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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "You're so vain you probably think this tweet is about you..."

    1. Ryan Reynolds shared a picture from a more innocent time in his life:

    2015. First time in the suit. It was so clean. So innocent. We both were. #deadpool2

    2. Anna Kendrick defended Ambien:

    When you are awake at 4:30 in the morning for no GD reason and you check Twitter to find that (on the day you need her most) your good pal Ambien is being dragged through the mud

    3. Lin-Manuel Miranda was amazed by Serena Williams' skills:

    I mean @serenawilliams is the greatest tennis player by so much that nature and the universe throw her new curveballs and she busts through those too I can't wait to see her beat the Pacific Ocean tide in straight sets, play doubles with Mother Nature, whoop aliens on clay, etc

    4. Mark Hamill invented a new holiday:

    May The 31 Be The Number Of Flavors Of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

    5. Demi Lovato updated a classic song for the 21st century:

    You’re so vain you probably think this tweet is about you 😂😂😂

    6. Kelly Clarkson took some chances with this future prince:

    I think I’m gonna take a chance and kiss him ..... 💁🏼‍♀️

    7. Chris Pratt tweeted about a casual friend of his:

    8. Pink enjoyed some of life's simplest pleasures:

    Gluten free pretzels, Pinot noir, and some queen sugar season 3.... mama is happy 😃

    9. Camila Cabello shared her very relatable sleep struggles:

    10. Bella Thorne was smoking a joint wondering what Pual giamatti is doing rn:

    Smoking a joint wondering what Pual giamatti is doing rn

    11. B.J. Novak imparted some wisdom to the next generation:

    Kids: skip your summer reading. No one is going to check. Read whatever you want

    12. Lili Reinhart had a true nightmare:

    I had a dream last night that my Sim’s cheat code for unlimited money wasn’t working so I couldn’t buy the furniture I wanted for my Sim’s house.

    13. Shay Mitchell celebrated National Wine Day with a PLL gif:

    Made it in time for #NationalWineDay

    14. Billy Eichner and Laverne Cox pitched a new TV show:

    15. And Jaden Smith went to prom:

    We Went To Prom, This Picture Describes The Experience

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