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March 31, 2011

Someone just sent this video to our tips line.

Unless this ends with a call to the fire department, a la A Christmas Story, to remove his popsicle-like penis from inside her, I'm not interested. But I know a lot of you are. So here. Happy? [Update: We got a takedown notice and removed the images. But they were creepy!] in Turkmenistan. Which is surprising considering until just now if someone had told me there was a country called Turkmenistan I would not have believed them. While drilling in 1971, geologists in Derweze hit a methane gas pocket. Instead of letting the gas into the atmosphere, they decided to burn it off. Forty years later, this two hundred-thirty foot crater is still on fire.

This brave soul recounts a time when he took 30 hits of LSD and lived to talk about it. What wisdom.

Just remember to fill this out before you start drinking.

NBC News has confirmed that the Egyptian cobra who escaped from the Bronx Zoo has been found and is in quarantine. A squeamish nation, and a hyperventilating media, breathes easier. No jail can contain New York's newest folk hero. He's like Dillinger with deadly neurotoxins.

An airman returns after being in Afghanistan for nine months and pwns his brother with a heartwarming wake-up call. One of the sweetest and most genuine reactions you're likely to ever see.

This might just be the best weather forecast ever.

This video is the new litmus test for friendship.

This gave me feelings. Two years ago, Judy Gelles asked the following three questions: Whom do they live with? What do they wish for? What do they worry about? This was some of the results.

A mashup of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" with the trailer for "The Dark Knight." It gives me goosebumps. Hopefully those goosebumps are from a thyroid condition, because the alternative is too embarrassing to admit.

CHICAGO, March 30 (UPI) -- A bikini with a "pushup" swim top aimed at 7-to-12-year-olds has been removed the Abercrombie Kids Web site, the Ohio company confirmed.

Britney Spears is popping up all over the place promoting her new album Femme Fatale. So it’s no surprise that on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night the singer teamed up with fellow guest Johnny Knoxville and shared footage of her collaboration with th…

Oh, Justin Bieber you’re such a tease! The 17-year-old singer was asking his fans what song he should sing for them and ended up singing a little bit of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in the process.

Get ready everyone, Charlie Sheen’s about to hop on stage once again. This time he’s ditching scripted TV for his own self-promoted tour, heading out on the road April 2 in Detroit. Along for the ride will be Rachel Oberlin, aka Bree Olson, one of S…

Teen Mom Jenelle Evan’s and her video beatdown victim, Britany Truett are going at it again — this time in court. Britany plans to sue Jenelle for abuse and injuries she endured after the 19-year-old MTV reality star brutally attacked her.

After video was released of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans getting into a fight with another girl a lot of arrests have been made — and they're still happening!

While Simon Cowell, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber may support Rebecca Black, you won’t find Miley Cyrus covering or praising her catchy ditty “Friday.” The 18-year-old singer voiced her opinion on the 13-year-old Internet sen…

Thank Raptor Jesus, Disney is finally done raping my childhood.

People who dress up in leather and bridles for a spot of pony play in the park. The best is the guy who says he can't ride real horses because he's vegan.

It's good to see the Penny Arcade guys using their powers for good.

While Justin Beiber is very much hated on Youtube, he still makes it in the top 10 most liked videos! Unfortunately, he cannot hold a finger to "Charlie Bit Me." (Womp womp waaaaaah.)

Yesterday, Justin Bieber breathed a sigh of relief as Rebecca Black’s “Friday” took the crown as the most hated video on Youtube. Take a look at some other videos that made the list.

You can have your Galleons, Sickles and Knuts!

Remember the Puppy Conga Line? Same idea, but with a pair of pugs. Pugs make everything better. From

At first he's all business, then boom he's all cat!

This is wrong in every possible way.

"Bees are tiny little math nerds with amazing time keeping abilities and the ability to calculate distances without any discernible measuring device!" Wait, what?

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