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    7 Actually Doable Ways To Be More Organized In June

    Get your month together.

    1. If you're moving, pack your heaviest items, like books or canned foods, in suitcases.

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    This is my favorite moving hack, because packing books into boxes can be a total disaster. They're always way too heavy to lift, and sometimes the box isn't even strong enough to hold them, dumping your prized novels all over the floor. Utilize your sturdy suitcases and their precious, precious wheels instead.

    2. Fill laundry baskets with spare outfits, boots, hats, and other items for a road trip that you might need to grab easily.

    Depending on where you're driving, you might want to stop spontaneously at a hiking trail, an Instagram-famous site, or a playground with your kids. You'll need to have the proper gear with you, and you definitely won't want to search through tightly packed suitcases to find what you need. That's where the laundry baskets come in: You can load 'em up with stuff that you'll be able to grab at a moment's notice, like a camera, sneakers, and gym shorts.

    3. Make a bullet journal spread for grad parties.

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    June is always PACKED with grad parties for your friends, your cousins, your cousins' cousins, and maybe even your newly obedient doggo. It's easy to lose track of where you have to be and when — especially if you have, like, 18 parties on one day — so keep them all listed on a neat and tidy spread in your journal. Bonus: Add a column to check off when you get them a card or gift.

    4. Create a jar that has a solution every time your kids (or you!) whine, "I'm booorrreeeddd."

    Rather than hearing, "What should I doooooo?" every time someone in your house is bored this summer, they can reach into the "I'm Bored" jar and pull out a popsicle stick with a surprise activity written on it, like playing in the sprinkler or writing a letter to a friend. You could paint and draw on the sticks with your kids before placing them inside so they get excited about which one they might pull out next. Here are some instructions.

    5. Now that you've taken out your tank tops for the summer, organize them on a tie hanger.

    Angela Corbelli / BuzzFeed

    Tanks, am I right? They either get balled up and pushed to the back of a drawer, or they end up thrown all over your bedroom floor. Solution: Use a tie hanger and its multitude of rungs to keep them all in one place.

    6. Turn your pantry door into a command center.

    With summer comes a whole slew of new activities, schedules to keep track of, and friends in and out of the house. The back of your pantry door is a perfect spot to create a command center that'll help you stay organized: Hang a few hooks for everyone's keys, keep your mail in a mounted basket instead of on the kitchen counter, and jot down appointments and events on a joint family calendar.

    7. And store your out-of-season clothes in vacuum-sealed bags to save space.

    Tiger Souvannakoumane / BuzzFeed

    Bulky winter clothes like sweaters, pants, and coats take up a TON of room when it comes time to store them for the summer. By vacuum-sealing them, you'll minimize the valuable real estate they take up in your closet or under your bed. Plus, this will protect them from any dampness or fabric-hungry moths.

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