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August 31, 2010

Book Jewelry

Artist Jeremy May makes jewelry by carving shapes out of books and laminating them. Now you can finally get that (Moby) Dick ring you always wanted. No idea where that totally unnecessary crude joke came from. Here are some pretty pictures to cleanse your palate. (From, via.)

The Real Panda Dog

Some people go as far as painting their dogs to look like pandas, but not this pooch, he is the real deal.


Shareaholic is an awesome browser extension that helps you share stuff you discover across all of your favorite social bookmarking sites. And as of today, that includes BuzzFeed, so if you're already using it, you should add us to your preferences (it'll take a few more days before we're on the Firefox version, though). Shareaholic is available for all the major browsers, and it's worth checking out if you're someone who uses browser extensions!

The Blaze

Glenn Beck has launched a new website, called The Blaze, which he hopes will be a Conservative answer to The Huffington Post. As he explains in his manifesto for the site, "The image of flame is a powerful." So you know he's taking this thing pretty seriously.

Full Metal Disney

The Disney Dubbers are at it again. This time they've taken the famous opening boot camp scene from Full Metal Jacket and given it a dose of Disney magic. (via)

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