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March 28, 2011

Green Machine for Adults

@Johnny Cat - Look up "Huffy Slider". While it may not have the same steering design, I think it is pretty much marketed to this of us who are now adults and still wish we had our Green Machine.

Abraham Linkoln

Artist Joshua Kemble brings us this mashup of Link and Abraham Lincoln. First he saved the Union and then he saved Princess Zelda. Our greatest president since John Q-Bert Adams.

50 Photos Of Baby Snookum Bears

Coatis, also known as Brazilian aardvarks and snookum bears (seriously), are members of the raccoon family who are native to South America. They can also be found in Central America, Mexico and reflected in your ever-widening googly eyes when you see how cute they are as babies.

20 Creative Darth Vader Variants

The creativity is strong in these ones. Being the Dark Lord of the galaxy isn't all force chokes and third degree lava burns. It's also fabulous cosplay costumes.

Kid Gets Mad Air

Caption is NSFW Move over, Evil Knievel. This little girl feels the need for speed.

Tongue-Tied Dog

Photoshopped? Probably. Still gonna show it to everyone at the kennel where I work? Definitely.


A safe sex ad campaign from MTV in the form of comic strips that detail improbable intercourse scenarios, with the tagline "Sex is no accident." If Rube Goldberg did cartoons for Penthouse.

Being A Man In Victoria's Secret

A graph illustrating the perils of being a man who accompanies his girlfriend into a Victoria's Secret. Science. You can't argue with it.

20 Cats In Fights

Sometimes cats have to duke it out to claim what’s rightfully theirs. That’ll teach you to play with MY piece of string.

Mr. Slinky

A guy on the New York City subway loses himself in the hypnotic wonders of a Slinky. This may be the most pleasant subway video we have ever posted.

20 Cats In Flight

Some cats walk, but others fly! Here are some kitties who know that the ground isn’t always the best way to travel.


In the same vein as Garfield Minus Garfield, a Tumblr that accentuates the existential ennui of Charles Schulz's Peanuts by lopping off the last panel of the comic strip. As though Charlie Brown and Snoopy were cast in a Godard film. Much more over at 3eanuts.

Cobra Escapes Bronx Zoo

A 20-inch Egyptian cobra escaped from its enclosure in the reptile house of the Bronx Zoo, and people (specifically the media) are flipping the eff out. Its venom can kill an elephant. Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your elephants.

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