• Why Do You Have Blue Eyes?

    Do you have mutant eyes?

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    When Two Cartoonists Doodle On The Same Pages Madness Happens

    The future is revealed through doodle collaboration.

  • 15 Things That Inevitably Happen When You're A Quinceañera

    When people fight over the centerpiece, nobody wins.

  • We Had People Try The Smelliest Fruit In Front Of A Live Audience

    It smells like gasoline… like that part of Disneyland.

  • 21 Times "Hocus Pocus" Perfectly Described Being Single BFFs

    "We are just three kindly old spinster ladies, spending a quiet evening at home."

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  • Can White People Dance?

    The stereotype that white people can’t dance was squashed after You Got Served.

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    How Well Do You Know "Mulan"?

    This quiz will make a man/woman out of you.

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