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March 23, 2011


Probably actually is as fun as it sounds.

Flippity flop.

No one, including Kirstie Alley, knew just how good the actress would be before she hit the ballroom floor Monday night on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Ke$ha parodies never get old.

It's interrogation time...

Not very many religious organizations go out of their way to promote UFOs as real and as a sign of Judgment Day. Well, here come the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan on the UFO bandwagon.

Hiding what the movie is about often goes hand in hand with getting people to see it.

Today, we are all Ghanaian.

Happy teen family!

I respectfully suggest you find your own damn steak, sir. Looks like I'll be eating ramen for dinner again.

According to the poster of the image, their friend was almost arrested for taking this photo. It's pretty remarkable that they weren't.

For shame, spell-checker.


Kim Kardashian has some truly talented and creative fans. Especially Ian Michael Starks.

The first images of the remaining employees at Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, dubbed "The Fukushima 50," as they expose themselves to dangerous levels of radiation in a desperate attempt to prevent a full nuclear meltdown. These photos were released by Tokyo Electric Power Co., showing the employees as they scramble to return power to the failing nuclear reactors. The whole world is rooting for them.

Guys, this isn't funny. The potato MUST STAY THERE.

Yogurt & Mint? No. Sesame Chicken? YES PLEASE.

Or "Baby Ts," if you will. Which you shouldn't. And, yes, a few of these are toddlers. Toddlers in baby lists, like oats in Taco Bell "beef," are extenders.

It's rare to see such a cordial letter these days.

What’s a Stormtrooper do when the Galactic Empire is at peace (or on Spring Break)?

"I wanted to be the very best, but sometimes being the very best, is being the worst."

Exhibiting shades of Serene Branson, Toronto reporter Mark McAllister suffered what was later described as a "medical issue" and started speaking nonsense on live television. Thankfully, he tweeted that he's now doing fine.

Jesus Christ. What IS THIS?!

Okay, technically it's a chinchilla. From Adult Swim's 12-Oz Mouse, prepare to have your socks rocked off.

According to TPM, the new line from conservatives who are terrified that Palin will embarrass everyone by running for President (but even more frightened of incurring her displeasure) is that the Presidency would be a step down for her. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.


Rebecca Black, the 13-year old from California that scored a viral hit with her song and video 'Friday,' has endured quite a bit of abuse

No, not Tiger Woods. These are from a photo shoot in which Kim posed with a live tiger, an experience which she described as "freakkkky." Both she and the tiger seem nonplussed.

Should...should we be seeing this?

Jumping on the bed has always been kids’ greatest pastime. Now it's become an art form all its own.

This is my favorite Liz Taylor video.

I can't pretend. This is pretty horrible.

Well played, Mr. Takei. Very well played.

This terrifying beast of the hurrassic period was recently discovered in a remote region of the internet.

A necessary addition to bar profiles.

Health care and long-term care needs are expected by many, but often underestimated given their exponentially rising costs.

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