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Everyone Stop What You're Doing Because The Oreo Cereal Is Coming Back

I need 12 boxes delivered to my doorstep ASAP.

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If you were alive during the '90s, then chances are you remember the glorious sugar-filled cereal known as Oreo O's.


These bad boys were the taste of childhood, and arguably one of the best cereals on the market. That is, until 2007, when they were discontinued and taken off shelves, leaving us heartbroken.


For 10 long years we have waited patiently and pleaded for the cereal to return, but it seemed as if our prayers went unanswered.


Well, my dears, I'm here to tell you our prayers were not in vain. Starting in June, Oreo O's will officially be back in cereal aisles across the United States.


Our dreams have become a reality. Soon we shall fill our bowls to the brim with these mini flavor miracles, and as we dip our spoons ever so lightly into the bowl, bringing the Oreo O's straight to our mouth, we will pause and realize that this, this is what life is all about.


Who else is beyond ready for a bowl of Oreo O's?

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