Trump Said He Met With The "Prince Of Whales" And The Internet Couldn't Control Itself

    "Wait till you sea it."

    US President Donald Trump sent the internet into meltdown on Thursday when he tweeted that he had met with the "Prince of Whales".

    In a now-deleted tweet, Trump misspelled the official title of Charles, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and first in line to the British throne — so that it took on a whole different meaning.

    Trump's tweet referred to when he met Charles, 70, at a state banquet during his controversial visit to the UK this month.

    Of course, an encounter with a "Prince of Whales" would be a very different thing entirely.

    First photos in from Trump's meeting with the Prince of Whales

    People were quick to point this out.

    @realDonaldTrump "Prince of Whales ?"

    @realDonaldTrump “The Prince of Whales”

    Including Irish bookmaker Paddy Power.

    Even a Welsh news site got involved.

    Others couldn't resist the lure of puns.

    The Prince of Whales, eh? Well I met with the Queen of Dolphins. So I think mine served a higher porpoise.

    "When I met with the Prince of Whales, he said that as president, it was my life's porpoise to build the wall. I told him wait till you sea it."

    The jokes kept coming.


    Until one Twitter user took it upon themselves to clear the matter up for good.

    there is no such thing as the fuckin prince of whales

    Trump later deleted his tweet, putting it out again with the correct spelling.

    There has been no formal response from Clarence House.