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March 11, 2011

The Charlie Sheen Winning Game (Game Battle)

It's been a long day of heartbreaking news. Let's unwind with the definition of frivolous: a Charlie Sheen Flash game where you run over pedestrians and prostitutes with a car. Once you power up with tiger blood, you can blow up ambulances. Surprisingly diverting!

What You Should Know About Tsunamis

The 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan triggered tsunamis across Japan and launched warning and watches in Russia, Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Hawaii. Here are some important facts about Tsunamis and how they are formed.

Cactus McCoy (Game Battle)

When a curse turns treasure hunter McCoy into a cactus, it's up to you to help him get back to normal in this side-scrolling platformer.

Time Lapse Video Of The Tsunami Hitting California

The tsunami which devastated Japan reached the shores of the United States this afternoon, thankfully in a much weakened form. Here is time lapse footage a six-foot surge hitting Santa Cruz. Fortunately, nothing more serious than damaged boats have been reported.

12 Of The Worst Earthquakes In History

In chronological order! Today's disaster is merely one of many reminders that Mother Nature only tolerates our presence most of the time. From ancient Greece to modern day Peru, millions have suffered the devastating effects of tectonic shift.

Japan's Strict Building Codes Save Lives

The recent earthquake in Japan is a devastating disaster, but Japan may be one of the most prepared countries to deal with tsunami and earthquakes. A popular tweet that has been going around today is, "The headline you won't see: 'Millions saved in Japan by good engineering and government building codes'." Here are some headlines that prove the contrary.

11 Raw Videos Of Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami

Earthquake and tsunami footage captured on CCTV and cell phones. In the after effects of the massive earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan today, raw video is beginning to pop up to give the world an idea of what is happening. Here are some of those. If you see any more, feel free to post them in the comments.

Tsunami In Northern Japan

A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Northeastern coast of Japan, the largest recorded earthquake in Japan's history. The quake triggered a 13-foot tsunami, caught here on video ripping through a small town in Miyagi Prefecture. No word yet on casualties or the extent of damage. UPDATE: Better quality video now available. Find the latest news on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on our Viral Topic Page.

I Have Sex

Students at Wesleyan University stand up for Planned Parenthood!

If This Is It

A squirrel eating a Ritz cracker, set to the Huey Lewis hit "If This Is It". It is what it is, people.

Labyrinth Lunchbox

In 3rd grade you thought your Transformers lunchbox and thermos made you the raddest kid in school.

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