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16 Dog Tinder Pics Guaranteed To Make You Uncomfortable

"Draw me like one of your French dogs."

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Inspired by this picture, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the BuzzFeed Community to send me accidentally sexy pictures of their dogs.

soundersfan17 / Via

1. So, they sent them.


2. Lots of them.


3. And pretty soon I realized I had absolutely no idea what to do with them.


4. 16 Dogs Working What Their Mamma Gave Them?


5. 16 Pics Your Dog Would Definitely Swipe Right On??


6. 16 Pics Guaranteed To Make Your Dog Say "AROOOOOOO"???


7. Nothing quite felt appropriate.


8. So here we are.


9. Just a bunch of dogs posing like nobody's watching.


10. With no shame in their game.


11. Formatted to look like Tinder profiles.


12. Because everything else was too weird.


13. This is definitely still a little weird.


14. But dog pics are dog pics!


15. And who doesn't love dog pics?!


16. Bye!


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