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    Can You Help Me Send A Sext?

    Which of these sexts should I send? I'm totally second-guessing myself!

  • 81 Thoughts Everyone Has When Desperately Trying To Fall Asleep

    If I go to sleep now, I'll get 5 hours of sleep.

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  • 13 Other "Harry Potter" Productions That Should Definitely Happen

    Yearning, pining, and perishing for all of these.

  • This Guy's Sexually Explicit Tweets Are The Best Thing About Wimbledon

    John Niven has the most colourful way of describing tennis possible. This post contains some very strong language and tennis-based metaphors of a graphically sexual nature.

  • If LA Transportation Was Like NYC

    "I know you got dollars."

  • 10 Presidential Candidates That The Mainstream Media Are Ignoring

    At this point, our next POTUS could be anyone. Anyone.

  • Can You Name The Republican Candidates For President?

    More characters than Game of Thrones.

  • How Well Do You Really Remember Shakespeare?

    Put your high school English class memory to the test!

  • 21 Black Girls With That "Good" Hair

    For when you ain't got no type.

  • This Incredible Toddler Could Rock Climb Before She Could Walk

    Ellie is getting attention for a video of her scaling a 7-foot wall at 20 months old.

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