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March 18, 2011

Fake Trees Breath Real CO2

So pretty. When Boston asked for designs that could bring the benefits of real trees to the inner city without all the soil and water and waiting, a Parisian group came up with these Treepods.

Every Mission To Mars Ever

A beautiful infographic detailing the results of every Mars mission ever attempted. We're getting there! (Click through for larger.)

Bleeding Superheroes

The artist known as Boneface did a series of illustrations with effed up and vibrantly bleeding superheroes. There's something strangely gratifying about seeing Robin with his ass beat.

What Does A Bear Using A Urinal Have To Do With A Wetsuit?

That's not the set up to a joke, but a legitimate question regarding an eBay auction for a used wetsuit. The listing for the wetsuit prominently and curiously displayed a picture of a bear using a urinal. The eBay auctioneer explained himself thusly...

Agencia Loco

A telenovela about a dysfunctional advertising agency, revolving around a plucky junior copywriter in a wheelchair and the raging executive who accuses her of stealing bananas. This is, of course, not a real show. But after lines like "You think you're so cool with your fixie wheelchair," you wish to God that it was.

20 Hamsters At Capacity

For such small critters, their cheeks have a pretty high capacity for storage. Honestly, it’s a miracle they can unpack everything they've put in.

Jersey Shore Trap

An equal and opposite reaction to the Hipster Trap. Spotted outside of a New York City bar, this spring-loaded snare contains Drakkar Noir cologne, bronzer, a schedule for the Long Island Railroad, PATH tickets, hair gel and a gold chain. If she were caught in one, Snooki would gnaw her own leg off.

Ex-Gay iPhone App

Exodus International, a Christian ministry that specializes in helping people "leave homosexuality" to become "former homosexuals," has an iPhone application available for download in Apple's App Store. Ugh. There's an app for that. No word yet from Apple on why this doesn't violate their ban on apps that "contain hateful/violent/offensive content."

Written Portraits

Obligatory Facebook joke goes here. For the annual Dutch Book Week, artist Souverein crafted the faces behind famous biographies. Each bust was created using actual pages from the book about their subject.

The Rebecca Effect

Starting now, Thursday was not yesterday and tomorrow is not Saturday. Party's over. Turn off the lights. Management has changed the days of the week, so this has run its course. Go home people, go home.

Rebecca Black Cereal

If Kellog's were smart, they'd actually make this. Friday-Os? Black Loops? Arkle Jacks? If you've mercifully been spared the context, but would like know what the hell this is about, listen at your own peril.

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