The move, which Trump will couple with signing a bill to avoid another government shutdown, is expected to face both legal and congressional challenges.

Paul McLeod • One day ago

Marc Mukasey, a former law partner of Rudy Giuliani, left Greenberg Traurig in mid-January to launch his own firm.

Chris Geidner • 4 days ago

It was a 5–4 vote, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the more liberal justices.

Chris Geidner • 7 days ago

The company, represented by the law firm Alston & Bird, has received significant attention due to its reported connection to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Chris Geidner • 16 days ago

Stone was arrested early Friday morning in Florida and later released. He spoke out against the charges, which he says he will defeat in court.

Chris Geidner • 21 days ago

"This is a time where Mr. Cohen had to put his family and their safety first."

Chris Geidner • 23 days ago

It was a 5–4 decision.

Chris Geidner • 24 days ago

Barr also said he would not fire Mueller without cause — even if Trump asked him to do so — in a long day of testimony on Capitol Hill.

Zoe Tillman • One month ago

Bill Barr is expected to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that "on my watch, Bob [Mueller] will be allowed to complete his work."

Chris Geidner • One month ago

Fines of $50,000 a day are to be imposed on the company, which is owned by a foreign country, until it complies with a subpoena seeking...we don’t know what.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

Natalia Veselnitskaya was indicted by a grand jury in December, but the charges were only unsealed on Tuesday.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

The 85-year-old justice had never previously missed a day of arguments.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

Even if “partisan gerrymandering” can be addressed by courts, the Supreme Court would also need to decide how courts determine how much partisanship is too much — something the justices have been unwilling to address in the past.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

The president tested the limits of the system in many ways.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

Trump's efforts to ban transgender military service have been blocked by lower courts. Challengers asked the Supreme Court on Friday to keep it that way.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

Chief Justice John Roberts put the matter on hold while the justices consider a request to halt enforcement of a document request linked to the special counsel's office.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

In a 5–4 ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts joined his more liberal colleagues in denying the Justice Department's stay request.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

"Post-surgery, there was no evidence of any remaining disease," according to a statement from the court.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

Senate leaders were informed of the decision on Thursday in a letter obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

The June change made it more difficult for those facing domestic or gang-related violence at home to advance asylum claims in the US.

Chris Geidner • One month ago