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March 28, 2011

Abraham Linkoln

Artist Joshua Kemble brings us this mashup of Link and Abraham Lincoln. First he saved the Union and then he saved Princess Zelda. Our greatest president since John Q-Bert Adams.

Guilty Truck

First there was the Guilty Dog. Now we have a Guilty Truck. I love you, internet!

The Cutest Interspecies Animal Friendships

Fuck Yeah, Interspecies Friendships is my new favorite tumblr. These pictures will make your heart melt! If these animals can learn to love each other, then why can't we humans?


Dogboarding is that thing of where you ride your pet dog like a skateboard and do tricks on him or her.

11 Hilarious Swapped Movie Titles

At least this version of Juno would've been more entertaining. Chris Beaumont takes time from making awesome CubeCrafts to give a new spin on popular and/or infamous films.


In the same vein as Garfield Minus Garfield, a Tumblr that accentuates the existential ennui of Charles Schulz's Peanuts by lopping off the last panel of the comic strip. As though Charlie Brown and Snoopy were cast in a Godard film. Much more over at 3eanuts.

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