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March 21, 2011

Bloody Loco

Fascinating confrontation on a New York City subway between a man calmly reading a book and a gentleman who insists on calling himself Bloody Loco. You better recognize that s**t, ASAP.

Spring Time Means Floral Tights

Spring is here! But it's still a tad bit chilly. Still want to feel springy and show some leg? Don some floral tights to be warm and fashionable!

The Top 146 Things This Man Smuggled Into Prison Up His Rectum

California convict Earl Lee Vogt is being charged with smuggling contraband into prison, contraband his jailers believe was "keystered." Vogt raised suspicions when he complained to guards that, "My ass is bleeding." Here are the keystered items which may have prompted such discomfort. While this is an impressive score, Vogt still trails this woman in the hotly contest sport of cavity smuggling.

Mustaches On The Moon

Apparently Earth isn’t the only place where it’s cool to have a mustache. It seems the moon has been working on perfecting its facial landscape. To stache or not to stache? That is the question.

Sesame Street Spoofs Twin Peaks

You have no idea how thrilled I am to have proof I didn't hallucinate this from my childhood. "Darn fine story, darn fine actor. Darn fine pie."

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