• 17 Weird, Gross, Hilarious Things Everyone On Their School Soccer Team Did Together

    Good game, good game, goo game, goo game, g'game, g'game, game, game, game.

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    The Stupidly Difficult Nerdy NFL Quiz

    Can you locate the Packers, Seahawks or the Patriots on a map of the USA?

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    18 Ads From 1915 That Prove We've Come A Long Way In 100 Years

    It was a big year for WTF, apparently. Looking at you, Kellogg's.

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    The 15 Sexiest Chipotle Bowls Of 2015

    Love is eternal, but guac is extra.

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    The Terrorists Born And Bred In America

    BuzzFeed News reports on homegrown terrorism in the United States and how it affects our daily lives.

  • 37 Things The Kardashians Have 100% Actually Said

    "I never realised that a neck-life would be such a transcendental life-changing experience for me."

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    Can You Pass A Soccer Referee Theory Test?

    You think you know everything, but do you REALLY know everything?

  • The Story Behind The Astonishing One-Take Boxing Scene In "Creed"

    "Those of us who are fortunate enough to have our dreams come true, we have that moment happen, and then it's like, holy shit, it's really scary," director Ryan Coogler told BuzzFeed News. "That's what this fight was for Adonis." SPOILERS!

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