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Scientists Showed How More Guns Led To More Violent Crime

A Supreme Court case may soon create a constitutional right to freely carry a gun everywhere, but that would be a dangerous mistake to make, suggests a new study of violent crimes.

Dan Vergano • 4 hours ago

President Trump Wants $1.6 Billion For A NASA Moon Landing By 2024

"That is a very small down payment for what they are proposing to do," one space expert said.

Dan Vergano • 9 days ago

Elon Musk Made Fun Of Jeff Bezos's Moon Plans. He Wasn't The Only One.

The two space billionaires have previously jousted over whose rocket is bigger.

Dan Vergano • 13 days ago

It’s Starting To Look Like God Won’t Save Us From Global Warming

“There is no sign of religious people saving us from climate change.”

Dan Vergano • 29 days ago

US Measles Outbreaks Are The “New Normal” Thanks To Europe’s Epidemic And Anti-Vaccine Campaigns, Experts Say

“Under-vaccinated areas in the US are the kindling and the huge numbers of infections overseas are the spark that ignites outbreaks here.”

Dan Vergano • One month ago

People Are Getting Sick From A US Steel Factory That Is “Grossly Violating” Health Standards, Experts Say

Air pollution has triggered sky-high asthma rates near Pittsburgh. With politicians unwilling to confront US Steel after a factory fire, a county health agency is pushing unprecedented penalties against the $14 billion company.

Dan Vergano • One month ago

Trump Keeps Saying Wind Turbines Cause Cancer (They Don’t) And Can Stop You From Watching TV (They Won’t)

The fake “wind turbine syndrome” has long been pushed by online conspiracy theorists who blame the technology for all kinds of illnesses. In at least one case, the spread of the myth was connected to an oil company in Australia.

Dan Vergano • One month ago

The White House And Federal Scientists Are Pushing The Myth That Marijuana Is Laced With Fentanyl

“It's crazy that this story is coming out from our leaders,” one expert said. “There is scant evidence for cannabis laced with fentanyl.”

Dan Vergano • One month ago
Dan Vergano • One month ago

Genetically Engineered Babies Should Be Off-Limits For 5 Years, The NIH Chief Said

“An international moratorium should be put into effect immediately,” NIH chief Francis Collins said.

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb Has Resigned

The FDA commissioner, who took stands against teen vaping and online opioid sales, said he wants to spend more time with his family.

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

The National Enquirer’s Publisher Says The White House Had No Influence On Its “Space Force” Magazine

The magazine promises the USA will militarize the “dark side” of the moon. (There is no dark side of the moon.)

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

Here’s How One Small Town Beat The Opioid Epidemic

Little Falls, Minnesota, didn’t do anything revolutionary. They just made a real effort — and spent real money — treating addiction as a disease, not a crime.

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

Trump’s Emergency Declaration Won’t Help The Overdose Crisis, Say Narcotics Experts

“It's terrible policy,” said one expert. “It guts a vital coordinating function we rely on to interdict drugs domestically and internationally.”

Dan Vergano • 3 months ago

A Dust Storm Has Killed NASA’s Longest-Lived Mars Rover

The Opportunity rover landed on the red planet with its twin, Spirit, in 2004.

Dan Vergano • 3 months ago

Another Looming Climate Disaster: Dam Collapses

“The Oroville Dam shows what the chances of these failures look like, and might become the new normal.”

Dan Vergano • 3 months ago

Trump Says He Wants To Wipe Out HIV. Experts Say That Would Require Treating Trans People And Immigrants A Lot Better.

“Many recent immigrants are afraid to access HIV prevention and medical care, out of fear of deportation,” according to a recent HIV prevention report.

Dan Vergano • 3 months ago

John Christy Was Just Named An EPA Science Adviser. His Climate Studies Have Been Repeatedly Corrected.

“I’m skeptical of the conclusions that can be drawn from climate models,” he told BuzzFeed News. “I think there is a rush to judgment that every time something happens it’s because of global warming.”

Dan Vergano • 3 months ago

A French Soldier Died After A Saber Wound In 1812. Scientists Have Now Rebuilt His Face.

“It is a sad story, but unfortunately it is also the story of hundreds of thousands of young soldiers,” said one archaeologist.

Dan Vergano • 4 months ago

The NFL Is Trying To Push Tackle Football Through A Controversial School “Health Program,” Critics Say

The program has touted the NFL to 4.5 million kids in 73,000 schools — more than half of the public and private schools nationwide — with little scrutiny.

Dan Vergano • 4 months ago