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March 5, 2011

Stocks Drop Friday as Oil Spikes to 29-Month High

The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 88 points, or 0.7%, at 12,169 after dropping to as low as 12,079. The S&P 500 finished lower by 10 points, or 0.7%, at 1321 and the Nasdaq dropped 14 points, or 0.5%, at 2784. Despite volatile trading, …

Sex Advice from Topher Grace

We caught up with Topher Grace to talk about his new movie and his thoughts on love and sex. Despite insisting that he's too awkward to qualify, he gave some pretty sound advice. Topher's new film Take Me Home Tonight opens today.

Scooter Dog Just Wants to Scoot, Man

I know you think your dog's the best. Everyone does. But unless your little dude can drape his teenie wrists over the handlebars of your son's scooter and scoot himself down the block, I'm just not interested. Coming to Fox this Summer: Scooter D…

Charlie Sheen Rant / #Tigerblood

On March 1st, Charlie Sheen (@CharlieSheen) joined Twitter. In just over 24 hours he gained 1 million followers (the fastest in Twitter’s history) and notable Charlie Sheen quotes like “Tiger blood” and “Winning” have been trending. According to For…

The Planet's Most Typical Person

Link – Via Geekosystem Tags: Joe Lertola, typical. national geographic Neat stuff from the NeatoShop: Robot Sniffle Tissue Holder …

5 Agriculture Stocks That Analysts Love

World food prices rose to a record in January, according to the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization and its Food Price Index. The index, which measures the cost of a basket of basic food supplies -- sugar, cereals, dairy, oils and fats, and mea…

Cupcake-Induced Rage Causes Woman to Trash Bakery - ZOMG Cupcakes

Beware the cupcake addict who can't get her fix: a woman trashed a cupcake shop in Wales after being informed that they had sold out of her favorite flavor, "sweet tooth fairy cake." In front of her kids! The owner of Sugarswirlz (yes, really) estim…

575-Lb Heart Attack Grill Spokesman Dies at 29 - RIP

Blair River, the 6-foot-8 575 pound 29-year-old spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill restaurant known for its epic stunt-ish food and commercials, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 29.

Alien and Other Odd Chess Sets

Max Eddy of Geekosystem rounded up pictures and information about unusual and macabre chess sets, such as the above set inspired by the Alien movie franchise. Facehuggers make appropriate pawns.

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