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August 1, 2010

Pomparkour is supposedly a new sport that is described as parkour with ladders.

It blows up.

This will be good for his career.

Scandals happen all the time.

A relative has been accused of stabbing two young girls she was baby-sitting at a home across the street from Martha Stewart.

Remember: Mindless creatures that feed on human flesh shouldn't factor into your business plan, Ever.

Poor marmots.

I want a one liner pigeon.

Guido is good!!!

Poor Harlem.

It's not made of gold.

What about us domestics?!

It's here.

All of 'em!

Thank GOD for Twitter!

A Facebook serenade.

Lizzy Caplan, who won over critics Party Down and my boner in True Blood, is now developing a comedy for HBO.

Former New Hampshire high school teacher Melinda Dennehy, 41, pleaded guilty to emailing a 15-year-old student naked pictures of herself with her genitals exposed.

She's one classy broad.

Kenny lays down his expectations.

And wank motions.

It's official: The Chevrolet Volt, the new plug-in electric hybrid car from General Motors, will cost $41,000—that's a four-seat hatchback for about the base price of a BMW 335i.

What you're seeing is no illusion — Jennifer Garner is a really fun mom!



The coincidence of a lifetime.

3 cougar lesbians go back to school to look for younger women.

You ask questions, she answers them. This little girl is a comedic genius.

The years fly by so fast, dont they?

Fucking hipsters.

T.I. married Tiny.


Slam piggin it up in Ibiza.

Mark Sanchez and "Entourage" hottie Jamie-Lynn Sigler have split over the Jets quarterback's wandering eye, sources tell Page Six.

Nintendo's sloppy seconds are the gaming industry's secret to success.

"This is like outer space."

This is my worst nightmare.

Stunning, gorgeous, flawless, etc.

'80s heartthrob Aidan Quinn is jealous.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky were officially married on Saturday night. Finally.

Snooki didn't do anything!!!!

Following Tea Party-backed candidate Sharron Angle's come-from-nowhere win in Nevada's Republican primary, the conservative hopeful has found herself trekking along a rocky road in her quest to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

There is a thin line between funny prank and fiery death.

Laurence Fishburne's 19-year-old daughter Montana (above) apparently made a sex tape/porno.

The goons at SomethingAwful have created real-life versions of their favorite emoticon images.

Drew Carey is a skinny mini.

The players had to endure a six-hour public shaming once they returned home.

He hasn't stood in 10 years.

Inside Chelsea Clinton's vegan wedding.

While Zac Efron was making a visit to an NYC strip club, his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens has been making a visit to a Hollywood church.

She's looking really good.

She's done with it.

Laurence Fishburne's 19-year-old daughter is making a serious push to break into Hollywood -- and she's doing it with a hardcore sex tape.

Check out the summer beauty looks that celebrities wore during July’s heat wave.

Things are not looking up for Casey Affleck. A second woman who worked with Affleck on his Joaquin Phoenix documentary is claiming sexual harassment,...

TMZ has learned Foxy Brown was in the middle of massive brawl tonight in the lobby of a New York City apartment building.


If any of you young girls out there are taking notes, Laurence Fishburne's 19-year-old daughter Montana has found a fool-proof way to break into Hollywood...

Rep. Charlie Rangel had to decide on Thursday which he cares about more: his party or his job.

We don't need it!


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