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  • This Man Told His Boss To "F*ck Off" After 10 Beers And Was Unfairly Sacked

    The bosses were partly blamed for providing free booze at the Christmas party.

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    Is This Butt From "Magic Mike"?

    If you're horny let's do it. NUDITY AHEAD.

  • Adults Respond To '90s Cartoons They Grew Up With

    And things got a little emotional...

  • We Tried To Track Down The Best Parmo In Teesside

    Just as Naples has pizza, Teesside has the parmo.

  • 13 Celebrities Who Didn't Know They Were Endorsing Stuff In India

    Finally, we know about Zayn Malik's secret side gig.

  • Aussie Mums Are Fighting To Save A Sick Baby Girl In The Nauru Detention Centre

    Nauru's youngest detainee is a five-month-old girl who was born in Australia, and health experts say she is in real danger.

  • 18 People Whose Faith In Life Was Shattered By Chris Martin's Secret Delhi Gig

    Nobody said missing a secret gig would be easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.

  • This Picture Of Australia's PM Sewing Lips Shut Has Gone Viral

    The artist behind the piece, James Fosdike, spoke to BuzzFeed News about the artwork's impact.

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    Who Said It: Jack Donaghy Or Ron Swanson?

    How well-versed are you in the wisdom of the two greatest TV mentors of the last decade?

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