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March 19, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn is the name of the U.S. mission in Libya, which will consist of firing missiles from ships, but not from U.S. aircraft, according to MSNBC.

Nice one, Apple.

There are lots of surprising things about Billy Corgan, apparently.

The world embraced Knut as our own after his mother rejected him shortly after birth.

It was the dress that made Prince William notice Kate Middleton.

Tonight?s full moon won't just be a regular full moon -- get ready for a supermoon. The moon will be at its closest approach to Earth in 18 years. But will it have any negative effects on our planet?

Life lessons from the world's greatest cartoon coyote.

Has the law school bubble finally burst?

You might have tried color-changing “mood” nail polish before, but I bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this....

Elin Nordegren has figured out what to do with her divorce settlement.

"Jerry Maguire" star Renée Zellweger has ended her storybook romance with Bradley Cooper, star of "The Hangover," after less than two years, writes Us magazine.

Sad. :(

Tweet describes pets perfectly. For all the ladies here.

Jets from an international force launched missions over Libya on Saturday, hours after Moammar Gadhafi dispatched troops, tanks and warplanes to the heart of the 5-week-old uprising against his rule.

Seems like a reasonable response.

He chose the annoying one.

Sky News has amazing footage of a fighter jet shot down over Benghazi, Libya, earlier this morning.The jet is thought to have been one of Khadaffi's, flying over Benghazi in a clear contravention of the declared ceasefire and the UN air strike threat. As of this afternoon, French jet planes are in the skies above Libya, preventing Khadaffi from attacking his own people. (Click through for footage of the crash.)

Warren Christopher dies at 85.

The Fall 2011 trend report from New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Hangover-themed books for drunks like you.

University of New Hampshire football player Todd Walker was shot and killed on Boulder's University Hill in Colorado on Friday, according to WMUR New Hampshire.

Moammar Gadhafi took advantage of international indecision to attack the heart of the 5-week-old uprising on Saturday, sending troops, tanks and warplanes to swarm the first city seized by the rebels.

What if Mario Bros. was a shooter? Neat stuff from the NeatoShop: Love is Complicated I Heart Horror Red Spartan - Halo Mimobot (2GB) …

British actress Kelly Brook is preggo. "Who is British actress Kelly Brook?" Did you watch Piranha 3D, or what?

Oh, the horror.

A supermoon is a new or full moon that happens to coincide with a close approach of the moon to the earth.

Yay, bags!

The Lincoln Lawyer star reminisces about spending quality time with his mom and admits he loves playing the bad guy.

More than you think.

I can die happy.

The person who typed up this performance review form is either a dumb-ass or a smart-ass. Either way, they're an ass.

Katherine Heigl soaks up the sun as she vacations on the beach on Friday (March 18) in Miami, Florida.

It doesn't matter who/what that thing is, I just want it to appear in an episode of Doctor Who.

Someone put a lot of effort into making this, which is sad. I in turn posted it, which is even sadder.

Rat tail. Spandex pants. Muscle shirt. Ballet slippers. This kid is my hero.

Watch these guys rock the FACES off a crowd of young children. Sidenote: can someone tell me what happened to UFO pants?

Thanks, Ann!

Apparently she went to the beach or something.

This girl came to my party once. Within five minutes everyone was naked and there was a zebra trapped in my shed.

Keep your nethers nice and cold.

And you thought ending up with a name like "Apple" was bad. Just take a taxi ride!

Our friend Thierry "Scooter" Nguyen over at 1UP had a chance to talk to Silicon Knights about Aimi and X-Men Destiny.

A young, pretty girl with a long black braid and a beatific smile steps onto Spring Street as if she’s just been blessed by the pope himself.

Karen Rodriguez was sent home Thursday night on American Idol after performing “Love Will Lead You Back” on Wednesday night. Take a look back on her emotional journey on American Idol.

Not only did Rebecca Black have the opportunity to defend her song “Friday” on Good Morning America this morning, but she also got the chance to ask Justin Bieber a question.

"Twilight" star Ashley Greene, 24, and singer Joe Jonas, 21, have split, according to their reps and The couple had been dating since last summer.

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