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March 16, 2011

Barack Obama's NCAA Tournament Bracket

President Obama released his bracket for March Madness. Being a man of great wisdom and almost preternatural intelligence, he chose Kansas to win it all. Ed. Note: The author of this post is an insanely biased KU graduate.

The Best Of Unknowledgable Fashionista

Unknowledgable Fashionista is that girl that thinks she knows everything about fashion but actually know nothing. The image for this meme is taken from MTV's Super Sweet 16 because the people on that show usually know nothing about fashion. ~~~~*****~~~~~~~*****~~~~~~~~*****~~~~*****~~~~ *****~~~~

20 Truly Bizarre Books On Amazon

Ever wonder how to make your own coffin? There’s a book for that, and many other subjects that will have you shaking your head. Here are 20 truly asinine books that are lucky they found a publisher.

Manatee Faceplant Remix

Lumbering manatee smooshing his face into plate glass, now with a techno soundtrack. If only the manatee had glow sticks in its flippers.

Hi-Res Video Of Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft recorded thousands of images as it approached Saturn in 2004 and thousands more since entering orbit.

World's Greatest Jacket

Custom-made. Documentation of Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA required as a deposit before any order is processed.

This Is How You Stack Wood

Cutting and stacking wood is a big enough pain in the ass as it is. Artist Alastair Heseltine has taken that task to the extreme by making his wood piles into sculptures. Check out the artist's site for more of his amazing work.

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