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26 Things That We, As Women, Should Stop Doing Before 30 To Be Happier By 31

For example, faking orgasms.

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1. Worrying too much, either consciously or not, about the life goals you are supposed to have achieved by 30.

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Job. Partner. Kids. We are not our parents' generation, and we can live at a different pace. We can even choose different paths entirely.


5. Tanning too much.

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Ugh, too much sun is super bad for you! You're not an irresponsible twentysomething who can slather on coconut oil at the first sight of sun. Take care of your skin!


10. Eating crap.

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It's time to start taking care of yourself, and one easy place to start is with eating healthy. Besides, healthy food can be pretty tasty.

12. Losing it over a wrinkle, a gray hair, or any other sign of aging...instead of recognizing that you're becoming a mature and wise woman.

13. Hating your body.

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Work out, get moving, feel great...but don't obsess. Not everyone has an hourglass figure, mile-long legs, or a killer bust.


14. Feeling like you owe everybody a smile.


We all have shitty days, so forget this "you should smile more" stuff. Some days you're just not going to feel like it. Everyone can deal.

15. Being too self-deprecating and critical of yourself.


When you live your life by your own terms, there's going to be enough people who try to tear you down. Don't start doing it to yourself.

16. Ignoring your instincts.


One of the most useful parts of getting older is having more experiences to draw from. At this point in your life, if something smells bad, it's rotten. Trust yourself.

17. Paying too much attention to others' opinions about your lifestyle, your beliefs, your body, or your experiences.


People love giving advice, and everyone wants you to know what they would do if they were you. But (spoiler) they're not you.


22. Comparing yourself to everyone around you. Yes, including people you follow on Instagram.


Everyone is on their own journey. We're all different. Our vital moments are all different.

23. Thinking that every day counts.


There will be days where you feel more powerful than Wonder Woman, but then other days where you can't bring yourself to get off the couch. Not every day needs to count. Let yourself take a break now and then.


24. Being a bitch.


Maybe it feels like the world has treated you poorly. Maybe you want to hide behind your attitude, and give as much as you get. But don't forget that it's best to treat others how you want to be treated.

25. Forgetting about your parents.


Call your parents. Ask them how they're doing. Worry about them. You are not 15 anymore, and now it's your turn to have the patience they always gave you.

26. Thinking of 30 as a limit (rather than just another number) and no longer doing the things you love just because you hit a certain age.

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This applies to anything: Wear shorts if you want to wear shorts, travel, laugh out loud, get out of that relationship if it doesn't make you happy, and even if you should be "thinking about settling down and getting married," take up pole dancing. No, girl, age is not a limit.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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