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March 22, 2011

Paris Hilton 'Can't Stand Black Guys'

In a passage that wasn't published in his new book, author and journalist Neil Strauss recounts a run-in he had with Paris Hilton in which she admitted she "can't stand black guys." The whole exchange is pretty jaw-dropping. And if you didn't pick it up from the "Saving Private Ryan" hint, they're talking about Vin Diesel.

Project Springfield

A dedicated crazy person by the name of Kyle McCoy has been recreating the entire hometown of the Simpsons, block by block, with Perler beads. McCoy is on the cusp of finishing and will unveil the 10-foot by 4-foot mini-city on April 2nd.

LEGO Spaceship Alphabet

Because a B-Wing should look like a B-Wing. Over the course of two years, cartoonist Mark Anderson created twenty-six "working" LEGO spaceships. His flickr even has more angles and description for each ship!

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