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    11 Insanely Sexy Moves That Literally Every Man Loves

    Try these sexy, sexy sex moves tonight. (WARNING: Contains toon nudity.)

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    Canadian Official Blamed A Deleted Tweet About Millennials On A Millennial

    The tweet said "millennials have the worst reputation of all."

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    13 "One Tree Hill" Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

    It's the ultimate game of "Would You Rather."

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    27 Guys On What They Were Thinking When Their Brides Walked Down The Aisle

    "This is so awesome! I'm so excited! Don't cry...don't cry...don't cry...aww shit, I'm crying."

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    Which "Friday Night Lights" Quarterback Is Your Soulmate?

    Who is meant to be the QB one of your heart?

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    Who Said It: "A" Or Gossip Girl?

    Got a secret. Can you keep it? XOXO, Gossip Girl

  • Extraordinary Vintage Photos Reveal Hawaii's Hippie Treehouse Community

    From 1969 to 1977, the hippies at Taylor Camp on Kauai lived in treehouses, preferred to go nude, and smoked a lot of weed.

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