• 19 Drool-Worthy Ways To Up Your Oatmeal Game

    Remember that stuff you ate as a kid? This is better.

  • Here Are The 9 Books President Obama Bought On Small Business Saturday

    Now we know what the Obamas will be reading his holiday season.

  • 7 Very Easy Ways To Eat Healthier This Week

    Thanksgiving is dunzo, but the holiday season is just ramping up.

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  • 25 Gifts For People Who Only Care About Coffee

    Life is about priorities. And by priorities, I mean coffee.

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  • 23 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Having Boobs

    “I’m scared. I have this weird stabby pain in my chest and it really hurts ​and... Dorito. It was a Dorito in my bra.”

  • Here's Some New Pictures Of Princess Charlotte To Melt Your Heart

    The Duchess of Cambridge took pictures of the six month old royal baby at their home in Norfolk.

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    Some Abortion Foes Celebrated The Planned Parenthood Shooting On Social Media

    "I wonder how many unborn babies were save[d] by this gunman interrupting normal Planned Parenthood activities?"

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