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    Can You Tell The Difference Between Shawn And Aaron Ashmore?

    We hope you're following us, because we don't mean to be killjoys. (Get it?)

  • New Zealand Kids Do This Exercise Called "Jump Jam" And It's Crazy

    Ooh eeh! Ooh ah aah! Ting tang! Walla walla bing bang!

  • 23 Smart And Simple Ways To Decorate Your Rented Apartment

    Stop worrying and keep your rental deposit.

  • If You Used LinkedIn Between 2011 And Last Year, They May Owe You Up To $1,500

    The social network for professional connections just settled a class action lawsuit for $13 million.

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    7 Insanely Cool Halloween Treats That You Can Actually Make

    Mummies and pumpkins and monsters, oh my!

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  • 22 Reasons The Rounds System Is The Fucking Worst

    The rounds system is the best way to spend more money than you have, get way drunker than you planned, and make all your friends hate you.

  • Rescue Dogs Re-Create Fashion Magazine Covers And It's Painfully Cute

    It's part of a campaign to raise money for animal shelters.

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