Dung Beetles Are Born Inside A Ball Of Shit And Eat Their Way Out...

    ...plus other true (but shitty) facts about them. .

    Dung beetles survive by eating the feces of other animals. Yes, indeed, it's true. Check out the full video here:

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    They use their acute sense of smell to find a choice piece of poop. Then, they roll it up into a ball.

    Female dung beetles then judge the males by the size of their balls (get your mind out of the gutter lol). When a mating pair is established, the female attaches itself to the ball and the male roles them off into the sunset.

    They drive the ball backwards, by using their hind legs. Kind of like if you were to get into a car by pushing your head into the seat and steering the wheel with your bum.

    Naturally, they can get a little lost. But, if they veer off course, they get on top of the ball and use the sun, moon and even milky way to re-orient themselves.

    Sometimes, the males face challengers who seek to take their dung ball away (noooooo). But they don't give up their shit without a fight, and oftentimes these last several hours.

    When the young couple finally reach their destination, they dig a hole in the sand and place their dung ball in it. Then, the female lays her eggs inside the ball and seals it up with MORE SHIT (literally).

    And, you guessed it, when the babies are born they EAT THEIR WAY OUT OF THE SHIT. Damn, what a life.