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Who Would You Pick To Star In Your Imaginary, But Perfect, Gay Film?

"Viola Davis and Cate Blanchett are lawyers working on opposing sides of a high profile case but end up falling in love."

Let's be honest. LGBT representation on the big screen is still hard to find – good representation, that is.

If you could write and cast your very own queer film... who would land the leading roles?

Would it be a rom-com? A high-suspense thriller? A buddy-cop comedy for the ages?

Maybe it's a much-needed sequel...

... or a new spin on an old classic?

Maybe you'd cast actors who are constantly underrepresented on screen, or (wild thought here) queer actors in the queer roles:

If money were no object and any actor would be on board... who would you want to see mash faces on the big screen?

So let's make some imaginary movie magic here! Share your vision with us for the chance to be featured in an upcoming LGBT post.

In a few sentences in the comments below, tell us the basic plot and who your dream leading actors and cast would be.