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June 1, 2017

The company is expanding its self-driving car efforts.

Food can be scary, too.

I had to ask my mom if I could post this.

"Make Our Planet Great Again"

Este domingo 4 de junio son las elecciones en Estado de México, Coahuila, Nayarit y Veracruz.

"If you agree with me, the best thing you can do is to never go to that website."

It's all in the music.


"It is that horrible stereotype that a menopausal woman should shut up shop and say goodbye to her reproductive years, along with the enjoyable and physical aspects of that, and start knitting."

For example, faking orgasms.

A classic RiRi album kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday.

It's the thought that counts... sometimes.

Bryan Moles made his first court appearance on Thursday.

De Crissy, para el mundo.

No novo pedido, o procurador-geral da República, Rodrigo Janot, diz que único obstáculo para a prisão era o fato de ele estar na condição de deputado e só poder ser preso em flagrante. Com a volta de Osmar Serraglio para a Câmara, Loures perdeu a cadeira no parlamento e tal impedimento passou a inexistir.

"Please hold your applause until after the—THAT'S MY BABY!!!"

Micah Fletcher met Destinee Mangum yesterday for the first time since the attack.

That's 140,000 calls A DAY.

"Wherever we live, whoever we are, we all share the same responsibility: make our planet great again," said the president of France, who actually represents Paris.

Icebergs are melting, flash floods are springing up, and droughts are becoming more severe.

No, not that head. The other one. With the brain in it.

"This is one of the most reckless & reprehensible decisions ever made by a US president."

El #OmbréPinkDrink llegó para quedarse. Bueno, hasta que se agote.

Houve 154 tiroteios na região metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro só em abril, segundo o site Fogo Cruzado, que monitora o dado.

Police have released a collection of CCTV images of Salman Abedi — captured at undisclosed locations across the Manchester — in an effort to discover when the terrorist bought the components he used to build a bomb.

One of the world's most powerful bankers is not happy about the US pulling out of an international climate treaty.

Sssshhhh, no le digan a nadie, pero toooodas lo hacemos.

All you have to is give up that gosh darn avocado toast.

So many layers!

Meal kit company Blue Apron filed for an IPO today. The company brought in nearly $800 million in revenue last year.

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming will premiere on Aug. 6 on Syfy.

The struggle is real — it's just Animal Style.

Each neighborhood has a different personality.

If you like it then you better cut a check for it.

"Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world."

Today's forecast calls for shade.

Europe's leaders took to social media to condemn Trump's decision, and reaffirm their commitment to the climate agreement.

I'm at a point in my life and in my pain where I'm willing to try anything.




Definitely not Jason Blossom.

Porque nós testamos e curtimos!

"Draw me like one of your French dogs."

A pergunta que não quer calar!

"Holding back the tears."

Por exemplo, o Clay de "13 Reasons Why" já apareceu em "Grey's Anatomy".

Hay miles de fans decepcionados, inclusive hay quienes amenazan con cancelar sus suscripciones.

When our systems for justice fail, who takes up the burden? Women. Warning: Spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched The Keepers.


Uma postagem viralizou pedindo incentivos de mulheres com undercut para Larinha, que precisou raspar parte do cabelo para uma cirurgia.

Mais de 24 mil usuárias do YouPorn responderam a um questionário sobre seus hábitos.

They don't know how good they have it!


Musk threatened to quit on Wednesday if Trump pulled the trigger.

¿En qué espectro del arcoíris estás?

Is it guh-DOUGH? Guh-DOT?

Necesitas esas risas, y lo sabes.

She'll always be his daughter — but she'll never be his base.

"This whole experience has taught me that New Yorkers are such a collaborative and warm bunch of people."

She's throwin' far too much emotions at me.

Is this a good ombré or a bad ombré?

Melhor você se sentar antes de ler este post.

"We want to just make music that impacts people—we don't really care about the rest."

Tem as moral???

"Kinda like the band playing on the deck of the Titanic?"

We've all been Hoda.

Estratégia da petista no julgamento do TSE é mostrar que, em caso de cassação, punição teria de atingir o atual presidente.

Your soul is a mixtape.

Proyecto Puente, dirigido por el periodista Luis Alberto Medina, pidió que las autoridades investiguen el caso.

The lawsuit pits the new, far-right activist press against the mainstream media.

Diez policías vs. un hombre armado con un machete... todo al ritmo de una banda sonora épica.

A notícia que "Sense8" foi cancelada pela Netflix acabou com o dia de muita gente.

Lawyers at the African Canadian Legal Clinic are making below-average salaries.

Police said the victims died of apparent smoke inhalation from a fire. The gunman killed himself before he could be confronted by officers.

¡Fácil, deliciosos y 100% Bien Tasty!

And they threw in hidden Mariah shade!

It's too damn hot to cook dinner.

Still plenty of time to catch up. Did you know there's a prequel to Train to Busan, and it's even darker?

Pelo menos do ponto de vista do pai da criança.

Netflix confirmed today that the original series will not return for a third season.

Mayor Adler ain't got time for sexism.

"¿Tu plan es vivir rodeado de mascotas hasta que mueras?" Pues no suena como un mal plan, eh.

Can you identify these 8 breeds correctly?

"Se juntas já causa, imagina juntas!"

You scared yet?


spoiler: tem chocolate!

Ícones de nosso tempo.

Everyone is in this movie.

*Fans self* Y-yes. Only men.

Use the code NASTY40 at checkout.

Fancy staying in a fantasy treehouse overlooking a glittering loch? Come to Scotland.

"Let's get it on."

Immigration authorities said they did not sanction or issue the signs being reported in the Washington, DC, area.

Unos chistes de heterosexuales hicieron enojar a medio mundo, entre ellos, Chumel Torres. BuzzFeed México contactó a ambos para entender sus puntos de vista.

If only it was real :/.

Los privilegios de la clase política se deben ir acabando, asegura el diputado independiente Pedro Kumamoto.

¿Fuerte como un león o tiernísimo como una nutria?


The official "I don't know her" quiz.

It’s hard to track what is happening in the online campaign, but with the help of Who Targets Me, BuzzFeed News has gained unprecedented access to Conservative Facebook adverts – and details of who they’re targeting.

Cars, bungalows, trips,

"Why representation always matters: Wonder Woman edition."

"I can do it myself I'm not a baby!!" *one minute later* "MUM CAN YOU HELP MEEE!!"

La comediante dice que Martha fumó en un lugar cerrado, al lado de una embarazada y encima la censuró.

Jane Krakowski sure can play a narcissistic, rich, blonde lady from NYC!

"Order corn."

The unholy stink of hair removal cream.

For a growing number of Christians in the US, faith-based health care sharing ministries seem like the perfect alternative to an expensive, volatile insurance marketplace. But there may be serious drawbacks for some members — and for everyone else.

"Bevor du geblinzelt hast, ist es vorbei."

Three cheers for passing this quiz.

"fuck sake first my guy justin bieber had conjunctivitis and now he's only gone n chipped his tooth."

"Your mcm vanishes in Ramadan because he is a shaitaan"

Get ready, because the list is extensive.

Am I ready for motherhood? Let's find out.

Well, sort of. He only has four fingers so he can't really give the middle one, but the intent was there.

The independent inspector general for the Justice Department released a report on Thursday identifying problems with how one of its offices tracks and responds to sexual harassment and misconduct claims.

The internet was an entirely different place back then.

Never knew how much I missed ya!

Warning: This post contains intense passive aggression.

Serras e vales, praias desertas e comidas gostosas.

Comparados ao Universo, somos apenas uma partícula de poeira.

"You've heard of Big Foot, now get ready for... Small Hand."

Der Geschmack von Elmex Gelee.

Don't go broke!

You must visit them all!

"XOXO Gossip Girl."

Deals on high-waisted bathing suits, Turkish bath towels, color-changing nail polish, and more!

Mas o gosto do bicarbonato é bem ruim.

Her hustle is truly unmatched!

Operação apura pagamentos feitos pela UTC, a pedido de João Vaccari Neto, a gráficas ligadas ao ex-deputado Chico Gordo (PT). Empresas também são investigadas por ligação à campanha Dilma-Temer.

Who's in charge?

El responsable #1 de tus traumas infantiles.

Make life less of a ~beach~ this summer.

A third confirmed detection of gravitational waves from colliding black holes has provided a new and extreme test of Einstein's general relativity theory. Which it's passed, again.

Wunderschöne Filme, wunderschöne Tattoos.

Dejad en paz a @tas.

"I put a Lady Gaga playlist in the background for encouragement."

"All we get are cliches and platitudes," Michael Crick of Channel 4 News told the prime minister at a campaign stop.

Just fucking kill me.

A bystander filmed an Avon and Somerset police officer punching a man as was he being restrained on the floor.

Sérgio Harfouche convocou milhares de pais de Dourados (MS) para falar sobre evasão escolar. No meio da palestra, expulsou "feitiçaria" e pecados com oração. Os pais que não participassem do evento foram ameaçados com multa.

"Why is it okay to tell young kids being fat = ugly?"

How have their lives kicked off since the show ended ELEVEN years ago?

Anything above 15 is a VERY good score. Warning: you will definitely kick yourself.

Are you a hopeless romantic? Or is that a deal-breaker?

Vous allez être étonnés.

Delatado pela JBS, Lúcio Funaro diz ter provas a oferecer contra principais nomes do governo Temer.

Caftans are comfy AF, but you could use some more options.

If a pyramid made of pasta is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

ADVERTENCIA: Esta publicación contiene un montón de spoilers y emociones intensas. Obviamente.

En Marche! est parti pour maintenir l'investiture d'un candidat épinglé pour avoir tenu des propos homophobes. Des militants ayant travaillé sur le programme du candidat Macron ont rédigé un texte pour demander que son investiture soit levée. Une candidate aux législatives demande aussi son retrait. Le parti a toutefois décidé de le maintenir.


That's when good neighbours disagree over the constitutional future of the UK.

Smoothe smoothies.

The president called the 2015 international agreement a "deal that punishes the United States," but added that the US will try to negotiate "a deal that's fair."

173 Jahre Pornomaterial.

Do you talk about porn with your friends?


Tschüss ihr ollen Kartoffelpuffer!

They are doing THE MOST.

Pour info, ce n'est pas un post où je vais vous dire de conserver ~une poignée d'amandes~ sur vous à tout moment.

The former UKIP leader — who BuzzFeed News saw visiting Julian Assange in March of this year — is reportedly part of a wide-scale investigation into Russian involvement in the US presidential election.

Our biases start at home, kids.

Nominative determinism, or just a massive coincidence?

Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb!

They're just so wholesome.

This week's KUWTK looks set to be dedicated to the fallout from Caitlyn's book.

"Edinburgh shitebag uni [sent] me an erroneous midnight email," complained one student, after wrongly being told they hadn't done enough to graduate.

Todo apunta a que no sabe.

Deals at Gymboree, Nieman Marcus, Forever 21, and more!

Le petit-déjeuner vient juste de s'améliorer!

Pour tous les VRAIS Potterheads.

¿Alquilar o cenar aguacate? La eterna duda.


Can you tell the difference?

It's time to find out how many other people think Ross is the worst.





Elle a 12 ans et elle est mille fois plus courageuse que vous.

Trump will reveal his decision on whether the US will withdraw from the Paris climate deal on Thursday. Viral WhatsApp rumors have caused real damage to people’s lives in Brazil — but it’s hard for the company to stop them. And how suicide is depicted onscreen for young audiences has become one of the most debated topics of the year.

My teen brothers would never.

This is real life!


Campaigners say Theresa May's plan to replace free hot meals with breakfasts will cause huge disruption for schools and be bad for pupils, without saving as much money as the Tories' say.



These are the people running our country smh.



¡Ave todopoderosa hamburguesa!

Le quiz Disney est réservé uniquement à des candidats sérieux.

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

Did you pay attention on your last flight?


On est Réunionnais-e ou on ne l'est pas.

Winter is here and Australians, as per usual, are surprised.

Warning: This post contains stories about pet hamsters eating their young.


The Queensland businesswoman regularly posted on Facebook praising the government's support for coal mining.

"Her vitriol is not just an opinion."


I need 12 boxes delivered to my doorstep ASAP.

I'll be ugly crying for the rest of my life.




More than a quarter of Coalition voters in a new Galaxy poll say they are more likely to want a change in government if same-sex marriage isn't dealt with.





Honestly why do we do this to ourselves? Warning: graphic images and mentions of rape and suicide.

Everyone needs a bucket list.

BuzzFeed Newsは詩織さんと山口敬之氏、双方に取材した。

We've got 99 problems, but bad weather ain't one.

There's five designs to choose from, including a sanitary pad and a diagram of a uterus.

Every doggo is a good doggo.

A 16-year-old girl in suburban Chicago shoplifted a knife and machete, hailed an Uber, and then began hacking the driver from behind, prosecutors said.

Prior to being cast opposite the first black Bachelorette, Lee Garrett reportedly tweeted, "What's the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? One has the sense of shame to cover their racist ass faces."

Clinton went in on Twitter, Facebook, and the sharing of fake news at a tech conference. But she cited two examples that aren't entirely true.

Home is where the magic is.

This is the year I'm going to make that Halloween costume I always talk about.

It's not ~entirely~ what you think.

You'll be surprised.

This matters.

Ugh, stop it, guys.

It's not just a bunch of hocus pocus!

*very Walter White voice* I am the one who quizzes.

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