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March 9, 2011

Is this man an urban folk hero or a feces-flinging psychopath? You be the adjudicator! Always pick up after your dog. Or else.

Well, the Wicked Witch of the West dancing on a stripper pole is an image that is now seared in my brain.

Do you know where your cockroaches are? Not only will you know where to locate them, you can now have control over where they go. Sound 2050ish – NOT! So this is a DIY kit that turns an average cockroach into a remote control toy. Take a look!

Best Tumblr I've seen today. Eric Wedum doesn't like to read the news. But he does enjoy drawing crazy images that news headlines conjure.

Am I turned on or disturbed? Wait, haven't we been here before? (Link NSFW) J. Scott Campbell returns to make us all uncomfortably attracted to ink and paint.

Pokemon Black and White was released this week! I'm totally excited to play, but I think Nintendo forgot a very important Pokemon- the Ribbon Seal! They're appropriately colored black and white! Alright, Nintendo, I'm waiting. I expect a ribbon seal in my game soon.

Warning: List best viewed while wearing a top hat and monocle. Before there was "NO U", the world crafted insults like fine wine.

A brilliant short film directed by Jean-Baptiste De Laubier. Produced by Sixpack France.

With the royal wedding only a few months away, it’s time to load up on all the creepy memorabilia you can get your hands on. If you’re feeling generous, these creepy souvenirs can also make great gifts for friends and family! (And if you're feeling cheap, there's probably a black market.)

"We will meet again at the appointed time, when both day and night are in balance." Start marking off the days till the equinox, people.

Right up there with discovering you can type "boobs" on a calculator. Cannot be unseen. Today's episode of BuzzFeed is brought to you by the letter "b" (because it looks like a side boob and we are adults).

From Shakespeare to Vonnegut, these tattoos are classic to the bone.

Subway has officially passed McDonalds as the world’s largest fast food chain. In 2010, Subway had 33,749 restaurants open in 95 countries! Amazing. So, here's a look at some of their stores and menus worldwide. Surprisingly, Iraq has the coolest Subways.

Kids grow up into torturers so fast these days.

Warning: Unforeseen consequences ahead.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s extreme shutter speed photography. There’s no surprise here. Photographers will do anything for the WOW factor. But shoot bullets through products? … A bit extreme, I’d say. Take a look … the breathtaking and spectacular results say it all!

Howsoever did the police identify their suspect? He almost got away, and not to split hairs, but It was a close shave. Barf.

#changelovetolubesongs is currently a trending topic on Twitter. It is probably the dumbest Twitter hashtag game ever. I kind of love it.

Why rofl when you can lmposvmcfoaismt? You stay classy, Tumblr.

Clever knitting patterns are showing upeverywhere. $10 to whoever can find the pattern for this hat and teach me how to knit it. Better yet, $20 to whoever just knits the hat for me.

The most awesome thing ever sold in Kroger Supermarket's history. Fact.

A sexually explicit ditty spliced into footage of a children's concert then broadcast over YouTube will be sending an aspiring singing star to jail.

It was everywhere, and Lola figured there was no harm in trying it once. Little did she know how quickly things would spiral out of control.

Fully working semi-automatic pistol made out of Lego's. While it shoots rubber-bands instead of bullets, you could still put an eye out with that thing.

Bill Hammack, the Engineer Guy, explains how a smoke detector works. He does not explain how to stop my dog from freaking out when it goes off, though.

Ruin photos like never before.

Artist Ward Shelley's chart illustrating the history of science fiction is astounding in detail and scope. This is only a tiny section, so check out the link for the full-sized image.

A giant ant colony is pumped full of concrete, then excavated to reveal the complexity of its inner structure. I will never complain about a few sugar ants again.

OFWGKTA mash-up, featuring the Neutral Milk Hotel song "King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1". Hipsters (and those with good musical taste) rejoice!

A mash-up track featuring Neutral Milk Hotel, a favorite amongst hipsters, vs Tyler, The Creator. Hipster, hipster, hipster.

Miley Cyrus exits the official Saturday Night Live after-party held at Asia de Cuba in the Murray Hill neighborhood on New York City on Saturday night (March 5).

As if we weren't already jealous enough of Hollywood stunner Megan Fox, now comes news that thinks she's too thin and has trouble gaining weight.

The infamous Lorene Herrera Playboy Mexico 2011 spread is FINALLY here.

Justin Bieber has been taking his relationship with Selena Gomez public, but slowly. The Biebs is keeping the PDA to a minimum, but still showing Selena some special attention!

Snake snake snake snake snake snake.

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