• This Rapper Secretly Recorded His Whole Album At The Apple Store

    "I’m going to die before anyone knows I’m hot."

  • #IHadAMiscarriage

    “I first thought my miscarriage was shameful, and unusual. I’ve since learned that it’s just something women don’t want to talk about — but should.”

  • 14 Instagram Filters Every Twentysomething Wish Existed

    For those who "woke up like this – flawless."

  • An Australian Senator Has Threatened To Literally Finger The Prime Minister

    Queensland senator Glenn Lazarus said he'll give Tony Abbott a "Hopoate tackle".

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  • Boy Handcuffed And Beaten For Eating Birthday Cake Dies

    A Maryland boy who police say was severely beaten by his mother's boyfriend for eating a slice of birthday cake without permission died in the hospital on Sunday.

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  • Admit It: You Still Have These 4 Childhood Fears

    "I think you've seen way too many scary movies."

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