This Thundercloud Lamp Is Something Everyone Needs In Their Home Today

It puts your $29.99 Ikea lamp to shame.

1. The “Cloud” is an interactive lamp and speaker system that is designed to replicate a thundercloud in both looks and sound.

Video available at:
Richard Clarkson / Via

2. Using motion sensors, the “Cloud” is able to create a unique thunder and lightning show based on the user’s movements.

Richard Clarkson / Via

3. It also features a powerful built-in speaker system that allows users to stream their music from any Bluetooth-compatible device.

Richard Clarkson / Via

4. In short, this is pretty much the sickest lamp you can have in your house/apartment, and it can be all yours for a measly $3,360.

Richard Clarkson / Via

5. So start saving up, guys!

Richard Clarkson / Via

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