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June 1, 2018

3週間以上続くキラウエア火山の噴火 溶岩は家や森を飲み込み続ける


"Heathers" Has Been Canceled Before Its Premiere In Response To Recent School Shootings

Viacom, which felt uncomfortable airing the controversial program in the wake of multiple school shootings this year, is looking to shop the show elsewhere.

A Tissue And A Swab From A Car Door Handle Is How Investigators Got The Golden State Killer Suspect

Newly released documents show how investigators identified Joseph James DeAngelo as the suspected serial killer and rapist who terrorized California in the 1970s and 1980s.

21 Photos That'll Make Kitchen Workers Say "Been There"

Apologies to my fellow kitchen workers.

Weekend Message For June 2-3, 2018

Have a great weekend!

10 Men Who Want To Be Listened To For Once

Let them talk FOR ONCE!!!!

9 Photo Stories That Will Help You See The World A Little Differently

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Puerto Rico Now Says There Was A Sharp Increase In Deaths Right After Hurricane Maria

The new information comes as the Puerto Rican government is under pressure to be more transparent and is facing lawsuits.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Has Officially Resigned After A Series Of Scandals

Greitens has been fighting allegations of sexual misconduct and campaign ethics violations.

Esta publicidad de Anaya está tan "moudernah" que vas a pensar que es de una nueva serie de ciencia ficción

¿Es el cartel de un concierto? ¿La portada de un libro de superación? ¿El póster de la nueva serie de Netflix?

Las autoridades no están buscando con vida a Mariela Vanessa, la estudiante de la UNAM desaparecida

Asegura su hermana que oficiales recorrieron el Cerro de la Estrella, Iztapalapa, en busca de un cuerpo sin vida.

18 Blender Recipes That'll Make Cooking So Much Easier

All good things come to a *blend*.

殺されたはずのロシア人記者は生きていた その背後にある3つの闇


34 Cheap Things To Treat Your Dad To This Father's Day

You, seeing the great gifts you can get under $25: "I'm impressed!" Your dad: "Hi Impressed, I'm Dad!"

15 Antros gay que debes visitar si estás en la CDMX

En gustos se rompen géneros, y esta guía lo prueba.

Bake Some Pasta And We'll Tell You Your Emotional Age

Because baked pasta > regular pasta.

15 Times People Ran Into Their Doppelgängers IRL


22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From bombings and fatal attacks to incredible weather and celebrations of life, here are some of the most eye-catching pictures from the past week.

19 Beauty Products From Jet You'll Want To Buy, Like, Now

A Foreo Luna Mini 2, Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and so much more!

30 Delicious Things To Eat In June

It may not be summer outside quite yet, but it can definitely be summer on your plate.

37 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wish List

A DIY cloud lamp kit, mermaid tail pool float, baby Groot car charger, mini arcade machine, and other really cool stuff that'll make you say, "Wow, that's amazeballs!"

Take This Quiz To Find Out How Easily You Fall For Online Bullshit

This week we have stories about a wedding bouquet, Fox News, and a parrot.

A XP suspendeu uma pesquisa eleitoral porque os entrevistados estão PISTOLAS com a greve

Alguns dos entrevistados XINGARAM e DESLIGARAM NA CARA dos pesquisadores contratados pela empresa de investimentos.

12 histórias de masturbação que vão te fazer se contorcer de vergonha

Para ler com uma mão no mouse e a outra... na consciência!

“Bachelorette” Contestant Garrett Yrigoyen Apologized For Liking Offensive Instagram Posts

Yrigoyen had been under fire for liking posts about memes of Parkland shooting survivors, the transgender community, and undocumented immigrants.

Já é 2018 e estes comentários em uma notícia de abuso mostram que o feminismo continua mais necessário que nunca

"Talvez a única solução plausível seja parar de ter filhos e acabar a humanidade".

Trump's Power Isn't Fear. It's Fatigue.

Nobody is scared of getting their ass kicked by Donald Trump. But that doesn't mean he can't exhaust them into submission.

25 Tweets That Prove LeBron's Teammates Are Like The Worst Group Project You've Ever Worked On

"What if J.R. Smith saw 14 million possible outcomes and this is the only way the Cavs win this series?"

Which Avenger Are You Destined To Date?

Find out who was made Thor you.

Trump Just Uncanceled His Singapore Meeting With Kim Jong Un

The president announced that the North Korea summit is back on in Singapore on June 12.

Facebook Has Finally Put Its Controversial Trending Product Out Of Its Misery

What Trending lacked in usage it made up for in controversy, negative press coverage, and frustrations for Facebook.

Google Backs Away From Controversial Military Drone Project

Google's deal with the Pentagon, Project Maven, will end in 2019, and the tech company will not pursue another.

Baladas de SP abolem lista VIP por conta de crise

“As pessoas querem entrada grátis, van grátis até o evento, droga grátis… Não tem como.”

This Former US General Says The Only Way Forward With North Korea Is To Talk About The War

Former Air Force Lt. Gen. Dan “Fig” Leaf says he has the ingredient for lasting peace with North Korea — and everyone’s ignoring it.

MSNBC's Joy Reid Is Sorry (Again) For Old Blog Posts, But Still Won't Address Hacking Claims

BuzzFeed News uncovered old posts on Reid's blog that promoted a 9/11 conspiracy video and featured an image of Sen. John McCain’s head photoshopped onto the body of the Virginia Tech shooter.

Harvey Weinstein Is Facing More Allegations Of Rape In A New Lawsuit

In the class-action lawsuit filed Friday, three women accuse the disgraced Hollywood producer of unwanted sexual conduct, including flashing, groping, fondling, battering, sexual assault, and rape.

13 Consejos fáciles de estilo y belleza para tu fiesta de graduación

Ahora solo tienes que preocuparte por pasártelo bien en el baile.

¿Qué personaje *muy* muerto de "Grey's Anatomy" eres?

Q.E.P.D, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Pide de comer en el Titanic para ver si hubieras muerto o sobrevivido

¿Te podrás acabar esa ensalada antes de chocar contra el témpano de hielo?

18 Ciudades a las que se les ocurrieron las ideas más brillantes del mundo

¿¿Cuándo tendrá mi ciudad máquinas expendedoras de queso??

Arma un outfit y descubre cuál es tu tipo de personalidad dominante

Detrás de cada look hay toda una personalidad.

The 30-Year-Old Man Who Refused To Leave His Parents' House Finally Left Home

Michael Rotondo told reporters his parents said goodbye to him, "more or less."

¿Podemos adivinar si tienes hijos o no?

La pregunta sobre Frozen nunca falla.

Threatening Workers Who Want To Unionize Is Illegal, A House Democrat Just Told Elon Musk

"I want to make sure you are fully aware of federal labor law," Rep. Keith Ellison wrote in a letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

14 Cafeterías que viven tan el futuro, que ya ni las ves

Cubitos de café congelado para el café con hielo = año 999018.

¿Puedes nombrar todas las princesas (oficiales) de Disney en menos de 2 minutos?

Pídele un deseo a una estrella y saca 10 perfecto en este quiz.

Este quiz te dirá qué tanto odias a la gente

¿Va a haber gente? Entonces no, gracias.

Este quiz te dirá qué AMLO eres

¿Eres el que persigue palomas o el que usa collares de flores?

People On Twitter Are Honoring Immigrant Heritage Month By Sharing Their Own Powerful Stories

"To every single mom who has had their child taken from them at the border, I am fighting for you."

Por que a visita da Kim Kardashian à Casa Branca foi importante

A reunião de Kim com Donald Trump levou meses para ser realizada e teve a ver com a reforma da justiça criminal nos Estados Unidos.

Spotify Reversed Its Policy And Will No Longer Punish Musicians For "Hateful" Conduct

"We don’t aim to play judge and jury," Spotify said.

27 Of The Best Pool Toys You Can Get On Amazon

Use your (pool) noodle wisely, and buy these toys!!!

30 June Dinners That Require Little Or No Cooking

Stay cool with these refreshing recipes.

4 More People Have Died In The E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce

The death toll from a multistate outbreak of E. coli has risen to five, but it's safe to eat romaine lettuce again. Here's what you need to know.

11 pessoas contam em que momento foram homofóbicas

"Eu era uma pessoa ruim com aqueles que estavam fora do armário e felizes."

An Ex-Assistant Was Arrested For Allegedly Stealing $50,000 From Vogue Legend Grace Coddington

Yvonne Bannigan, 25, is also being accused of selling $9,000 worth of Coddington's things on the luxury consignment RealReal.

100 People Who Have Earned Their Place In The Fail Hall Of Fame

It's time we showed some respect to the true heroes of this universe.

Puerto Rico's Health Department Is Being Sued To Release Its Data On Deaths Following Hurricane Maria

The Puerto Rico Statistics Institute said that accurate information is desperately needed as hurricane season begins again.



¿Por qué nadie nos dijo que Wiz Khalifa, Gerardo Ortiz y Ana Bárbara eran roomies?

La evidencia de que los tres viven en la misma casa estuvo ahí todo el tiempo y nunca lo vimos.

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"You're so vain you probably think this tweet is about you..."

Tiffany "New York" Pollard Is The Meme Queen, But There's So Much More To Her

The breakout star of Flavor of Love has found new life as a meme. So how do you make a career out of being a GIF?

39 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People, and more!

How Many Muppets From "The Muppet Show" Can You Remember In 3 Minutes?

We'll bet you can't remember all 30 of them.

This Is What It Feels Like When You Tear Your Vagina

After my vagina tore, I developed some habits to control the pain.

35 Of The Best Movies To Stream On Amazon Prime In June

Toto, we're not using regular ol' Amazon anymore.

21 Celebrity Instagrams You Probably Missed This Week

Here's the Instagrams you might've missed!

Today Is National Donut Day! Here's What You Didn't Know About It.

There's a lot more to National Donut Day than you might think!

One Of The Top Democrats In Congress Is Not Ruling Out A Change In Party Leadership

Joe Crowley told BuzzFeed News that there's a lot of "palace intrigue," but it's currently "irrelevant."

5 Young LGBT Leaders Got Surprised By Their Own Queer Role Models

"I believe that when you mess with one queer, you mess with us all."

Everyone's Freaking Out Because Lush Started An Anti–Undercover Police Campaign

Police officers and their families have joined with the Home Secretary to call the advertising irresponsible.

The Ministry Of Justice Has Just Released A Report It Denied Even Existed

“The MoJ's handling of this FOI request has been nothing short of disastrous,” one barrister told BuzzFeed News.

Trump Wants Samantha Bee Fired, But He's Said Lots Of Gross, Offensive Things

"Why aren’t they firing no talent Samantha Bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show?" Trump tweeted Friday morning.

Os comentários de Mick Jagger no Instagram do filho Lucas são a coisa mais paizão que existe

Mas quem nunca teve um pai ou mãe deixando um alôzinho nos comentários, não é mesmo?

Répondez à ces questions sur «Harry Potter» et on vous dit où vous allez passer vos prochaines vacances

Vers quelle capitale d'Europe allez-vous vous envoler en balai, à moins que vous préfériez monter à bord du Poudlard Express ?

Plan Your Prom Night And We'll Tell You Who Your Celeb Date Is

Who's lucky enough to accompany you to high school's biggest night?

Personalize A Jean Jacket And We'll Reveal Your Dream Job

What are you destined to be when you grow up?

The World’s Largest GMO Study Was Launched By Russians In 2014. Then It Disappeared.

“The basic idea is to create doubts in people’s minds, whether about Big Agriculture, or chemtrails, or anything else.”

A Bru Marquezine deu uma aulinha básica no Twitter contra o machismo da imprensa

"Tenho direito de ser respeitada pessoal e profissionalmente."

35 choses que ceux qui n’ont pas grandi dans les années 1990 ne comprendront jamais

La grande époque des sacs JanSport et des pulls Airness.

19 choses qui font partie du quotidien d'un centre d'appel

«La ligne a été coupée ? Oups, c'était complètement involontaire...»

¿Qué red social de tu pasado oscuro eres?

¿Serás emo y oscuro como Myspace o ultra popular y con un poco de glitter como Hi5?

Shailene Woodley Talked About "Secret Life" And Revealed She's Still Team Ricky

"Maybe we can make an Adult Swim version of The Secret Life of the American Teenager?"

The Pain On LeBron James' Face After Losing The First Finals Game Has Become A Very Versatile Meme

"In Titanic when Rose throws the Heart of the Ocean into the water rather than donating the money to a worthy charity."

Como estão seus conhecimentos sobre transexualidade?

Até quem se considera bem informado está fadado a cometer erros.

This Woman Made A Secret Code To Review Every Book She Read, And It's Genius

Some people use Goodreads, she used her own foolproof system.

Vos opinions sur le mariage sont-elles populaires ?

Qui veut vraiment avoir des enfants dans ses pattes pendant la plus belle journée de sa vie ?

We Got The Artists At Radio 1's Biggest Weekend To Create The Perfect Summer Playlist

Prepare to spend your summer listening to some serious bops.

10 coisas que uma pessoa que vive com HIV gostaria de te contar

Independente de você viver com HIV ou não. Has Refused To Take Down An Inaccurate Petition Calling For Tommy Robinson To Be Freed

The petition wrongly claims he was "arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs".

White House Reporters Say Things Are Getting More Challenging

Trump is acting on his own. His inner circle has shrunk. And sources are being more careful than ever — or trying to be.

15 films que nous avons vus et revus juste pour mater les scènes de sexe

Il faut dire que les scénarios sont pas mal aussi.

Arriveriez-vous à vous adapter à la vie des années 1990 ?

En bref : pourriez-vous vivre sans téléphone portable ?

The Alanis Morissette Musical Is Just Chaotic Enough To Capture 2018

Jagged Little Pill is rough around the edges, but it feels so good (swimming in your stomach).

If You Have Allergies, You'll Completely Relate To These 22 Horrible, Horrible Things

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by allergies. *Raises hand*

Instagram lança ferramentas para celebrar Parada LGBTQ

Chuva de corações de arco-íris nas Lives e fundo degradê nos Stories.

25 Easy Housewarming Gifts That'll Make You Look Super Thoughtful

Buying a housewarming gift shouldn't be as hard as buying a house.

«Ils ne sont pas éduqués» : un policier parisien accusé d’avoir insulté des collégiens de banlieue

«On a l’habitude de subir les regards des gens dans le métro et dans la rue. Mais de la part des représentants des forces de l’ordre, c’est inacceptable», explique le CPE du collège de Seine-Saint-Denis à BuzzFeed News.

Social Networks Are Losing A Deadly Battle With Illegal Online Pharmacies

Every social platform reviewed by BuzzFeed News had dealers pushing opioids and other prescription medicines.

Dinesh D'Souza Said Trump Told Him He Was Pardoning Him Because He'd Been "Screwed"

In his first on-camera interview after being pardoned by the president, the far-right commentator and conspiracy theorist said Trump wants him to be "a bigger voice than ever."

37 Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything

Despite his stance that he doesn't need anything.

Barrales, la candidata que identifican más con sus escándalos que con sus propuestas

BuzzFeed News México analizó información en buscadores y de redes sociales sobre la candidata a la Ciudad de México.

21 fotos que demuestran que España en los 2000 estaba fatal

'Tú me das cremita', la mejor canción del verano.

Morning Update: Chillin' Out, Maxin', Taxin' All Things

Samantha Bee apologizes, Trump pardons a conspiracy theorist, and your weekend longreads. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, June 1.

18 veces que James Rhodes se fascinó por España y por nuestra lengua


23 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Look And Feel More Awake

If you're not a morning person, this is for you!



Lions, Tigers, And A Jaguar Escaped From A German Zoo

Officers said they shot a bear as the big cats escaped from Eifel Zoo in western Germany.

Las 9 listas de Spotify de la moción de censura

Siguiendo EL RITMO de la actualidad política.



今夜20時からTwitter LIVEで生放送!カタール大会まで語る日本代表決定特番「これでいいのか日本代表」


Vier Erntehelferinnen zeigen ihren Vorgesetzten wegen sexualisierter Gewalt an

Die Anzeigen kommen nach einer Recherche von BuzzFeed News und Correctiv, die flächendeckenden Missbrauch und Straffreiheit der Täter aufgedeckt hatte.

32 cosas que todo el mundo debería dejar de decirle a las embarazadas

"¿Fue buscado?", pero tía, qué c*** te importa.



あなたが次に結成するバンド名を決める #バンド名診断




Italian Politics Just Had Its Craziest Week In Decades. But It Could Be Only The Beginning.

Here's how Italy ended up with the most populist, anti-establishment, and nationalist government in Western Europe.

Flash Briefing For June 1, 2018

Trump might have started a trade war, Andrea Constand speaks out about Bill Cosby for the first time, and a former dictator in Africa is being sued for promising a bogus cure for AIDS.





22 restaurantes de McDonald's que viven en el futuro

¿Un McDonald's con pianista y candelabros? Me apunto.

殺害された男性とは別人の人の写真が世界中へ拡散 車椅子で抵抗する写真には追悼の言葉が寄せられた




アイドル「虹コン」元メンバーがセクハラ告発 所属事務所がコメント発表


19 top models emblématiques avant VS maintenant

Spoiler : elles sont toujours aussi belles !!

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 5月に最も見られた動画は…


These Women Circumnavigated The Earth But Came Back To The Same Sexist Attitudes

The crew's captain says it's now up to India to "trust their girls enough to let them be free."

Telle Meghan Markle, survivrez-vous à votre première soirée passée à Buckingham Palace ?

On ne rigole pas avec les codes de la monarchie britannique !

24 choses que les clients font et qui rendent dingues les vendeurs

«Oh, l'article n'est pas passé ? Il doit être gratuit !»

ネットの医療情報規制に「抜け道」 SEOが再び悪用される危険性




J.R. Smith Basically Lost Game 1 Of The NBA Finals With The Most Epic Fail In Sports History

"What if JR Smith saw 14 million possible outcomes and this is the only way the Cavs win the series?"

22 McDonald's Restaurants That Are Living In The Future

A McDonald's with a pianist and chandeliers? Count me in.

It's Time To Find Out If You're More Joey Tribbiani Or Chandler Bing

"So, no one told you life was gonna be this way...."

森友問題、佐川氏ら38人全員が不起訴 各紙はどう報じた?


How Many Indian Sweets Have You Actually Tried?

Sorry in advance for making you hungry.

Giuliani Slams Gowdy And Says He Still Plans To Seek Informant Documents

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy said a Justice Department briefing left him “more convinced” the FBI acted appropriately. “Well, thank you, let’s see that it’s nothing,” Rudy Giuliani says.



#BlackWomenLead Faces A New Opponent: Other Black Democrats

"The concept of a black woman running without institutional support is not an anomaly; if anything it’s the common factor."

A Punk Rock Band Joked About The Las Vegas Shooting: "At Least They Were Country Fans"

NOFX apologized after they were yanked from the headline slot at a festival this weekend.

Australia Just Raised The Minimum Wage By 3.5%

The Australian Council of Trade Unions had called for a 7.2% increase.

One Nation Appears To Be A Hot Mess That Loves Drama...Again

A tearful Pauline Hanson spoke of betrayal at the hands of one of her party colleagues on Thursday.

Centrelink Missed 36 Million Calls In The Last Year Because The Phone Line Was Busy

And the average wait time for those who go to a Centrelink office has also increased.

6 Historias de las personas que viven en el campamento de Tlalpan desde el 19S

Los vecinos del Multifamiliar ya están cansados de no tener un lugar digno para vivir.

Kim Kardashian Says President Trump Left Her "Very Hopeful" About Pardoning Alice Johnson

"I think that he really spent the time to listen to our case that we were making for Alice," the reality star told Mic.

Dung Beetles Are Born Inside A Ball Of Shit And Eat Their Way Out... other true (but shitty) facts about them. .

13 Great Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

A photo of Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

42 Things That'll Give You No Choice But To Stay Organized

Because your efforts to organize should basically be immortalized.

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