• 59 Broadway Songs That Will Devastate You

    There's a pain goes on and on.

  • Ted Cruz Defends His Dad's Comments About Sending Obama "Back To Kenya"

    Cruz said a video shows his father, Rafael Cruz, reacting to something an audience member called out. A video from 2012 shows Rafael Cruz making the remarks unprompted.

  • 10 Female Characters Who Wore Heels In The Face Of Death

    Nothing says "superhero" like a great pair of shoes.

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    How Neil DeGrasse Tyson Are You?

    Would you name your kid after a planet or moon in our solar system?

  • 26 Pictures That Will Hit Way Too Close To Home For Swimmers

    Is it me, or does it smell like chlorine in here?

  • Let's Take A Second To Talk About How Flawless Pretty Yende Is

    No, there are no "Pretty is pretty" jokes in this post, even though she is.

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