You Eat And Drink Every Day Would Actually Kill You?

    You might think twice about doing shots all night long.

  • 23 Life Struggles Only Shy Adults Will Understand

    That's a nice shade of red you're wearing... on your face.

  • That Guy Who Photobombs Stock Photos Is Back And He's Bombing Even Harder

    "I can no longer sit idly by as the phonies and fakes of the world go unpunished."

  • This Is What The Original Cast Of “Beverly Hills, 90210” Looks Like Now

    OMG, it's been 25 years since we were first introduced to the drama-filled world of rich Beverly Hills teens!!!

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