• This Adorable 3-Year-Old Is A Better DJ Than You

    They sure do grow up fast.

  • British Police Say BBC Documentary On Alleged Westminster Child Sex Abuse Could Stop Victims Coming Forward

    Metropolitan police criticised the BBC after a programme reported on Tuesday night that allegations made against a senior Tory politician were made “as a joke”.

  • 20 Signs That Definitely Have A Hilarious Story Behind Them

    "We will no longer accept money out of undergarments."

  • This Is What Living With Schizophrenia Is Really Like

    BuzzFeed News spoke to four people diagnosed with schizophrenia about the importance of destigmatising the condition and providing access to proper support.

  • Complaints Against British Police Are The Highest In Ten Years

    The number of complaints against police forces in England and Wales have risen by 6% compared to the previous year.

  • 22 Reasons To Be Grateful You're Single

    I got 99 problems but a duvet war ain't one.

  • Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi Spoke About His Death And It's Heartbreaking

    "For the rest of my life, I'll kind of feel like he's going to come home."

  • 20 Of The Most Perfectly Cromulent Costumes Made By "Simpsons" Fans

    These guys really embiggened their looks with insane attention to detail. H/T: Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia Brooklyn.

  • The Billionaire Behind 5-Hour Energy Is Trying To Save The World

    "If you have wealth, it's a duty to help those who don't."

  • Donald Trump In Famous Horror Movie Scenes Will Petrify You

    Nice job, Designcrowd, who photoshopped these darkly humourous images.

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