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Millions Of Students' Sexual Orientations And Religious Beliefs Are Being Held On A Government Database

Exclusive: Freedom of information data obtained by BuzzFeed has revealed the enormous amount of highly sensitive personal information held by government bodies, often without the knowledge of the students involved.

Hazel Shearing 3 months ago

Extinction Rebellion Wants To Make Ecocide A Crime

"I think it's as bad as killing people. We're making our planet uninhabitable."

Hazel Shearing 4 months ago

The Ministry Of Justice Marked Down One Of Its Analysts Because She Called Out Problems With Its Sex Offender Programme

Exclusive: An employment tribunal seen by BuzzFeed News has found the MoJ gave Kathryn Hopkins a mark of “must improve” in her midyear review as a result of her whistleblowing.

Emily Dugan 4 months ago

Anti-Vax Messages Are Being Targeted As A Top Priority In A UK Government Crackdown On Disinformation

As the government homes in on the anti-vax movement, BuzzFeed News has analysed the online presence of the UK's biggest anti-vax network.

Hazel Shearing 4 months ago
Hazel Shearing 5 months ago

The First-Ever Brain Scans Of Jihadists Show How Radicalisation Alters The Mind

"We’re not finding anything bizarre going on with the brain. ... It’s just normal functions being directed in a particular way."

Hazel Shearing 5 months ago

The UK Has Been Criticised For Mentioning British Tourists When Asked About A Young Egyptian Facing A Death Sentence

Update: Ahmed Saddouma's sentence was commuted to 15 years following an appeal. The FCO had earlier faced criticism on his original death sentence.

Hazel Shearing 5 months ago
Hazel Shearing 5 months ago

The Giant Baby Blimp Flew Over Westminster As Trump Entered Downing Street

Protesters in London relaunched the balloon in defiance of the US president's state visit.

Hannah Al-Othman 5 months ago

Trump Called The Mayor Of London A "Stone Cold Loser" Before His Plane Had Even Landed In The UK

He said that Sadiq Khan had been "foolishly 'nasty'" to him moments before his plane touched down in London ahead of a three-day state visit.

Hazel Shearing 5 months ago

The Government Backed A Crowdfunding Site For Tech In Schools. They Ended Up Using It For Essential Supplies.

Rocket Fund was envisaged as a means to help schools get "innovative technology". Instead, tight budgets mean they are using it to fund school trips and goal posts.

Hazel Shearing 5 months ago

Fans Are Reacting To Judith Kerr's Death By Sharing Memories Of Reading Her Beloved Children's Books

"She was a legendary author and illustrator, whose stories and illustrations gave pleasure to millions around the world."

Hazel Shearing 5 months ago

Grumpy Cat Is Dead. Long Live Grumpy Cat.

"Her spirit will continue to live on through her fans everywhere," her family wrote in an emotional statement posted on Twitter.

Hazel Shearing 5 months ago

Sweden Has Reopened The Julian Assange Rape Investigation

The move means Swedish prosecutors are likely to request the extradition of Assange, who is already fighting a request from the US.

Hazel Shearing 6 months ago

Baby Sussex Will Be Called Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

The happy couple announced the name in an Instagram post.

Hazel Shearing 6 months ago

Julian Assange Has Been Sentenced To 50 Weeks In Prison For Skipping Bail

The WikiLeaks founder was jailed for skipping bail over allegations of sexual assault in Sweden. He will appear in court via video link for a separate US extradition hearing on Thursday.

Hazel Shearing 6 months ago

Women Will Be Offered Period Products While In Police Custody Under Changes To The Law

Exclusive: The changes will also give women the right to speak privately to a woman member of custody staff.

Hazel Shearing 6 months ago

People Are Paying Tribute To Lyra McKee, Who Was Killed At A Riot In Northern Ireland

The 29-year-old journalist is being remembered as a "gifted writer" who was determined to help "drag Northern Ireland away from its darkest days".

Hazel Shearing 6 months ago

A Massive Fire At The Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Caused Catastrophic Damage

The massive blaze, which is now extinguished, knocked down the cathedral's spire. The cause is under investigation, though extensive renovations had been ongoing.

Amber Jamieson 7 months ago

French Billionaires And Corporations Have Pledged At Least 600 Million Euros To Rebuild The Notre Dame Cathedral

Luxury goods tycoons and major corporations cited national pride and culture in making the pledges.

Stephanie K. Baer 7 months ago