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July 30, 2014

Is Snapchat Worth $10 Billion?

According to reports, that's what a group of investors, including Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, are valuing the disappearing photo app company in funding talks. Snapchat, which has already raised $100 million in venture capital, turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook last year, a decision many observers mocked at the time.

24 Mysterious And Chilling Pictures Of Abandoned Buildings From The Soviet Union

British photographer Rebecca Litchfield travelled across the former USSR to capture these remarkable images of decaying public buildings in deserted towns. Taken from the book Soviet Ghosts.

Extraordinary First World War Art, From Initial Sketches To Finished Paintings

The Imperial War Museum have shared this remarkable collection of iconic World War One art, showing the creative process from sketch to final painting.

The 10 Most Lesbian Moments Of The 90s

To celebrate her upcoming Edinburgh show, Nineties Woman, comedian and writer Rosie Wilby talked to about the most lesbian things that happened in the 90s. Let's all put on some denim, feather our hair and get out our Dr Martens to celebrate this formative decade.

Before And After Satellite Images Reveal Extent Of Destruction In Gaza

The United Nations Institute of Training and Research have collected images from the Pleiades satellite showing destruction in Gaza following Israel's Operation Protective Edge.

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