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March 1, 2011

New Facebook Comments On BuzzFeed

In case you haven't noticed yet, we are trying out an exciting new feature that will allow you to comment on your favorite buzz using Facebook. You can still comment the regular way, but if you're logged in to Facebook, you can also in the new "Facebook Conversations" field underneath a post. You'll then have the option to move that conversation to your own Facebook page if you want. Try it out and tell us what you think!

Rapping Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

The year was 1989. Inexplicably, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter, councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, federal judge Renee Cardwell Hughes, and pals attended Leadership Inc.'s 30 anniversary.

Cheerleader Mosh Pit

Some cheerleaders from the University of Memphis got very excited about winning a cheerleading competition. It took about five nano-seconds for a heavy metal remix to emerge. Cheerleading is the brutalest of the black arts. In the world of heavy metal, you can make up words like "brutalest."

Anonymous Introduces Anonymiss

Wait, there are girls on the Internet?

Daschund Puppy Gif

The cuteness of a Weiner Dog, now available in gif.


This is what happened when Jessica Alba followed Donald Glover on Twitter.

13 Best Instagram Quote Rebuttals

Stupid hipsters, stop making these. At least I'm not the only one fed up with quotes on unrelated backgrounds.

When Flat Face Cats Attack

But it's so cute when they attack!

Ryan Gosling With Animals At The Cincinnati Zoo


Dancing Batman And Friends

Artist Jesse Lonergan did an adorable series of illustrations depicting geek culture icons dancing jigs. Characters from the Batman, Spider-Man and Star Wars universes are all getting freaky.

Pink Responds To Christina Aguilera's Arrest

Unfortunately, I have to agree with her on this one.

Mighty Antlers

When driving through a forest, you'd be wise not to intentionally hit a deer, and this is why. Stunning.

Dead Frogs With Pina Coladas

Important deceased amphibian/cocktail work going on over at The Hairpin today.

Mike Wong’s Convenience Store

At least he used his own name. They can’t take that away from him!

Wisconsin Protesters Sing Les Misérables

Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of working men?

36 Bizarre Group Names For Animals

That's no herd, it's a murder. And all this time I'd just been using herd, flock and school. My eyes, they have been opened.

Toy Story IRL

Our favorite Toy Story characters have jumped off the big screen and onto Facebook. At one point Andy, we all have to segue into the real world.


Urlesque whipped up this memeified version of Monopoly. Manufacture and sell, please.

Lizzie McGuire Returns

It's like Disney looked around and thought, "Quick! Which of our starlets is the least entitled druggie?"

Ronald Washington Elevates

Once you’ve had an experience like Ronald Washington, you never escalate again. You elevate.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. Inception

Inception was all the buzz at the Oscars on Sunday. Scott Pilgrim was just as epic and awesome, yet it was snubbed. The Academy has no taste.

Meanwhile, On Tumblr

Surrounded by people with expensive cameras? Meh. Hipster Kitteh does not care.

Listen to James Franco Host the Oscars from inside His Pants

This is what it's like to be inside James Franco's pants.

Spartacus Season 3

Season one was pretty sweet. Season two would have been just as great if the main character was well enough to the play the role. Hopefully, he returns for Season Three.

Dubstep Dancing Dogs

Weird/Awesome video of dogs (and a few cats) dancing to Dubstep music. I don't know whether to say "I'm sorry" or "You're welcome."

2011 Oscar Recap: Memorable Moments and Complete List of Winners

Bellow is the complete list of winners. Let us know who you loved and who got on your nerves. For a comprehensive, minute-by-minute analysis of the show, check out last night's liveblog.

Me Vs. Life

It's Monday again. I feel your pain.

NFL Combine 2011 Results: Whose Stock Is Soaring after the Workouts?

The NFL Scouting Combine is off and lifting. come over here and spot me as I try to bench press the first ones to impress us at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine

Warren Buffett: 2011 Looks Bright

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway(BRK.B_) and unofficial cheerleader for the U.S. economy, said the business environment is getting better for Berkshire Hathaway in 2011 and American capitalism is far from being in decline.

Opinion: the Left's Unhealthy Koch Habit

What do Charles and David Koch, brothers who run the Kansas-based Koch Industries, have to do with Wisconsin's budget battle? Almost nothing, unless you occupy the left wing of the political spectrum.

America Is Addicted to Porn (Infographic)

Is America addicted to porn? The statistics in this informative infographic say yes!

What's Next for Charlie Sheen Now That 'Two and a Half Men' Has Shut Down?

The star claims he has a tell-all book and an HBO show in the works -- and he'll keep running his mouth, of course.

Michael Douglas Defends Catherine Zeta-Jones against Paparazzi Assault

Michael Douglas likes to play a cad in the movies -- but when it comes to wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, he's a knight in shining armor.

When You Write Your Essays in Programming Languages

Those who spend most of their time programming in a certain language may find that it’s hard to shift gears to write a paper in English (or some other language non-geeks understand) for a class.

Anonymous Targets Koch Brothers', Gets Involved in Wisconsin Politics

Anonymous has already targeted authoritarian regimes in the Middle East, the Westboro Baptist Church, and one particularly outspoken snitch.

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