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March 19, 2011

Kate Middleton’s Sheer Student Fashion Show Dress

It was the dress that made Prince William notice Kate Middleton.

United States Strikes Libya

The United States, in concert with European air strikes, launched missiles into Libya today in an effort to enforce the United Nations no-fly zone and protect civilians from the regime of Muammar Gadaffi. Here is President Obama's statement on the strikes, codenamed Operation Odyssey Dawn.

Tweet Of The Day

Tweet describes pets perfectly. For all the ladies here.

Fighter Jet Shot Down Over Libya

Sky News has amazing footage of a fighter jet shot down over Benghazi, Libya, earlier this morning.The jet is thought to have been one of Khadaffi's, flying over Benghazi in a clear contravention of the declared ceasefire and the UN air strike threat. As of this afternoon, French jet planes are in the skies above Libya, preventing Khadaffi from attacking his own people. (Click through for footage of the crash.)

First Person Mario

What if Mario Bros. was a shooter? Neat stuff from the NeatoShop: Love is Complicated I Heart Horror Red Spartan - Halo Mimobot (2GB) …

Ryan Phillippe: I Was Definitely A Mama's Boy

The Lincoln Lawyer star reminisces about spending quality time with his mom and admits he loves playing the bad guy.

Performance Review Fail

The person who typed up this performance review form is either a dumb-ass or a smart-ass. Either way, they're an ass.

Something Magnificent In Space

It doesn't matter who/what that thing is, I just want it to appear in an episode of Doctor Who.

Charlie The Unicorn

Someone put a lot of effort into making this, which is sad. I in turn posted it, which is even sadder.

This Is The Most Amazing Picture I Have Ever Seen

Rat tail. Spandex pants. Muscle shirt. Ballet slippers. This kid is my hero.

The Worst Metal Band Ever Rocks An Elementary School

Watch these guys rock the FACES off a crowd of young children. Sidenote: can someone tell me what happened to UFO pants?

Jockey "StayCool" Underwear

Keep your nethers nice and cold.

14 Taxi Drivers With Unfortunate Names

And you thought ending up with a name like "Apple" was bad. Just take a taxi ride!

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