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March 16, 2011

Emily Maynard’s Seeing Ex-Boyfriend behind ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack’s Back?

Emily Maynard has told Bachelor Brad Womack that she’s not ready to get married. Could it be because she’s dating another man behind Brad’s back? According to In Touch, Emily has been seeing her ex-boyfriend.

Need More Air? Artificial Trees to Convert Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen

Are you getting enough air? If not, you might want to spend time sitting under a newly designed artificial tree that converts carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday”: Best YouTube Cover Videos (and No, Bob Dylan Didn’t Write It)

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has racked up millions of views on YouTube, but the reviews are not all positive. Some are calling the 13-year-old signed singer “the Next Justin Bieber” (a blasphemous phrase to many Beliebers) for her catchy ditty and pop vocals, while others hail “Friday” as the “worst song ever.”

Well, This Might Just Be the World's Most Perfect Lipstick

Her Cuteness Zoe Saldana has outdone herself again. Check out the mesmerizing shade of bright lipstick she wore over the weekend.

Charlie Sheen's Runaway "Goddess" Returns

At the moment, it looks like Charlie Sheen is... not losing. (Don't make us say it, please.) The former Two and a Half Men actor is selling out his live tour, launched a line of merchandise, and has reunited with the girlfriend (or "goddess") who was rumored to have left him.

Kelly Bensimon Is in a Bikini

Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon pranced around Miami beach this weekend in a bikini, showing off her ripped out body, and anyone who says they wouldn’t tap that just because she’s 42 is either gay or a liar or a gay liar.

Home Business Ideas - Money Making Tips

Find out what a direct selling business is and how to launch a side career through one. Plus, learn about nine popular companies that let you host parties at home selling jewelry, kitchen tools, candles and more at

Rebecca Black: “Forget Bieber Fever, I’ve Got the Black Plague”

Internet sensation Rebecca Black launched to stardom after a video of her debut single “Friday” went viral on YouTube. Some are likening the 13-year-old singer to singing sensation Justin Bieber for her pop sound, while others are dubbing her ditty “the worst song ever.”

When Tectonic Plates Shift, Does GPS Still Work?

What does Japan's earthquake mean for GPS? Friday's 9.0-magnitude earthquake was so powerful that it actually widened Japan. While parts of the country barely moved, other regions are now 13 feet closer to the United States.

Liam Hemsworth Caught Hooking up with Amanda Bynes!

The hunky Australian actor was spotted snuggling up with the former Nickelodeon star at the Trousdale nightclub in West Hollywood, California. In a pair of photos posted on OceanUp, Liam is seen taking photos of Amanda in a sexy black dress.

Barack Obama's NCAA Tournament Bracket

President Obama released his bracket for March Madness. Being a man of great wisdom and almost preternatural intelligence, he chose Kansas to win it all. Ed. Note: The author of this post is an insanely biased KU graduate.

The Best Of Unknowledgable Fashionista

Unknowledgable Fashionista is that girl that thinks she knows everything about fashion but actually know nothing. The image for this meme is taken from MTV's Super Sweet 16 because the people on that show usually know nothing about fashion. ~~~~*****~~~~~~~*****~~~~~~~~*****~~~~*****~~~~ *****~~~~

Say Hello To The New Plastic

It's made from 100% biodegradable plant products.

The 10 Best Reviews Of Rebecca Black's "Friday" On iTunes

ATTENTION! If you didn't already know, "Friday" is on iTunes! It's currently in the #82 position, so please buy it! If you aren't sure if you want to buy it, check out these reviews.

If You Watch It Backwards

A site devoted to reconstructing plots through rewind. So, technically, spoiler alert. Much more over at If You Watch It Backwards.

20 Truly Bizarre Books On Amazon

Ever wonder how to make your own coffin? There’s a book for that, and many other subjects that will have you shaking your head. Here are 20 truly asinine books that are lucky they found a publisher.

The Simpsons Medley

The Simpsons has had some pretty good musical moments.

George Takei Is Sinning Tomorrow

George Takei is the best.

Creepy Statue At Japan's Nuclear Power Plant

A statue of children dancing on an atom in front of the Fukushima Daini power plant, site of Japan's steadily worsening nuclear crisis. Now a tragic, ironic symbol.

Manatee Faceplant Remix

Lumbering manatee smooshing his face into plate glass, now with a techno soundtrack. If only the manatee had glow sticks in its flippers.

5 Jokes Comedy Central Cut From The Situation's Roast

Apparently the Situation's roast was so bad that Comedy Central had to cut some of his jokes. The Snoop Dogg slave one is pretty nuts. Yiiiiiiiikes.

Soccer Ball Firing Squad

It doesn't go according to plan. Life is full of happy accidents.

Mrs. Chiggers

You are not getting any sleep tonight.

The World's Greatest Extra

This man is Hollywood's unsung hero.

Japan Has Rebuilding Under Way

It only took them three days to fix this?

Tsunami & Quake Relief Stormtrooper Poster

100% of all proceeds go the Red Cross/Red Crescent. Half will go to the Christchurch Relief and the other half will go to the Japan Tsunami.

Baby Terrified Of Toy Story Toy

This kid is a masochist.

World's Most Expensive Dog

That golden red fur better be because they sprayed him with gold.

Lady Macbeth In Sassy Gay Friend

New Sassy Gay Friend already?

Social Media Explained

We live in a brave new world. Of peeing.

‘Bless You,’ A Christian Take On Cee Lo Green’s ‘F**k You’

Bless you!!! and your family too!! Hooo! Hooo! Hooo!! - YouTube commentator, PRAYERWARRIORKING.

Pete Wentz On Ashlee Simpson Split

Aw. Now they're best friends.

Mom Learns A New Emoticon

Get with the program, mom. Or maybe you should stop being so damn nosy!

The Situation BOMBING At The Donald Trump Roast

He starts off okay, but things get really painful fast.

Ching Chong Means I Love You

And ling long means, "I really want you!"

Hi-Res Video Of Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft recorded thousands of images as it approached Saturn in 2004 and thousands more since entering orbit.

Cat Plays Fetch With A Baby

Cats know it's best to start training humans while we're still young and impressionable.

The Great Pony Rebellion

And it came to pass that the four most powerful Clans did agitate amongst themselves, and ye: the Time of Bronies was upon them. The Great Pony Rebellion, as envisioned by artist Jacob Borshard.

World's Greatest Jacket

Custom-made. Documentation of Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA required as a deposit before any order is processed.

This Is How You Stack Wood

Cutting and stacking wood is a big enough pain in the ass as it is. Artist Alastair Heseltine has taken that task to the extreme by making his wood piles into sculptures. Check out the artist's site for more of his amazing work.

Antonyms Pop Quiz

Q: What is the opposite of "pro"? A: Depends on if you're l33t or not.

United Church Of Derp

If this congregation actually existed, I would be there right now helping serve the Kool-Aid.

Bowl Of Baby Turtles

Or is it a bowl of baby ninja turtles?

How To Pack A Cat

This cat appears dangerously unamused at the prospect of becoming carry-on luggage.

Murder, She Wrote Boardgame

Jessica Fletcher was one crafty lady. "Family bonding time" just got a little more dangerous.

Basset Hounds Running

Yup, this is the best thing you'll see all day.

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