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    37 Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything

    Despite his stance that he doesn't need anything.

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    1. A citronella hanging coil that'll look like a piece of art at his favorite spot on the porch AND keep away the skeeters.

    2. A season of Aerial America for when he wants to take in gorgeous, narrated views without leaving the couch. (And perhaps discover Carhenge, like my dad did.)

    3. A custom pet portrait to expand the family gallery wall now that your four-legged sibling is ruling the empty nest and getting the royal treatment.

    4. A fill-in-the-blank book you can put down some of your favorite memories in and he can keep on hand for when he needs a pick-me-up or is just thinking of you.

    5. A House of Stark skinny tie that'll be subtle enough to wear to the office.

    6. A face-melting candle in case he's never passed up a chance to rewatch Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    7. A personalized fly fishing box to ~lure~ him into doing his favorite outdoor activity even more often. (If that's humanly possible.)

    8. A 12-person tent that'll provide plenty of shelter for the fam on all those camping trips you have planned.

    9. A boater hat for the classic dresser who'd rather die than wear a snapback.

    10. A heroic poster that'll remind him deep down that every hero and villain has something in common with Captain Underpants.

    11. An Echo Show to make hands-free calling super easy for your catchup sessions.

    12. A custom peg family for nestling in with family pics on his desk at work.

    13. A sleep mask disguised as sunglasses so he can wear his sunglasses at night or in boring meetings. Just not driving, k?

    14. An album-centric book related to one of his faves, like Black Sabbath's Master of Reality or Neil Young's Harvest, to bring fresh perspective to some familiar tunes.

    15. A pair of enamel pins for your hometown library's most loyal patron, especially since he discovered the branch's e-book offerings and has been speeding through them on the Kindle you bought him last year.

    16. A fancy Roomba robot vacuum with Alexa connectivity you and your siblings can go all in on because he's obsessed with gadgets and could use another pet.

    17. A pair of notched couch bowls, (yes, couch bowls), fit for a spoon and grip, lest he have to mop up spilled milk from the couch ONCE MORE.

    18. A set of NES coasters so he can wax poetic about his OG standbys without compromising the coffee table finish.

    19. A monthly LootCrate subscription to help satisfy his pop culture gear needs.

    20. A totally functional wooden duck decoy that'll make a cool decor accent.

    21. A gallon of Flex Seal to play around with in areas that could use a flexible barrier, like an unfinished basement, backyard pond, or hand tools.

    22. A handsome wallet made from a used MLB jersey that'll help him rep his team on the reg.

    23. A fresh team T-shirt in a cool design he's allowed to wash, unlike that one special jersey. (BTW, gear is available in college and MLB teams.)

    24. A Thor hammer toolbox he most definitely CAN pick up and use. (Though I'm sure he does look like a pirate and an angel had a baby.)

    25. A luxurious scented upgrade to Jo Malone or Maison Margiela everyone can appreciate.

    26. A pack of pickle brine ice pops meant as an athletic supplement for helping rehydrate and prevent cramps. Though we've heard it'll also help with hangovers 😉.

    27. A new set of wheels (three wheels, specifically) with plenty of basket room to tote around the essentials in his neighborhood.

    28. A knife-making kit — including a 440c stainless-steel Shawnee Skinner blade crafted in Japan — so he can craft his own masterpiece because he can't get enough of Forged in Fire.

    29. A photo frame to state the obvious while shining a light on that recent excellent pic of you two together.

    30. A spice grinder he could probably use for grinding an assortment of wonderful things!

    31. A tortilla swaddle for the dad who already has an Insta handle reserved for the next kid.

    32. A tasty pool float in the form of a pizza slice or pretzel as an Insta-worthy lounge spot this summer.

    33. A bacon jerkygram designed for the Ron Swanson in your life with three game-changing jerky flavors.

    34. A tricky puzzle he can work through as he listens to standouts from his IRL vinyl collection.

    35. A travel toiletries kit that'll take the hard work out of second guessing if the hotel bar of soap is OK to use on his face. (It's not.)

    36. And a travel shoe-cleaning kit to keep his kicks in tip-top shape on the road, too.

    37. A coffee mug for the dad whose stare could scare anyone out of not separating paper from plastic.

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