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March 4, 2011

Chinese Cleavage Clamp Commercial

A hypnotic Chinese ad for some sort of boob-smooshing corset device. We now have a smutty infomercial gap with China. I don't have any idea what they're saying in this commercial. Quite frankly, I don't really care.

This Cat Is A Card Shark

His card catching skills got him banned from Vegas.

Pokemon Her All Night Long

Or let her battle against the girl in the Magic Card dress?

Green Vehicles

I'd love to hear the debate over this parking ticket. But seriously, what a literal-minded jerk.

15 Vintage Products That Are Trying To Kill You

Pro-Tip: It's hard to create brand loyalty when your customers keep dying. It's hard to believe some of things people use to pay to subject themselves to.

The Best of Femen (NSFW)

A feminist political activism organization in the Ukraine, Femen stages street protests against everything from sex tourism to Silvio Berlusconi. These protests are almost always topless. Solidarity. Get these ladies to Wisconsin!

Confusing Girl Scouts Billboard

That can't be right?

Sugar, Sugar (Game Battle)

Here is a fun little physics game involving sugar. Use your skillz to get the sugar into the cup!

How To Correctly Pronounce "Gif"

My life is different now.

Automatic Tattoo Machine

But I'm not Catholic! Well, you are now. Created by Chris Eckert, this robotic machine will use divine will randomly assign users a religious symbol to proudly display for the rest of their lives.

Famous Objects From Classic Movies (Game Battle)

Combining movie trivia and Hangman, this game is sure to destroy what little productivity you may have contributed today. Just click on the top from "Inception" to start playing. Consider the gauntlet thrown in our Friday Game Battle!

Robot Cell Phone Just Wants To Love You

And creep you the hell out. This is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted a new Android phone.

"LoveGame" ASL Music Video

I'm pretty sure this is the greatest sign language music video ever made.

Harry Potter Facts In The Style Of The Daily Prophet

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

20 Incredible HDR Photographs

HDR photography is nothing less than amazing. Take a look for yourself at some regular photos transformed into unreal landscapes using this awesome technique.

Charlie Sheen Vs. Roger Ebert

Amazing comeback.


Another awesome street flier. Street fliers are the new Amazon reviews.

Zombie Mario

Mario and Luigi return from the grave and return to their old plumbing business. And it's available in shirt form!

Ghosts Of Sitcoms Past

The gang’s all here! The characters that haunted your television screens for years have now reunited in this epic illustration by Kagan McLeod. How many characters can you find? My eyes make a bee-line straight to Urkel. If you give up, the key is here.

Missing: One '80s Pop Star

Oh Lionel Richie, it's always you we're looking for.

The Charlie Sheen Song

I'd managed to avoided all the recent Charlie Sheen "news", but then a ginger got involved. I think these are quotes from his crazy rants, but really I have no idea. I just watched it for the ginger.

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