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March 12, 2011

Fukushima Residents Test Positive For Radiation Poisoning

Government officials have started handing out iodine pills to combat the radiation.

SXSW Circa 1850

Looks like it was a fucking blast!!!

Adele Vs Gnarls Barkley - Crazy In The Deep

This is a fantastic mashup.

What Are You Doing For Spring Break?

In his defense, I "heard" they have a pretty good happy hour.

Woman Goes To Court With A Monkey In Her Bra

In Virginia a woman with a small monkey that "requires constant attention" went to court with the monkey hidden in here bra. “I can’t understand why the deputy didn’t see her — she was peeking out." Real classy.

Tour Bus Accident Claims 13 Lives

Tragedy in the Bronx this morning.

How Much Money Oprah Makes A Year

A breakdown of Oprah's yearly earnings.

Charlie Sheen Not Dead, but Virus Spreads on Facebook

Be careful. A virus is spreading rapidly, primarily through Facebook, claiming that Charlie Sheen is dead.

Snow Dog Portrait

The likeness is uncanny! Too bad this only works with certain breeds.

I Would Like To See You Naked

NSFW, just to be safe. Here's a very short film about what we all think but are usually too chicken to say.

Penguin's Leap Of Faith

Okay, so penguins can't fly. They're still 20% more rad than most birds. Get ready to stand up and cheer, people.

Pyro Dog

This dog really enjoys leaping over an open flame. Note: anyone who allows their dog to do this should be punched in the face repeatedly.

If This Is the iPhone 5 Design, Apple’s Pretty Much Mailing It in

I'm not really buying this whole story, but apparently a Chinese gadget blog got its hands on "mold engineering drawings" of the next iPhone. Why are these supposed drawings floating around?

Coping with Daylight Saving

While people groan and mumble about lost sleep with the "spring forward" of daylight saving time, there can be even harsher effects, U.S. researchers say.

“You Motorboatin’ Son of a Bitch”

Wedding Crashers was a bittersweet moment in history for a lotta dudes. It made weddings exciting again, but it also made them a MAJOR disappointment.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

A deadly 8.9 earthquake struck Japan, one of the largest earthquakes in the history of Japan. A massive 23-foot tsunami also hit the coast killing hundreds, leveling homes, and sweeping away cars and boats.

Wisconsin Poll: Republican Enthusiasm Gap Vanishes

The poll released this past weekend by a conservative Wisconsin think tank did more than indicate a preference for compromise among Wisconsin adults. It also includes evidence that the enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans in Wisconsin in 2010 has vanished.

Maru Is OK

Many who are shocked and saddened by the devastation in Japan don’t know anyone in the country. But we all know Maru. Tags: Cat, earthquake, japan, Maru, Tsunami …

Stan Lee Reveals Which Marvel Superhero Has the Best Penis

Stan Lee gave a decidedly Stan Lee-esque interview to Vanity Fair, and as you’d expect, it’s a goldmine of inimitable Stan Lee magic. Stuff like jokingly sharing how he asks his wife for lunch—“By the shades of the shadowy Serapeum, will you please make me a sandwich?!

11 Animals Posing for Pictures from Look What I Found

Alright animals, no need to mug for the camera. Showoffs.

Power Ranking Every Helmet in the NFL

Super Bowls, division championships and statistical records are nice. But what's really important in the NFL? That's right: helmet bragging rights.

Rachel Wade Convicted in Love Triangle Stabbing Blames Social Media

Rachel Wade, a young woman who is serving a 27-year prison sentence for the murder of her romantic rival, claims social media fueled the violent love triangle.

‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack’s Final 2: Chantal O’Brien v. Emily Maynard!

Surely, Brad picks Emily.You can see the love for her in his eyes. And I truly think that Emily loves him. I think if she didn’t love him she wouldn’t have told him so . And Brad surely wouldn’t hurt her and Emilys little girl.

British Dentist Matthew Walton Suspended for Farting and Belching on Job

A British dentist is in hot water after farting and belching in front of his patients.

Watch a Taco Store Fight Remixed, Street Fighter-Style

Surveillance tape of a taco-shop brawl at Tacos del Rio in Eastvale, California ended up online, and naturally someone decided to remix it using the music and sound effects from the classic Street Fighter II video game.

Exploring the Warped World of 1-800 Flowers

If you’re a person who likes fresh flowers, one of the best things about living in New York is that they’re readily available in most corner delis. This might explain why before today we’ve never ventured on to the 1-800 Flowers website.

Chuck Norris Turns 71 in Human Years, 21 in Chuck Norris Years

The man, the myth and the legend turns 71 years young Thursday. The martial artist and Walker, Texas Ranger star is also known for inspiring the Internet meme Chuck Norris Facts.

All Clear Declared in Hawaii after Tsunami

Officials declared the all clear Friday morning in Hawaii after tsunami waves generated by a massive earthquake in Japan hit the islands overnight.

Johnny Knoxville to Play Lead Stooge?

The last we heard from Peter and Bobby Farrelly, they were very excited to begin production on their new version of The Three Stooges, as they were completing their recent âeoemehâe-fort, Hall Pass. Bobby was raving to the Boston Herald that Sean P…

Tony Danza Files for Divorce after 24 Years

Tony Danza has filed for divorce from his wife, Tracy Robinson, after 24 years of marriage.

Mike Starr, Alice in Chains Bassist, Dies at 44

Mike Starr, the original bassist for Alice in Chains, has died. The police found him in his home in Salt Lake City but were unable to confirm the cause of death. He was 44.

Charlie Sheen’s (Sexy?) Comic Book Cover

Charlie Sheen doesn't look a day older than his 24-year-old goddesses on the cover of the new Bluewater comic book.

Nickelodeon Bringing Back ’90S Shows This Fall!

Twentysomethings probably already spend some late nights searching for old videos of their favorite childhood shows on the Web, but they won’t have to search any longer. TeenNick will be airing old ’90s shows like Clarissa Explains It All starting this fall!

Casey Abrams Tweets Support from Hospital to Tsunami Victims in Japan

Casey Abrams is still recovering in the hospital after the American Idol contestant received a blood transfusion, but Casey is busy Tweeting his prayers to the tsunami victims in Japan.

Maccabeats Sing the Story of Purim to the Tune of Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'

With the Jewish festival of Purim coming up later this month, Yeshiva University a cappella group The Maccabeats have released a Purim song to the tune of Pink's pop hit "Raise Your Glass." Unlike many other spoof video creators, these guys can actu…

Source: Pete Wentz "Shocked" by Ashlee's PDA with His Pal

Rocker Craig Owens, whom Wentz helped discover, has been "comforting" Ashlee during her "difficult" split, a pal says.

Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake Pack on PDA Weeks before Split - Healthy Lifestyle

Just weeks before their March 10 split, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake looked very much in love.

Photos - Justin and Jessica through the Years - August 2007

One month after Timberlake split with Cameron Diaz, the Knight and Day star went on a 45-minute tirade when she ran into him and Biel a Golden Globes bash.

Hollywood's Biggest Bad Boys - Alex Pettyfer

After his I Am Number Four costar Dianna Agron moved out of their shared pad in February 2011, Pettyfer became "a psycho loose cannon."

How the Human Penis Lost Its Spines

You may have noticed that the human penis lacks spines protruding from the surface. This is in contrast to many animals, including other primates such as chimpanzees, which use the spines for sexual competition.

Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Jon Cryer and Others, Could Be Giving Last Interviews

Is Charlie Sheen slowing down? The former Two and a Half Men star has been apologizing in his latest radio interviews - which could be his last, as well!

'Charlie Sheen's Winningest Moments' Premieres on Spike TV Tonight

Spike TV will be airing a special tonight at 10:30 PM titled "Charlie Sheen's Winningest Moments." The special will be animated in the style of the infamous Taiwanese newscasts. Watch a preview below.

Joe Jonas Parties at the Club Sans Girlfriend Ashley Greene

Just because his girlfriend Ashley Greene is away filming in Vancouver doesn’t mean that Joe Jonas should sit home alone. The handsome Jonas Brothers frontman was all smiles as he left the Trousdale nightclub in West Hollywood with a male friend.

The Birth of Control-Alt-Delete, How to Fix iOS 4.3 iTunes Syncing Issues

Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.

Why You Should Think Twice about Buying an iPad 2

Today the iPad 2 goes on sale and, as with most iDevices, there will be a gaggle of geeks lined up outside your local Apple store to snatch it up. It's only a small evolutionary update to the original iPad, but there's no denying its intrigue.

Google Launches Person Finder for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The extent of the damage is still unknown, but people with friends or family in Japan can turn to Google's Person Finder if they're looking for or having information about anyone caught up in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit last night and this morning.

Gallagher Collapses on Stage While Smashing Watermelons

Bitter, hate-filled prop comic Gallagher was hospitalized in Minnesota last night after collapsing on stage during a performance at Whiskey Bone’s Roadhouse in Rochester.

BarstoolSports NYC Smokeshow Showdown

The allure behind BarstoolSports‘ smokeshows is they’re all regular girls. Ya know, sometimes you get tired of seeing pros all done up, retouched, and photoshopped after a while. Sometimes you just gotta go with pure, raw amateurs to mix it up.

Mila Kunis on Miu Miu, Black Swan‘s Costume Drama and Her Next Projects

Mila Kunis was a hot ticket at yesterday’s Miu Miu show. She looked stunning considering she had only touched down in Paris five hours prior and told us she was “barely, barely” awake.

Hailee Steinfeld Talks Prada and Personal Style at Miu Miu

PARIS–At Miu Miu’s fall 2011 show this afternoon the label attracted a bevy of A-list starlets to their front row: Mila Kunis, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Lawrence, and reigning new princess of our best dressed lists, Hailee Steinfeld.

Remember Mix Tapes? Check Out This Musician's Awesome Makeout Playlist

Recently, I started on a quest to find some hot new makeout music. I found Milly Beau. And now I’ve discovered Katie Costello, whose new album, Lamplight, is an intimate collection of sultry notes, tender memories and impassioned goodbyes.

Hailee Steinfeld Tries on Some Very Grown-Up Eye Makeup

Academy Award-nominated 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld got rave reviews for her sweet, age-appropriate attire, hair and makeup at the Oscars, but at today's Miu Miu show in Paris, she took a much more daring approach.

Police Raid at Charlie Sheen's House

The LAPD and other law enforcement are converging at Charlie Sheen's house in a pre-planned raid. Sources tell us the LAPD has been conducting an investigation into criminal activity -- possibly drugs or weapons.

Tony Danza Files for Divorce from Tracy Danza

Tony Danza has filed for divorce from his wife of 24 years ... TMZ has learned. Danza cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Tony and Tracy Danza have two daughters, Katherine, 23, and Emily, 17.

Chuck Lorre: Charlie's a Reckless Ranter

Chuck Lorre has just fired back at Charlie Sheen for filing a $100,000,000 lawsuit against him, and it ain't pretty. Lorre's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, tells TMZ, "The allegations in the complaint against Mr. Lorre are as recklessly false."

Jon Cryer Moves Forward with His Life

While Charlie Sheen continues on ranting and raving about his former co-workers, Jon Cryer made constructive use of his time off from "Two and a Half Men" by going to a spa with his wife in L.A. on Wednesday.

Terremoto De 8,9 Y Tsunami En Japón Deja Por Lo Menos 288 Muertes

Terremoto de 8,9 grados en la escala de richter, seguido de tsunami causa destrucción en Japón, y hasta el momento, ya suman 288 muertos, 349 desaparecidos y

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