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July 1, 2014

Protestors Block Buses Carrying Immigrants To Processing Facility

Residents of Murrieta, Calif., were carrying signs that read "Return to sender" and "Bus illegal children to the White House."

13 Actors Who DGAF On Twitter

In honor of Evan Rachel ("What is it like having a penis?") Wood and Caitlin (#FreetheNipple) Stasey, let's raise a glass to those who give zero fucks. This post is NSFW because of boobs, by the way.

26 Rookie Mistakes All Women Make At One Point Or Another

The ghost of eighth-grade past is coming to haunt you.

This Dancing Pitbull Is Probably More Coordinated Than Most Of Us

Are dogs allowed on So You Think You Can Dance?

31 Little Victories That Made Every '90s Kid Feel Invincible

Not even a Sock'em Bopper could bring you down.

Mexico Hails U.S. Court Decision Opening U.S. Border Patrol Up To Lawsuits In Cross-Border Shootings

Since 2010, Border Patrol agents have shot six Mexican nationals across the border without legal repercussions.

9 Marmots You Should Be Aware Of

A brief profile on giant squirrels.

Awful Questions We Have For Young Parents

But that you'd still love answers to...

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

Dimon says his prognosis is "excellent, the cancer was caught quickly, and my condition is curable."

Kim Kardashian & Her Bodysuit Take Southampton By Storm

View Photo 1- Kim Kardashian & Her Bodysuit Take Southampton By Storm

Why CatDog Weirded Me Out As A Child

There were just some things that ten year old Neha could not understand.

Tim Howard Is America's Lord And Savior, Despite World Cup Loss

You did everything you could, Tim. Thanks for being our guy.

41 Songs You Need In Your Life This Month

Pop, country, rap, and reggae for July, in no particular order.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what you missed today!

Morgan Stanley Advisers Can Now Write Their Own Tweets, With Supervisor Approval

Advisers with more than 15 followers can now tweet and retweet somewhat on their own.

Red Hot IPO Market On Track For Record Year

IPOs are booming, but they have been overshadowed by high-profile, headline-grabbing mergers and acquisitions.

7 Signs You Grew Up In A Boring Town

In boring towns you make up your own ways to have fun!

19 cosas que todo hijo del medio conoce perfectamente

Porque el centro del emparedado siempre es lo mejor... ¿Verdad?

Everything You Need To Know About Miley Cyrus's New Dog Emu

You knew it would happen: Miley got a new dog.

13 Random Things You Shouldn't Microwave

Take caution or you’ll be in a sea of trouble.

Who Is The Palestinian Family Allegedly Behind The Deaths Of Three Israeli Teens?

The Qawasmeh family of Hebron has been named by officials as being behind the kidnappings and deaths that have horrified Israel.

How Much Do You Know About "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone"?

Does the Mirror of Erised show you getting a perfect score on this quiz?

Some Dude Ran On The Field During The World Cup

And he got out there pretty far.

14 Weird Cows

Very strange looking cows these days.

19 Red White & Booze Drinks You Must Try!

Get your drink on! Celebrate Independence Day with one of these patriotic drinks! Easy-to-make drinks for friends and family.

26 Times Theo Huxtable Proved He Could Totally Get It

A meditation on Cosby Show fashions.

29 Reasons Reading Will Actually Ruin Your Life

One more page before bed. Okay one more. Alright I'll finish the chapter. Let's just finish the book and not go to sleep tonight.

19 Cosas que solo una persona celosa entenderá

Todos hemos sido celosos más de alguna vez.

Why The Friend Zone Is Actually Dangerous For Women

Daniel Radcliffe recently told BuzzFeed that he isn't down with the friend zone. We aren't either.

42 Questions With "Game Of Thrones'" Pedro Pascal

The one and only Prince Oberyn stopped by BuzzFeed to answer 42 random questions so we can really see inside his soul. Some spoilers!

Texas Stereotypes - Things Texans Have To Explain To Everyone Else

If you had a dollar for every time someone asked if you rode a horse to school, you'd be richer than J.R. Ewing!

Cute Animals Predict The Future Of Religion-Driven Healthcare

This week, the Supreme Court ruled that businesses could refuse coverage for contraception based on the employer's religious beliefs. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the dissent, which offered a view on what other coverage could be restricted based on other religions. Here is a glimpse into that horrible future, made more palatable by cute animals.

19 dilemas a los que todo amante de los libros se ha enfrentado al menos una vez

Información de antemano: La respuesta siempre es sí.

This Delia's CD Playlist Will Blow '90s Girls' Minds

Songs from the catalog's free CDs that you haven't heard since 1998.

11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About America's First Zoo

For starters, it's 140 years old today.

This Guy Turned Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby Dissent Into A Song

Did he really just call five supreme court justices "slut shaming geezers"? Yes, yes he did.

Do You Really Love Food?

Hot man vs. hot sandwich: The ultimate Would You Rather.

29 Things Women Avoid Doing Because We Fear For Our Safety

These are some of the common ways that women restrict their actions every single day. And yes, it's exhausting.

Get Ready To Wipe Your Tears After You Watch This Heartwarming Short Film

"A family's everlasting promise of love and care is like the shelter of an umbrella."

The 14 Stages Of Stress Leading Up To The Big Game

Clear eyes, full hearts, oh my god I lose my goddamn mind if they lose.

A Paula Fernandes entende por que você odeia posar para fotos

Se nem ela sai bem em foto posada, não é você que vai sair.

Belgium Defeats United States 2-1

Belgium defeats the United States 2-1, advances to the quarterfinals to play Argentina.

17 Times Tara Thornton Didn't Have Time For Your Foolishness

Everybody knows, Tara held it down until the very end.

17 Animals That Are Probably Older Than Your Grandparents

These animals are like fine wines: They get better with age.

The Weirdest Conceivable Twist In The Fight Over Washington's NFL Team Name

Eight years ago, one of Virginia's most prominent liberal bloggers convinced America "macaca" was racist. Now he's in charge of convincing America "Redskins" isn't.

10 Surprising Facts About 10 Pet Shop Boys Singles

29 years ago today, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe – the synthpop duo better known as Pet Shop Boys – released their first single on Parlophone Records, “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money).” In celebration of this momentous anniversary, take a look and a listen back at this song and nine other classic singles from the PSB discography and, in the process, perhaps learn a few Pet Shop Boys facts that you might not have known before.

7 U.S. Presidents Awkwardly Interacting With Soccer Balls

The awkward interaction with piece of sporting equipment is a presidential past time.

23 Inspirational Responses To Sexual Violence Against Women In India

“The Fearless Collective” is an online project that encourages women to be fearless in the face of violent misogyny.

Look At This Boxer Puppy Enjoying Her Water Fountain

To help fight the summer heat, this pup quickly learned the trick to this outside water toy!

8 Of The Strangest Athlete Superstitions

People do weird things when they want to win.


The Fourth Of July is this Friday, and to honor that we decided to share with you the best (and worst) parts of the Fourth Of July. Fireworks and excessive Patriotism are in store for you. You have been warned. ‘Murica. Originally posted on Literally, Darling

19 Dorky Things You Will Only See At The Congressional Baseball Game

Take me out to the lobbyist sponsored blowout!

What A Storm Looks Like From Space

Go home, Zeus. You're drunk.

10 Incredible Easy Packing Hacks


The 9 Most Powerful Lessons Punk Rock Teaches You

"To me, punk rock is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are. It's freedom." – Patti Smith

What Does Your First Album Say About You?

Did you grow up with Blink-182 or learn not to chase waterfalls from TLC?

Baby Struggles To Stay Awake While Eating Cheese Puffs

To sleep or to snack, that is the question.

27 Vacation Photos That'll Make You Happy To Be At Work

Who needs vacation when you can just put your face on the copier and pretend it's sunshine?

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Losing Your Maturity?

Ur mom read this last night at my house.

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9 Reasons A Sharpie Is A DIYers Must-Have Tool

Almost more important than paint...almost.

Testing Whisper Embeds

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Why Do You Need Tank Girl?

She's more than a comic book drawing...

How Two Weird British Dudes In Blazers Are Winning The World Cup

(And getting Americans genuinely excited about soccer, too!)

Misdiagnosed Children: The Cost Of Living In An ADHD Nation [Video]

More children are misdiagnosed with ADHD than you might think...

This Is What 29 Million Cars Looks Like

GM announced Monday it's recalling 8.4 million cars, pushing the total number of recalled GM vehicles past 29 million — in 2014 alone. Here is what 29 million cars looks like.

The 7 Douchiest Roman Emperors

And they didn't even HAVE Ed Hardy trucker hats back then.

19 choses qui vous arrivent quand vous entrez dans la vie active

Félicitations ! Vous n'avez plus de vie.

NYPD Police Officer Convicted For Plotting To Rape, Kidnap, And Eat Women Is Free

The so-called "Cannibal Cop" was convicted in March 2013 of planning to kidnap, rape, kill, and cook women. A judge granted his release on $100,000 bond after his conviction was tossed.

Lo que vas a encontrar en los iPods de tus princesas favoritas de Disney

¿Quién sabía que la Bella durmiente era una fanática de la música electrónica?

39 Of The Best Things From Canada

Together, they almost make up for Bieber.

Top 11 Post-Grad Struggles

Yep, we've all been there. You've just graduated from college and stepped into the real world ... so what's next? Well, that rude neighbor Mr. Reality is knocking at the door and he's mighty persistent about entering uncharted territory (a.k.a. the job market.) Yikes! Here's our take on the post-grad life—for better and worse.

Check Out This Fabric That Changes With Sound

It's even better than those color-changing shirts from the '90s.

"Hot Felon" Gets An Agent, Might Do Some Modeling

Handsome Felon Jeremy Meeks signed with Hollywood agent Gina Rodriguez and is pursuing modeling or reality TV.

Fox News Host's Insane Definition Of "Beyoncé Voters"

"They depend on government because they're not depending on their husbands."

Bizarre Scene At Wimbledon As Serena Williams Bails Out Mid-Match

"I've never seen anything like this before."

The Guy Who Made The Video Game In "Her" Made A Real Game For Your iPhone

It's called MTN and it's a mountain simulator and it's beautiful.

This 9-Year-Old Diary Entry About Sex Speaks The Truth

Sept. 18, 1999: I KNOW ABOUT SEX.

Did You Know That 'Grey Worm' From Game Of Thrones Is Actually A R&B Singer In Real Life?

Off the screen of HBO, the 'Grey Worm' actor, Jacob Anderson, doubles up as a soulful singer. Check out his latest single here.

17 signes qui montrent que vous êtes un enfant unique

Enfants uniques de tous les pays, unissez-vous !

We Don't Like "Feliz Navidad" And We Don't Eat Tacos

An excerpt from The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henríquez, a fantastic new novel about love and friendship in a multicultural immigrant community.

Fitness Inspiration That's Actually Realistic

Nothing tastes as good as skinny pffffffffffffffft.

Arcadia: The Coolest Thing To Take Photos Of At Glastonbury

The massive fire-breathing Arachnid stage is a camera-friendly crowd pleaser.

What's Going On With This Photo In Valerie Jarrett's Office?

An NBC package over the weekend shows an odd display.

27 imagens que vão convencer o Google a cancelar o fim do Orkut

Todas elas foram compartilhadas por membros do grupo Orkut - Back-up, no Facebook.

16 cosas que toda persona de 29 años sabe que son ciertas

Por favor deja de preguntarme cómo me siento por "los grandes 3-0". Porque no lo sé.

Le classement des lignes du métro parisien

De la moins atroce à la plus horrible. Parce que la vie serait bien trop facile sans la RATP.

CNN Host's Patriotic Man-Breast Trick

I guess you could say Chris Cuomo did it for the Vine

The Government Would Lose More Than A Billion Dollars If For-Profit College Fails

Midnight tonight is the deadline for the Department of Education to reach an agreement with collapsing for-profit college giant Corinthian.

Adults Share The Wrongest Things They Used To Believe About Sex

"I thought babies were born through bums."

28 Old People Who Don't Give A Damn What You Think Any More

Because old people don't need your approval.

Argentina Defeats Switzerland 1-0 In Extra Time

Argentina advances to the quarterfinal to take on the the winner of Belgium vs. USA.

A Definitive Ranking Of David Fincher Movies

Because we're all counting down until "Gone Girl." And because David Fincher.

23 Things Everyone Who Lives In Florida Will Understand

Time to break out my winter hoodie.

American Beers Of Yesteryear: 23 Old-school Brews Your Parents Drank

Before craft beer boomed, these were the brews dominating America's sudsy scene.

20 increíbles artículos del "Rey león" que puedes comprar en Etsy

Han pasado veinte años desde que "El Rey León" debutó en los cines, ¿por qué no celebrarlo con algún estilo genial?

32 Science Fiction, Fantasy And Similar Books To Dive Into This July

It's hard to believe that the year's half over already. The onslaught of books continues, with 33 exciting looking science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, space novels to keep your bookshelves full this month, just in time for vacation.

37 Times Emma Watson Proved That She's Always Been Super-Human Gorgeous

There's almost too much perfection to handle here.

This Is What Happens When English People Try To Draw Scotland

We asked the English (and two American) members of the office to draw Scotland from memory. We couldn't be more sorry.

3 Facebook Comments That Strongly Suggest Americans Do Not Know Where Wales Is

Wales is a place in which over three million people live.

25 Realities Of Being A Late Bloomer

Started from the bottom now we're here.

31 Delicious Things You Need To Cook In July

Not to be corny, but July food is the berry best.

23 Totally Inexcusable Breaches Of Cell Phone Etiquette

The only cell some people deserve is a jail cell.

13 Bizarre Nightmares That Will Keep You Awake For Days

"Mariah Carey got angry and stabbed me to death with a carrot."

E se Friends fosse filmado no Brasil?

Spoiler: seria uma ótima série.

Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: A Winning Quarter

Jim Cramer's favorite stocks in the June 30 edition of Mad Money include: Sonic, Timken and Emerge Energy Services.

Here's What You Should Eat For Dinner

This fresh and healthy quinoa-lentil salad has everything you need from a meal in one bowl.

22 Incredibly Hypnotizing GIFs You Can Watch Again And Again And Again

And again and again and again and again. And again and again and again and again. And again and again and again and again. And again and again and again and again. And again and again and again and again. And again and again and again and again. And again and again and again and again.

Waffle House Social Media Accounts Just Declared War Against Belgian Waffles

For a fast food chain, this is a pretty high level of sass.

This Canadian Teen Just Released The Only Summer Jam You Need

Meet Francesco Yates, the big-haired, big-souled R&B phenom whose first single you'll be listening to all summer. Happy Canada Day!

Twitter Names Former Goldman Banker Anthony Noto As CFO

Noto was the banker in charge of taking the company public in November and left Goldman Sachs in May. He will get a stock grant worth about $64 million with an option to buy $21 million more.

13 Reasons Why Kenmore Insane Asylum Is Australia's Scariest Place

Insane asylums in general create a significant 'yeesh' factor, but an abandoned insane asylum with a history of awful deaths and a famous murder? Jinkies, Scooby.

An Open Letter To Future Sorority Girls

Choose people who will change your life.

A coisa mais sinistra que você nunca reparou no clipe “Hold It Against Me” da Britney

Como nós poderíamos saber que havia algo de errado logo aqui?

Você é expert em pagode 90?

Teste seus conhecimentos a partir de gráficos importantíssimos.

45 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About The Founding Fathers

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that all farts should smell better, and that all Founding Fathers of this great nation should smoke copious amounts of hemp.

This Woman's Bikini Colostomy Bag Pic Went Viral And Now She Hopes To Be A Model

When a picture gets 190,000 likes on Facebook, it gets them for a reason.

Yoga On Instagram Vs. Yoga In Reality

It's harder than it looks.

18 personas que recibieron exactamente lo que merecían

Esto no es culpa de nadie, solamente tuya.

23 Reasons Wetherspoons Is The Best Thing That Happened To Britain

Beer, burgers, excellent value, converted churches and lone men muttering to themselves. Spoons, we salute you.

South Sudan Violence Targets Hospitals And Their Patients

The latest phase of armed conflict has destroyed much of the country's health system and made it difficult to reach patients.

14 Anonymous Confessions That Reveal Men Really Love Taylor Swift

The Secret Male Taylor Swift Lover is real and he is everywhere.

La clasificación definitiva de los híbridos Corgi

¿Cómo clasificaría a tu cachorro favorito?

Brickify Yourself

Turn your selfie into a mosaic of colorful bricks!

16 Unbelievably Adorable Things That Will Happen During A Kitten Apocalypse

"They're so cute I could die!" Be careful what you wish for.

15 Problems All Ravers Will Understand

My calves ache already.

39 Incredibly Bleak Photos Of Post-Glastonbury Devastation

900 litter pickers are on site. It will take six weeks to get back to normal.

What Australian Capital Cities Think About Other Australian Capital Cities

Australians are a fickle bunch and we all have opinions on our neighbouring cities whether they're true or not.

People Are Trying To Get Facebook To Ban A 19-Year-Old Cheerleader Who Hunts Endangered Animals

WARNING: This post contains graphic photos of rare big-game hunting. UPDATE: Facebook has removed most of the photos.

Which Reality TV Show Should You Audition For?

Get ready for your 15 minutes of fame.

This Couple Had A "Game Of Thrones"-Themed Wedding

And no one was brutally murdered either.

19 galères que tous les cadets d'une fratrie connaissent

N'oubliez jamais : la meilleure partie d'un sandwich, c'est le milieu.

Paris Hilton Lands The Token Racist Invite

The BET people really need to work on their pro forma white invites. I understand you’re black entertainment for everybody, including wealthy white heiresses with hot new house music singles tracking in Qatar. But maybe you don’t pick the girl with…

Nicolas Sarkozy Is The First Former French President To Be Held By Police

Ex-president questioned by police over alleged corruption.

One Man Does The Impossible In Shocking Video

This man has found a new way to put on pants.

Kim Kardashian On What It's Really Like To Be A Mom

Kim Kardashian opens up about raising North.

Former Executive Suing Tinder For Sexual Harrassment Drops Her Case

Dating app Tinder was being sued for sexual harassment and discrimination by the company's former co-founder and marketing vice president, Whitney Wolfe. The case now appears to have been dropped.

23 Times Disney Princesses Were Actually Feminists

These princesses are so much more than we remember from our childhood - maybe that's why we're having such a resurgence of feminism these days?

Everything You Need To Know About SF's Great Horror Campout

Oh, this? It's just the Great Horror Campout, an all-night, super-terrifying, interactive scavenger hunt/sleepover party/in-real-life horror movie coming to the Alameda Fairgrounds on July 11th and 12th. Here's everything (else) you need to know…

The Truth About Queefing (Yep — We're Going There)

Planned Parenthood answers a pressing question about queefing.

How Going Vegan Triggered This Instagram Star's Orthorexia

Jordan Younger built a successful brand and a devoted following upon being "The Blonde Vegan," until an eating disorder forced her to reevaluate where wellness and true passion lie.

24 Times Homer Simpson Was Right

You might want to rethink that "Homer Is a Dope" shirt.

The Chef Who's Leading The Backlash Against Mississippi's New Anti-Gay Law

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, Mississippi is enacting a law that could sanction anti-LGBT discrimination. Can the state's most prominent chef and cultural ambassador help keep his adoptive home from repeating its ugly past?

Mexican Teen Fatally Shot By Border Patrol Protected By U.S. Constitution, Court Rules

Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca, 15, was shot in 2010 by a Border Patrol agent. The boy's parents can now move forward with a lawsuit civil suit.

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