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March 27, 2011

Cat With Laser Eyes


Tsunami Destroys The City Of Kesennuma

Another completely surreal video of the tsunami from Japan.

Painting For Pets

These paint kits, entitled Pup-casso and Kitty-casso, feature some damn adorable packaging. Turn your pet into a pretentious artiste and get the kits here.

The Cast Of Boy Meets World Discuss Rebecca Black Ripping Off Their Intro

The cast of Boy Meets World on Twitter is the best thing to happen to Twitter since Amanda Bynes rejoined.

Heather Vaughn Morris Hot Pictures

A gallery of sexy images of model Heather Vaughn Morris.

Smooth Groove: A Technological Breakthrough In Cameltoe Prevention

A British woman invented a small piece of plastic that goes into your underwear that serves as a cameltoe guard.

Absolute Best Reason To Save Energy

Well played, hippies.

Captain Fluffy T. McPawzington

Hey girl, I heard you've lost that lovin' feeling. Maybe I can help you find it? I love you, Maverick.

The Burger King Of Kings

"He died so you could have it your way."

Padded Bras For Seven-Year-Olds

Abercrombie & Fitch is now selling padded bikini tops for young girls.

4 Most Disgusting Spring Cleaning Jobs

Spring cleaning's no easy task, especially on Mount Everest.

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