19 Home Cooking Fails That'll Hurt Your Soul Just A Little

    It's the thought that counts... sometimes.

    1. This home cook and their lit pan-fried chicken.

    2. And this hungry soul who left their nuggs in the oven just a little longer than necessary.

    3. This person and their pretty impressive burnt pasta cake.

    4. And this person's less impressive penne.

    5. This cook and their sad discovery that not all pan lids are oven-proof.

    6. And this person who somehow managed to burn a brick of two-minute noodles.

    7. This confident cook who tried to bake their pizza without a tray.

    8. And this one who forgot what a timer was.

    9. This chef and their heartbreaking attempt at straining pasta.

    10. And this just really, super, crazily unlucky egg-cracker.

    My young baby Brother tried to cook an egg and this happened HAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂

    11. This unfortunate soul who mistook cooking spray for dry shampoo.

    12. And this girl and her attempted grilled cheese waffle struggle.

    13. This home cook who underestimated the strength of couscous.

    14. And this wizard responsible for these gravity-defying chicken nuggets.

    15. This home cook who probably had a pretty tough time cleaning up.

    16. And this one, who I can assume said "fuck it" and just threw the whole damn pan away.

    17. This cook and her microwaved... I don't even know, tbh.

    18. This dad who tried to serve up a nice, family breakfast.

    19. And, of course, this overly excited lasagna-lover.