21 Questionable Cleaning Hacks That Are Actually Kind Of Brilliant

Laziness is next to godliness.

1. Let’s face it, we’re not on this planet for a very long time.

2. So as much as we’d like to be paragons of cleaning perfection, chances are, that’s not always gonna happen.

3. We have to get resourceful in order to stave off the scourges of nature.

5. We have to turn to our feline friends in the never-ending quest to stay tidy.

7. We have to use whatever everyday objects are at our disposal.

13. And sometimes we have to make sacrifices so the world will keep on turning.

17. But even then, there are some things we will never, ever resort to.

19. (And some things we totally will.)

21. Because at the end of the day, what matters is not how clean your house is, nor how long you’ve spent getting to know your Swiffer.

It’s how clean everyone THINKS it is.

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