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March 22, 2011

Took them long enough, didn't it? I already ordered mine.

In a passage that wasn't published in his new book, author and journalist Neil Strauss recounts a run-in he had with Paris Hilton in which she admitted she "can't stand black guys." The whole exchange is pretty jaw-dropping. And if you didn't pick it up from the "Saving Private Ryan" hint, they're talking about Vin Diesel.

An earnest gentleman named Paul is soliciting friends with this lengthy note, slipping it under doors in his apartment building. He likes "whole-body-ball." Is that a euphemism?

Of all the captioned pictures of last week's "super-moon", this is hands down the geekiest.

The boy who went to heaven talks heaven and God with Matt Lauer.

Here is a snail riding a tiny turtle. That is all.

A dedicated crazy person by the name of Kyle McCoy has been recreating the entire hometown of the Simpsons, block by block, with Perler beads. McCoy is on the cusp of finishing and will unveil the 10-foot by 4-foot mini-city on April 2nd.

Shockingly, this computer is not a Mac.

LEGO, Y U NO MAKE SETS? These are awesome but most people aren't talented enough to create epic stained glass art without templates. LEGO is really dropping the ball here.

According to some Christians Judgment Day will happen on May 21st. But if you're Raptured, who will take care of your pets? Thanks to Craigslist, you don't have to worry.

This box contains so many possibilities! Is it a blow-up doll? Is it an actual kitten? I just don't know.

Vengeance. Also, deliciousness.

This is a great opportunity.

He was into rising up against Gadaffi before it was sanctioned by the U.N. The Arab Spring look was all the rage at South By.

This is one sexy supercut.

The fact this man is single is a crime against humanity.

All of your nightmares in one post.

William Shatner turns 80 today. If having the love of the Internet keeps you alive, both he and Betty White will live forever. And what better way to celebrate Shatnerday early then with some of his best YouTube clips?

Because a B-Wing should look like a B-Wing. Over the course of two years, cartoonist Mark Anderson created twenty-six "working" LEGO spaceships. His flickr even has more angles and description for each ship!

The Internet comes full circle.

Guess the ESRB are members of PETZ: People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies. Zombies should be free! Free to roam and eat as nature intended. Not chained up like animals.

In Soviet Russia, TV sitcom laughs at you!

I see your 5-Minute Nutella Mug Cake and raise you a 5-Minute Nutella Turnover.

NSFW If a gentleman ever handed me one of these cards, I would have no choice but to fetch my brother to defend my honor in a duel. After I finished laughing, that is.

Confused about this Libya place that's been in the news, but too lazy to actually research it? Here's a surprisingly informative summation of events, illustrated with meme faces.

Tim-Tams are really tasty cookies. Must be the soylent green filling!

Yet another benefit of social media. Need I say more?

This paper towel dispenser absolutely loves doing its job.

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