• Sikhs Who Are Helping Out Syrian Refugees In Iraq Are Being Mistaken For ISIS Members

    "You should think twice before judging a book by its cover."

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    Mother Of 11-Year-Old Boy Sexually Abused By Babysitter To Appeal Court Sentence

    Jade Hatt, 21, was spared jail after the boy's father told the court that his son was "fully up for this experience". Updated: the boy's mother is to appeal the decision not to jail her.

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  • Adult Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse Are Speaking Up In This New Video Series

    "I felt that if I told someone, they were going to view me as someone weak."

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  • This "Proudly Feminist" Restaurant Is Run Entirely By Asylum Seeker Women

    A night of feasting at the roaming restaurant that's giving hope and employment to refugees and asylum seekers in Sydney.

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    11 Insanely Sexy Moves That Literally Every Man Loves

    Try these sexy, sexy sex moves tonight. (WARNING: Contains toon nudity.)

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    19 Things We Wish We Were Told Before Taking High School Exams

    We asked the BuzzFeed Oz staff what advice they wish they could tell their high school self during exam time.

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    What Would You Get For Chanel-O-Ween Based On Your Birth Month?

    A quiz for those friendless, dumpy coeds needing to bask in the glow of their love for Chanel.

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