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Elon Musk's WiFi Satellites Are Blocking Astronomers' Views Of The Sky

SpaceX launched 60 WiFi satellites last week, and hopes to launch thousands more.

Dan Vergano 2 days ago

CDC Investigators Have Linked Vitamin E To Deadly Vaping Injuries

“For the first time, we have a definite contaminant of concern,” the CDC said.

Dan Vergano 12 days ago

A Fight Over Vaping “Bots” Is Blazing While E-Cigarette Bans Loom

“Dehumanizing opposition by calling people ‘bots’ is just a way to attack vaping,” said one vaping advocate.

Dan Vergano 22 days ago

Here’s What You Need To Know About Today’s Historic Climate Fraud Case Against Exxon

“Exxon has been working very hard to prevent this day from ever happening,” said one legal expert.

Zahra Hirji 29 days ago

Juul Will Stop Selling Most Flavored E-Cigs — But Its Competitors Won’t

“Juul should speak for itself,” said one of the e-cigarette maker’s competitors. A lack of trust in the vaping industry “is a direct result of its deceptive marketing activities.”

Dan Vergano One month ago

Dozens Of YouTube Videos Are Showing People How To Make Potentially Dangerous Vape Oil

After being contacted by BuzzFeed News, the platform took down some of the videos. Vaping-related injuries continue to climb by the day.

Stephanie M. Lee One month ago

Three Scientists Have Won The Nobel Prize In Physics For Astronomical Discoveries

James Peebles, Michel Mayor, and Didier Queloz will split the prize of 9 million Swedish kronor, about $908,000.

Dan Vergano One month ago

Addiction Experts Are Outraged A Pharma Lobbyist Is On A Federal Drug Abuse Panel

Recovery advocates fear the move will give the pharmaceutical industry a prominent seat at the table for shaping drug policy and addiction treatment.

Dan Vergano One month ago

Smoking Experts Are Scared A Vaping Ban Will Increase Cigarette Sales

Vaping bans are happening left and right, but some experts worry they’ll drive ex-smokers right back to cigarettes.

Stephanie M. Lee One month ago

The Mysterious “Sonic Attacks” In Cuba Might Have Actually Been Caused By Zika Pesticides

The US State Department is coordinating with Canada on investigating the finding.

Dan Vergano One month ago

NASA Finally Wants To Launch A Satellite To Spot Dangerous Asteroids — After We Narrowly Missed Getting Hit By A Dangerous Asteroid

“We are finally going to rely on knowledge, rather than luck, as our plan for dealing with hazardous asteroids,” said one outside expert.

Dan Vergano One month ago

A “Sneaky” Asteroid Narrowly Missed Earth This Summer. Internal Emails Show How NASA Scientists Totally Missed It.

"This one did sneak up on us," one NASA expert wrote in an internal email, two days after the football-field-sized asteroid narrowly missed the planet.

Dan Vergano 2 months ago

Experts Have A Few Different Theories For What’s Behind The Outbreak Of Vaping Illnesses

A hidden epidemic, Vitamin E, tariffs on Chinese vaping pens? “It’s not like we can say Product X is causing this,” said one expert.

Dan Vergano 2 months ago

The Vaping Lung Illness Has Now Broken Out In At Least 33 States

Five people have died in the nationwide outbreak of deadly lung injuries connected to black market vaping liquids.

Dan Vergano 2 months ago

The Vaping Lung Illness Outbreak Has Now Spread To 25 States

No single vaping product explains the severe lung illness outbreak, health officials said, although THC and cannabinoid use has been reported in many cases.

Dan Vergano 2 months ago

The First Person Has Died As A Result Of The Recent Vaping Lung Injury Outbreak

More than 190 people have suffered severe lung injuries in 22 states in an outbreak that started this summer.

Dan Vergano 2 months ago

We’re Living Through A Climate Emergency Right Now — We Just Aren’t Paying Attention

Greenland’s ice is melting, record-setting fires are blazing from the Arctic to the Amazon, and July was the world’s hottest month ever.

Dan Vergano 3 months ago

Microplastics Are In Most Bottled Water But The WHO Says They’re Not A Health Risk — For Now

A World Health Organization-cited research team last year reported that 90% of bottled water sampled contained microscopic plastic fibers.

Dan Vergano 3 months ago

Planned Parenthood Will Withdraw From A Federal Funding Program Because Of An Abortion "Gag Rule"

The organization announced Monday it would forgo federal dollars rather than abide by a rule that created barriers for family planning organizations that discuss or provide abortions.

Dan Vergano 3 months ago

The Criminal Justice System Is Bad For Your Health, Warns New York City’s Health Department

“Even brief contact with the police or indirect exposure is associated with lasting harm,” said New York City’s health commissioner.

Dan Vergano 3 months ago