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March 30, 2011

10-Year-Old Covers Adele

Britain's Got Talent singing sensation, Connie Talbot, does a beautiful cover of Adele's "Someone Like You."

20 Animals Wearing Shoes

Never underestimate an animal's fashion sense. You may even catch some wearing Manolo Blahniks. Prepare yourself ... these guys are highly styled.

9 Of The Best Zoo Animal Escapes

Man, this escaped Bronx Zoo cobra really thinks he's hot shit. With a twitter account and everything. But he is just one in a long line of animals that don't find sitting around in cages all day being gawked at by Homo Sapiens to be ideal.

Skeletor Saves

New York's hosting a He-Man themed Charity art show to benefit homeless youth. The pieces range from your standard Mer-Man-as-gay-speedo-model portraiture to the genuinely weird. Maybe Skeletor isn't as bad as we all thought? (Tons more at Skeletor Saves.)

What's That Behind You?

A perfectly awesome photo of a cool shirtless dude is made even more perfectly awesome by what's going on behind him. In photography circles, this is known as "sweet timing, bro."

Musicians By The Numbers

A series of graphs from The Daily that mathematically break down popular musicians into individual components. Did you know Radiohead is 10% back issues of Wired? Or Justin Bieber is 26% completely benign dreaminess? You probably knew the Black Eyed Peas are 17% corporate sponsorships, though.

S Club 7 Reunion

Only like 3 people will care about this, but this is REALLY important news! The singing group/TV sensations, S Club 7, reunited at some play or musical opening. What in the world happened to Paul?!?!?!

25 Interesting US Census Maps And Charts

The ultimate collection of 2010 census maps and charts from around the internet. Enjoy them!

Awesome T-Shirts You Can Buy To Help Support Japan

Help support the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan by buying a nifty tshirt! You can sport a cool design AND help those in need! It's a win/win situation, and dare I say without sounding like old news, a bi-winning situation.

What Celebs Crave When They’re Pregnant

It’s the question I’m sure you all are dying to know. And now, you’ll be sorry you asked.

My High School Boyfriend Was Gay

A new Tumblr blog dedicated to all the ladies out there who had high school boyfriends that turned out to be gay. I'm scouring Webshots for a good submission for myself right now. I'll share when I find a good one.

Living With Chronic Bitchface

Thousands of women suffer from Chronic Bitchface.

Epic Gown Made Out Of Little Golden Books

Designer Ryan Novelline has made fairytale dreams become a reality by sewing a dress completely covered in Little Golden Book covers. I WANT IT!

Star Wars Corgis

Corgis and Han Solo? I don't think the galaxy can handle this.

Bronx Zoo Cobra Panties

The Egyptian cobra that escaped the Bronx Zoo now has its own line of merchandise, including panties and onesies. This cobra needs an agent. All of this and more available at CafePress.

Rebecca Black's New Single Is Called "LOL"

Rebecca Black's highly anticipated follow up single to her mega-hit " Friday" is called "LOL."

Sasha Grey: Naked Ambition

Sasha Grey discusses using her "body as a canvas" as she promotes her new book of photography, Neu Sex. Anyone who thinks hardcore pornography doesn't open up a world of opportunities for a gifted young artist is probably slightly confused and surprised right now. (Via The Daily.)

Wonder Woman Costume In Action

Looks like the magic lasso of Internet Truth won out. A week ago, the web exploded with buzz over Adrianne Palicki's Wonder Woman costume looking a bit like fetish cosplay. Looks like someone over at NBC was listening. The heels are gone, the shiny pants are gone, the boots are red and the blue is more navy. Well done fellow fans!

A Day In The Life Of A Cyclist

A flowchart detailing the rather elegant life cycle of a life cyclist. Ride, eat, sleep, repeat...bicycle enthusiasts are simple creatures.

The Ultimate Cowboy

Welcome to the real America. If this was even taken in the United States. No one knows what's actually going on here. There's a big ass gun and a cow. Could be Oklahoma, could be a former Soviet Bloc state.

Pedestrian’s Guide to the USA

Hipmunk made a nifty little guide for what to expect when you walk around various cities in the US.

Sassy Gay Friend Learns How To Play Basketball

Watch Sassy Gay Friend play basketball.

Britney Spears' Deleted Jackass 3 Scene

Watch living legend and overall flawless entertainer, Britney Spears, bungee jump in a port-a-potty.

Clerk Disarms Robber

And he wasn't even supposed to be here today.

Facebook Schooling On Pledge Of Allegiance

Yesterday we learned about Homosexuality and the Bible. Apoplectic Meme-Face at the bottom is NSFW!

The Billion-Bug Highway

Fascinating explanation of insects' flying abilities set to pretty adorable animation.

Waltz Of The Slime Mold

This time-lapse video of the growth of slime mold is stupefyingly hypnotic.

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