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March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss Taxidermy

Because what better way to celebrate his birthday than with the dead carcasses of his creations? Buy your own Mulberry Street Unicorn at Dr. Seuss Art.

Fred Phelps Fan Art

The Supreme Court ruled that the anti-gay demonstrations of the Westboro Baptist Church, including picketing military funerals, were protected by the First Amendment. Here are some other folks exercising their First Amendment rights by paying homage to Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps. These are the handful circulating around the internet that aren't X-rated.

Metal Recycling

Recycling is so brutal. It's hard to fit all of Mastodon into that little bin.

The Battleship Drinking Game

There's already been a DIY version, but a Brazilian design student has crafted this stylish Battleship drinking game, complete with radar screen and shot glasses. You drank my battleship!

Joke For All The Liberals

Unions and the Tea Party are all the rage right now. This manages to mock both, and throws in a healthy dose of Anti-Corporate sentiment as well.

Bad But Polite Neighbor

The ongoing debate about gun control and Second Amendment rights just got uglier. Be careful talking politics, you never know how strongly someone might disagree.

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