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The Rape Trial Of Two Ex-NYPD Cops Was Just Thrown Into Limbo

The attorney for Anna Chambers, the alleged victim, told BuzzFeed News that "nothing has changed in terms of what happened to Anna on that night.”

Jessica Testa • 9 months ago

A Huge Review Of How The NYPD Disciplines Officers Is About To Be Completed And Could Be Made Public Soon

The review came after a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed the NYPD allowed about 300 employees to keep their jobs despite committing fireable offenses.

Mike Hayes • 9 months ago

A Proposed Law Requires The NYPD To Examine A Way To Make The Disciplinary System More Consistent

The legislation follows a BuzzFeed News investigation that found the NYPD kept officers on the force after they committed fireable offenses, such as lying under oath and assaulting people in custody.

Kendall Taggart • 9 months ago

An NYPD Sex Crimes Detective Is Under Investigation For Sexually Assaulting A Fellow Officer

The officer has been placed on modified duty and an internal investigation is underway, multiple sources confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Mike Hayes • 10 months ago

Sandy Hook Elementary Was Evacuated After A Threat On The Sixth Anniversary Of The Shooting Massacre

Police told local media that the threat has not been deemed credible. The school was reportedly closed for the day.

Mike Hayes • 10 months ago

Former Bloomberg Employees And Their Conspirators Were Charged With Stealing More Than $15 Million From The Company

The former employees allegedly received kickbacks in the form of cash, custom barbecues, stainless steel appliances, and lavish landscaping from allegedly complicit subcontractors.

Mike Hayes • 10 months ago

Four Former Bloomberg Employees Were Charged With Bribery And Will Be Arrested In An Alleged Construction Fraud Case

Sources said that former employees of a construction company and a metal and glass business were also charged.

Mike Hayes • 10 months ago

A Registered Nurse Told First Responders He Couldn’t Breathe. He Died After Waiting Almost 20 Minutes For a Second Ambulance.

“The system failed me,” Quam Ahmodu’s father told BuzzFeed News. Officials said they did nothing wrong.

Mike Hayes • 10 months ago

The Cop Said He “Slipped.” The Video Shows Him Forcing An 11-Year-Old Girl To The Ground. He Wasn’t Punished.

Confidential department documents show that then–NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton shut down disciplinary proceedings. The officer has also shared Facebook posts that denigrate black people and Muslims.

Kendall Taggart • 11 months ago

Pipe Bombs Were Sent To Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN, And Prominent Democrats In An Act Of Terrorism

"It appears that an individual or individuals sent out multiple similar packages," said an FBI official.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 11 months ago

Two NYPD Officers Busted For Gambling And Prostitution Have A History Of Misconduct, Records Show

Two of the seven officers arrested Wednesday have been docked vacation days in the past after allegations of serious misconduct, secret files exclusively revealed by BuzzFeed News show.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

NY’s Attorney General Subpoenaed The Catholic Church In Its Child Sex Abuse Investigation

The state’s attorney general is seeking documents and information on payments to victims as part of its civil probe into the church.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

The Trump Organization's Chief Financial Officer Was Granted Immunity In Michael Cohen's Prosecution

Allen Weisselberg has worked for the Trump Organization for more than 40 years.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

The NYPD Officer Who Shot A Man In The Face Has Been Fired

Sgt. Ritchard Blake has been fired from the NYPD and is under investigation for possible criminal charges over the shooting.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

House Republican Chris Collins Has Been Charged With Insider Trading

The New York lawmaker faces federal charges of insider trading and lying to the FBI, along with his son and son's future father-in-law.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

The NYPD Cop Who Shot A Man In The Face Has A History Of Aggression, Police Records Show

Sgt. Ritchard Blake was disciplined in 2011 for engaging “in a physical altercation,” according to secret disciplinary records previously published by BuzzFeed News.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

The NYPD Announces An Independent Panel Will Review Its Disciplinary Program

BuzzFeed News found in March that the NYPD allowed officers to keep their jobs following serious acts of misconduct.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

The NYPD’s Plan To Release Anonymous Disciplinary Records Is Still On Hold

After a BuzzFeed News investigation, the NYPD said it would release limited information about police officer discipline. The union has so far blocked that from happening.

Mike Hayes • One year ago

The District Attorney Says The NYPD Isn’t Telling Prosecutors Which Cops Have A History Of Lying

“These limitations frustrate our ability, not only to prepare for trial, but to make early assessments of witness credibility.”

Mike Hayes • One year ago

Police Union Tried To Block Publication Of NYPD Database

The unusual request came as BuzzFeed News was preparing to release thousands of secret disciplinary records.

Kendall Taggart • One year ago