Parliament agreed to introduce proxy voting a year ago, and it could become a reality if MPs vote to allow it on Monday.

Hannah Al-Othman • 9 hours ago

The government's Domestic Abuse Bill bans cross-examination in family courts, but campaigners says it will only be successful if it comes with adequate funding for dedicated services.

Hannah Al-Othman • One day ago

Labour MP Tulip Siddiq turned up in a wheelchair to vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal and the confidence vote this week.

Hazel Shearing • 3 days ago

Tory rebels who sank the Brexit deal on Tuesday rallied to prop up their weakened leader just 24 hours later.

Alex Spence • 6 days ago

However, Tulip Siddiq, who is due to give birth just hours after Wednesday's confidence vote, has agreed to be "nodded through" by the whips.

Hannah Al-Othman • 6 days ago

The government was defeated by 432 to 202, a margin of 230.

Alex Wickham • 7 days ago

Katrina Lear-Parkes, a single parent to a 3-year-old, says the way payments are delivered and a lack of flexibility in the system means that she cannot afford to stay in work.

Hannah Al-Othman • 17 days ago

Can't wait for 2019!

Hannah Al-Othman • 21 days ago

“I didn’t really have any clue about Brexit until I started to read into it. I realised it could be potentially disastrous, and I thought if I don’t campaign about this it could affect the rest of my life.”

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

The Bury South MP has said he intends to remain in Parliament as an independent.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

BuzzFeed News spoke to women about barriers to participation on the anniversary of the general election in which equal voting rights were introduced.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

"She's so cute, so sweet, I can't wait to beat her. Can she take a beating?" Jess Phillips said, quoting Conservative MP Andrew Griffiths, a day after he was allowed back into the party.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

The vote was triggered by MPs writing to the 1922 Committee amid dissatisfaction with May's proposed Brexit deal.

Laura Silver • One month ago

The suggestion from the PM's official spokesperson came as May was desperately trying to persuade Conservative MPs to back her in Wednesday night's vote.

Hazel Shearing • One month ago

Woodhouse told BuzzFeed News that she feared the government was just engaged in a "box-ticking exercise" when meeting her.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

MPs have defined Islamophobia for the first time, and British Muslims say that knowing exactly what it is will help tackle it — but the government says it doesn't need a definition.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

RIP Jean Barker, Britain's most badass baroness.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

The Labour party’s official position on Brexit is complex — and behind that, there’s an even more elaborate tapestry of competing interests among different groups of its MPs.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

The DUP leader said that if the deal gets through parliament, the Northern Irish party will review its confidence-and-supply agreement with the Conservatives.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago