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A ZipRecruiter Executive Has Resigned After Details Of Alleged Sexual Misconduct Surfaced

Eyal Gutentag, CMO of ZipRecruiter, has left the company following a BuzzFeed News story containing new details of alleged sexual misconduct.

Davey Alba • 3 days ago

These Tech Execs Faced #MeToo Allegations. They All Have New Jobs.

Silicon Valley says it’s committed to improving diversity, but high-profile male executives accused of sexual misconduct are getting second chances. Some advocates are wondering why.

Ryan Mac • 6 days ago

Morehouse College Will Admit Transgender Male Students In 2020 — But The Policy Excludes Trans Women

"Morehouse is missing a crucial opportunity to become more inclusive by purposefully excluding trans female students," Tatiana Rafael, a current student who is a trans woman, told BuzzFeed News.

Davey Alba • 9 days ago

Facebook Removes Hundreds Of Pages Engaged In “Inauthentic Behavior” In The Philippines

Facebook said the pages and accounts were “linked to a network organized by Nic Gabunada,” social media director for President Duterte’s 2016 campaign.

Davey Alba • 24 days ago

YouTube Shut Down The Channel SevenSuperGirls After Its Creator Was Convicted Of Child Abuse

"When we’re made aware of serious allegations of this nature we take action, which may include terminating channels upon conclusion of an investigation," YouTube said in a statement.

Davey Alba • One month ago

These Senators Want Homeland Security To "Pause" Its Airport Facial Recognition Program

"American travelers [should] fully understand exactly who has access to their facial recognition data, how long their data will be held, how their information will be safeguarded, and how they can opt out of the program altogether.”

Davey Alba • One month ago

The US Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports, Documents Show

“This is opening the door to an extraordinarily more intrusive and granular level of government control.”

Davey Alba • One month ago

Democrats Hope Their "Save The Internet" Bill Will Restore Net Neutrality Laws, But It Faces An Uphill Battle

The bill would restore Obama-era protections that prohibited internet providers from charging "fast lane" premiums for services like Netflix and Facebook.

Davey Alba • One month ago

As Concerns Over Facial Recognition Grow, Members Of Congress Are Considering Their Next Move

“This is a perfect issue for our committee to look into,” California Rep. Jimmy Gomez told BuzzFeed News.

Davey Alba • 2 months ago

Amazon Filed A Patent Application For Tech That Could Link You To Your Identity And Job

The Rekognition technology could one day scan your face, identify who you are, use visual cues to figure out the kind of work you do, and potentially track you as you move around.

Davey Alba • 2 months ago

The American Hackers Accused Of Murdering A Young Woman In The Philippines Pleaded Not Guilty

Mir Islam and Troy Woody Jr., changed their story yet again about the circumstances surrounding the death of Tomi Masters.

Joseph Bernstein • 2 months ago

"Down The Rabbit Hole I Go": How A Young Woman Followed Two Hackers' Lies To Her Death

Tomi Masters was a 23-year-old from Indiana who moved to California with dreams of making it big in the cannabis business. Then she met a hacker who introduced her to a dark new world of digital manipulation, suspicion, paranoia, and fear — one that swallowed her alive and left her floating in a river in the Philippines.

Joseph Bernstein • 2 months ago

Apple Says It Will Fix The FaceTime Bug That Allows You To Access Someone's iPhone Camera And Microphone Before They Pick Up

The security issue is fixed on its servers, Apple said, but the company is delaying the software update until next week.

Davey Alba • 2 months ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls For A New Privacy Law That Would Let You Delete Your Data

"In 2019, it’s time to stand up for the right to privacy — yours, mine, all of ours."

Davey Alba • 3 months ago

YouTube Is Hosting Graphic Images Of Bestiality Alongside Children's Videos

In April of last year, a YouTube spokesperson told BuzzFeed News, "These images are abhorrent to us and have no place on YouTube."

Davey Alba • 3 months ago

Google's Board Is Being Sued For Allegedly Silencing Misconduct Claims Against Former Executives

Lawyers say an internal investigation by Google claimed to find bondage videos on former company executive Andy Rubin’s computer. “You won’t believe what’s in these [shareholder] minutes.”

Davey Alba • 3 months ago

A Man Sent 1,000 Men Expecting Sex And Drugs To His Ex-Boyfriend Using Grindr, A Lawsuit Says

“It was like an episode of Black Mirror,” said Matthew Herrick, whose high-profile lawsuit alleges that Grindr looked the other way while his ex-boyfriend tormented him.

Tyler Kingkade • 3 months ago

New York Lawmakers Say They Were Blindsided By The Amazon HQ2 Deal And Want To Ban NDAs

Three New York City Council members are introducing legislation to prevent the city from signing nondisclosure agreements during negotiations with corporations.

Davey Alba • 4 months ago

25 Things BuzzFeed News Tried And Loved In 2018

Some of these things may change your life.

Katie Notopoulos • 4 months ago

Amazon Won’t Say It Doesn’t Work With ICE

Public scrutiny of US law enforcement’s use of Amazon’s facial recognition tech has grown in response to reports that the technology could at times be inaccurate, and even racially biased.

Davey Alba • 4 months ago